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JACIE • 6 days ago

Obama really hates this country.. Wonder why he's staying in DC most former presidents tend to go home . Makes you wonder what he's up to.

Lindy • 6 days ago

I have felt for a long time that Obama is part of a conspiracy to overthrow the government
of the United States.

Enchanted • 4 days ago

Bill ayers did say the United States would be destroyed from within.

GoldenGirl2u • 5 days ago

I totally agree and considering Pelosi signed his eligibility papers, she needs to be charged .

aptos 2012 • 5 days ago

To Jacie he doen't have a "home" he doesn't belong to our country.

BlessedtoServe • 5 days ago

and now with his (Obama's) shadow government, he is still working to continue the overthrow....we are just beginning .....the battle was won, now we have a war on our hands....it is easier fighting when your enemy is in plain sight, now we are fighting with dark underbelly of a government ....two to which attacks from both sides....

GoldenGirl2u • 5 days ago

One of Obamas Org. is OFA. They need to be shut down.

alm3texas • 15 hours ago

It's his Biggie...he and the Mooch.

BlessedtoServe • 5 days ago

He has 3 and yes we are monitoring them...

Texas Gezzer • 5 days ago

Just like satan and his minions- they like to operate under the cover of darkness.

BlessedtoServe • 5 days ago

So they think, but they are being watched and monitored.

Enchanted • 4 days ago

However the operative words are - will he be arrested for treason? They can monitor all they want but if nothing is done, his arrogance will continue.

BeeCubed • 5 days ago

Obammy is a TRAITOR and should be in prison!

BlessedtoServe • 5 days ago

Yes a long time ago....

LarryBo • 5 days ago

Now that o is not president anymore, some patriot needs to find him and bring him some justice.

Barbaree • 5 days ago

That's why he was put in place to be president. They pushed him through to the presidency, giving him a background, wrote a book for him (what unknown writes a memoir?), etc. etc.

Frederic Freeload • 5 days ago

Perhaps ... He is a deliberate angry child who would much rather pursue his proclivities now that we have rewarded him with insane wealth for being the pervert he is...

JoDunn • 5 days ago

Alinsky's angry child !

glenn47 • 5 days ago

You can bet he left lots of bombs before he left. No wonder they were all so cordial with the transition before they left. They knew they still have monitoring and access to our WH.
This was all planned to embarrass and discredit Trump, thus the screaming of impeachment already.

Color Magic • 5 days ago

I would be surprised if they did not consider this though. I certainly did. You did. I am sure many others have too.

Barbaree • 5 days ago

I sure hope the White House was cleansed by experts before Trump moved in.

alm3texas • 15 hours ago

Apparently not. The oval has walls that talk? ☎️📞☎️📞☎️

boys3rsk • 5 days ago

Until President Trump can eliminate all the "o"bama people in the N.S.A., C.I.A., and F.B.I. this will continue. Every conversation Trump makes is being monitored by the N.S.A. THEY are the enemy, along with these former communist 's working in all three departments Trump needs to CLEAN this intelligence SWAMP IMMEDIATELY. Semper Fi

Enchanted • 4 days ago

Exactly. Comey has to go.

Color Magic • 5 days ago

Unless of course one of the "experts" was crooked too.

aptos 2012 • 5 days ago

Or come from Afghanistan,hired by Wassermann.

olf • 5 days ago

Evil is insidious. Those who stand with the liars will be judged for their wickedness. Leftist are under the influence of their sin. Liars, thieves, cheats and killers have no regard for human life as they claim. Anyone not right with the creator better do it today. God can bless truth.

SFCUSARMYRET • 6 days ago

Because, he is setting up an alternate government. Remember, he promised to stay around and piss off as many people as possible. Apparently it doesn't take much to get him angry or vindictive.
I mean, his presidency was such a fabulous success <sar>, he just wants to ruin as much of America as he possibly can from "the sidelines". He won't stop till he is able to overthrow the government and invoke shariah law.

truthsayer49 • 4 days ago

Can we be that stupid to let him get away with it? Hope not.

aptos 2012 • 5 days ago

I don't think so President Trump has a temper also just piss him of and he will and up in guantanamo,with his brothers.

Pro-Israeal • 4 days ago

Let us hope so.

Brooklyn_Dodger • 4 days ago

I think I have a better idea. Mexico has stated it wants to extradite and try those responsible for Fast and Furious, which killed hundreds of people. If they can deliver legal documents sufficient to gain the extradition of Obama and Holder to Mexico, President Trump can have them detained and held for an extradition hearing. This is a battle for keeps. Obama is trying to bring down the Trump presidency and install a Soviet style government. Removing him will kill that conspiracy. Obama is truly the Aaron Burr of our day. A traitor to the nation. But if we have him tried in Mexico, we don't have to bother with treason evidence and trial here.

rosemarienoa • 4 days ago

Obama was the perfect Manchurian Candidate !!!

JoDunn • 5 days ago

He may just get another new home with walls just south of Florida !

Brooklyn_Dodger • 3 days ago

Might I suggest that the Guantanamo prison be renamed the Barack Hussein Obama Detention Center? I think it should have his name on it.

JoDunn • 3 days ago

And he was going to close it down !

Brooklyn_Dodger • 3 days ago

Sounds like poetic justice to me.

glenn47 • 5 days ago

And yet, the useful idiots still support him and think,he is God.

Amadio Viviani • 5 days ago

I always thought of them as 'useless' idiots.

ongelofelijk • 6 days ago

well his shadow government has been in place for years and I hope that President Trump and his security advisors will take steps to get rid of ALL the department staff members of the former administration. Clean House !!

jovette57 • 6 days ago


X30X • 5 days ago


BOIL it First; let none escape.


eaglevision • 6 days ago

Same as he's always been up to.....NO GOOD...!!!

disqus_5T2jXBEN10 • 2 days ago

This is TREASON, infiltrated b y Islamic Dems need to be PUNISHED

J.B. Young • 3 days ago

Send all involved to prison!

MajSam • 3 days ago

I sincerely hope that bogus information is being planted in the suspect agencies to see if it gets leaked. The story that the administration was contemplating activating the National Guard to get involved in immigrant roundup, while plausible and certainly planned (there is a plan for every imagined scenario) may be an example. The leakers cannot stop, they are idealism bound. Easier to find than the few moles that will avoid easy detection.

Gary Von Neida • 5 days ago

The Democrat Party has become a real "pit of snakes".

TRUMP ROCKS !!! • 4 days ago

Breaking news !!!! They ALWAYS were.

Poppo • 5 days ago

If the "very fake news" lame stream media would remove their heads from the backsides of the Democrats and pay attention, there would be some changes. A Democratic party that is so corrupt and weak is not good for America. We need them to show some integrity in order to keep the Republicans on the right track.
The best thing they could do is get rid of some of the idiot radicals starting with, but DEFINITELY including Debbie W-S, Nancy Peelosley, Barbara Lee, and (Trump let Putin invade Korea) Maxine Waters.
Are there really any literate Democrats in CA?

Pro-Israeal • 4 days ago

Do you really have to ask?