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annachronik • 4 years ago

Jup - soon so called liberal muslims will turn into vile creatures, only waiting to rape and kill american women (phase 1 of the war)

They will kill children, elders and disabled (the ones who cant defend themselves) without any mercy

So better dont show them any mercy now - its pretty simple. Just my opinion though.
Ah.. and if that happens.. dont forget to nuke Saudi-Arabia (they're the ones financing and directing it all)

She's got the... • 4 years ago

Heebie Jeebies alright!

Head Honcho • 4 years ago

Can't wait for these cowardly muslim bastards to try! Most of us are ready for them.

MWK • 4 years ago

army of conquest? ah, no. they will become perforated, goat poking, meat bags.

John Saseen • 4 years ago

Hurry up and send your money Tinfoil believers! If you don't, then the leaders of Stupidstan with Alex Jones as president, won't have enough money to buy those lobster and fillet minion dinners they consume on a daily basis thanks to your stupidity... LOL...

Top & Bottom • 4 years ago

He wants their shekels.

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

Lobster and fillet minion for dinner? ~ What's the punch line?
It was a special occasion, Alex invited Bill Hicks out to lunch?

joelfarm • 4 years ago

EXACTLY as the guttural refuse of the eastern European slums were allowed into the United States in the 1920's to become the first generation of socialist that begat the anarchists of today, this latest seed of evil will further corrode our Nation in the future. Unchecked immigration has become America's downfall.

Echota • 4 years ago

Project paperclip? evil nazi scientists?

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

Oy, yeah, them guttural refuse of the eastern European slums, but what are you gonna do though?

Aftersun • 4 years ago

The Muslim religion is Satanic. Their god demands child rape and human sacrifices for his own pleasure. How freaking more obvious does it have to be for people to wake up to this?

Did you forget this? • 4 years ago

smashing the heads of babes in arms?

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

You claim the Muslim religion is Satanic, that Allah (Baal) demands child-rape and human sacrifice...
The Abrahamic religion which Islam is but a part is demonic ~ Gen 22:1 ¶ "And it came to pass after these things, God did tempt Abraham, and said unto him, Abraham: and he said, Behold, here I am. Gen 22:2 ¶ And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of."
Now a "Burnt offering" is a roast, a barbecue, cook-em up for the purpose of eating...
I'm just quoting the scripture, Solomon built an altar to Molech for child sacrifice too...
It was in the Valley of Hinnom ~ There are many other like references in the scripture...
(I'm not pro nor anti Muslim, yet it pisses me off when Muslim's are always put down)...
This all started with frauds claiming Cessna Pilots flew commercial jets ~ 'WAKE-UP'...

Echota • 4 years ago

I'm a Christian not muslim. But at least they haven't been deceived into think we live on a rock that is flying through space at warp speed... duh research flat earth...

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

"The great (Abrahamic?) computer in the sky rebuke thee thou unbeliever" ;-)

cyberjacques • 4 years ago

Perhaps that's how they're planning to kick off the race war. They activate the Muslims, and then when people have had enough and start fighting back, they activate the leftists and the militant blacks to back up the "poor innocent Muslims" being brutally attacked and murdered by the "evil white supremacists".

aname123 • 4 years ago

Israeli Secret Intelligence Services is at it again huh?
Anyone ever wonder how these barbarians were instantly social media experts from day one?

SoAdxSubzero • 4 years ago

Why does infowars have such a anti free speech comment section?? Why?? I thought info wars wasn't PC?? Why do they have this anti free speech comment board??? Anyone??

Guest • 4 years ago

So can you eradicate Islam without eradicating Muslims (or is that pigs of Satan)?

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

'Eradicated?' ~ Let's run it up the flagpole by getting Steven Spielberg to make a movie about it first...
Err, you could get Gibson and Tarantino to team up on it, but you know what those two would be like...
Nah, serious subject, Christian America eradicating the world's Muslim's, touchier than Nazi movies...
Gibson would be corny, and Tarantino? ~ Well you know what he's like, just can't be serious can he...
Spielberg did Schindler's list didn't he, then get him to do a movie about murdering all the Muslims...
It'd be something like "Brave America saves the world from the Semitic Islamic hordes" or suchlike...
(No it's not the title, idiot, it's just the plot = America saves the world from Semitic Islamic hordes)...

Guest • 4 years ago
Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

Huh? I'm smoking Cessna Pilot's flying 757's...
Saudi Arabian Cessna Pilot's flying 757's, a Saudi strain of killer Hindu Kush weed, want my dealer's contact details? ~ His secret code name is George Herbert Walker "Scherff" but you can call him "GEORGE" (Of the jungle) if he likes you ;-)

Guest • 4 years ago
Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

Just so's you know and can advise others, "Northern Lights" is the one for the soldiers doing the 'PTSD' thing, won't bother describing why, but that's the best strain for that purpose ~ My "Cessna Pilot" strain would just send them even madder wouldn't it ;-)

Alan Beam • 4 years ago

So, these guys are gonna defeat America? How many Americans are armed to the Tit's.Millions upon Millions?(A reason by the way, the Japanese High Command killed any plans of an American Homeland invasion.So i read somewhere.)
I think they would need one of those ah, what do you call it, oh yeah an Army!
I don't like these dirt-holes as much as the next un-brainwashed citizen, but lets not so over exaggerate their capabilities.
If your that concerned,move to a gun state,learn how to shoot,and start packing.
Problem solved!
I'm sure many Americans would love to kill themselves some ISIS.
Guess what Abduhla, you ain't in pansyass, pink dress wearing man skipping Europe anymore.
(Well, maybe some parts of California and New York. Hey, why don't you guys start there! We could build a wall around you.Maybe we'll let you stay!)

aname123 • 4 years ago

Not to mention the fatness and laziness of living in America alone will defeat them.

Guest • 4 years ago
SoAdxSubzero • 4 years ago

Damn you're dumb. I keep seeing your dumb liberal comments lmao.

worm • 4 years ago

Are you one of those Sharia-pushing faux-feminists?

Guest • 4 years ago
Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

Does America have any other excuse for killing 1.3 million Iraqi's so you could loot their gold?

Skynet Intel • 4 years ago

Lol they were so out of touch they probably just left the gold and were happy to stop at just killing everybody!

Jameson • 4 years ago

Yes, and there was a news story from UK about a restaurant operator doing that, and preparing food, etc.

Howard MacKinnon • 4 years ago

After reading this article, I'll say it again. We are in the calm before the storm. Time to start loading up on ammo.

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

I-didn't know that many people could go nuts at the same time...
Truly, the mystery of iniquity and the whore of Babylon as well...
Your poor bloody children, how do they work your bullshit out?

Buck • 4 years ago

Had Obama still been president nothing would happen other than talk . With trump there will be hell to pay. They better find them selves a good hideing place. Buck 🇺🇸⚔🇺🇸 100% disabled Vietnam veteran Christian Right wing republican lifetime member of the NRA and friend to Israel

jrr • 4 years ago

Trump is trying to break out the FDR game plan......funny how the left has never called FDR a "racist" for his actions.
"An Act Respecting Alien Enemies"

"Whenever there is a declared war between the United States and any foreign nation or government, or any invasion or predatory incursion is perpetrated, attempted or threatened against the territory of the United States by any foreign nation or government, and the President makes public proclamation of the event, all natives, citizens, denizens, or subjects of the hostile nation or government, being of the age of fourteen years and upward, who shall be within the United States and not actually naturalized, shall be liable to be apprehended, restrained, secured, and removed as alien enemies. The President is authorized in any such event, by his proclamation thereof, or other public act, to direct the conduct to be observed on the part of the United States, toward the aliens who become so liable; the manner and degree of the restraint to which they shall be subject and in what cases, and upon what security their residence shall be permitted, and to provide for the removal of those who, not being permitted to reside within the United States, refuse or neglect to depart therefrom; and to establish any other regulations which are found necessary in the premises and for the public safety."

And if our political leaders had just adhered to the "Nationality Act of 1952", instead of wasting time and money trying to pass "immigration reforms", 75% of our immigration problems would've never happened.

Alabama Hammer • 4 years ago

If ISIS wants a war, then come and pick a fight on US soil; wait????? Forgot they are pussies and only take advantage of the weak and women who allow themselves to be taken advantage of........

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

Ha-Ha, they're pouring across the Mexican border disguised as wetbacks, Ha-Ha-Ha, morons...

Americans stuck it up • 4 years ago

Oh look another PROUD Brit troll? Lol! Are you but hurt to over the Brexit, and feel it was the Russians as well! Whata freaken British fag! Rather have a Mexican wetback then a British Wet Fag! Pull the penise out of your mouth so I can understand you.

Robby Daniel • 4 years ago

I've heard your Vice President gives good head, but not he's not as skilled as your Prez...

Icicles melt under heat • 4 years ago

Or a liberal snowflake, who offers themselves up like lambs to the saluter. You see that shit in New York, where a dam muslim had an open calling in the middle of a New York street the feminine Natzis stopped their march and remained silent, but a trooper dies on a highway and a cross is pleased on the side of the highway where the officer died and the ACLU sews the county for allowing a cross to be placed on county property. Are you freaken shiten me? Tell me that shit is not messed up? Screw the ACLU (America's Communist Looser Union)!

This User Is Blocked • 4 years ago

I think you are confusing ISIS with the US govt.. The US govt only picks on the weak. Countries unable to defend themselves.
If ISIS had nuclear weapons, the USA would run away and hide with its tail between its legs.

SoAdxSubzero • 4 years ago

Shut up you stupid idiot. You trash talk your own country and care about Isis more wow. Funny how people keep making fun of you cunt.

C Sense • 4 years ago

time for you to be deported for life biatch !!

This User Is Blocked • 4 years ago

You can't deport me C Sense.. I'm a citizen. Sorry to disappoint you. :)

csense • 4 years ago

fucks like you should never of been let in.

This User Is Blocked • 4 years ago

Nobody LET me in.. My family has been in this country for many generations.

Howard MacKinnon • 4 years ago

Oh Katie, Katie, you again? Isn't it past your bedtime little girl who knows not what she talks about.