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Michael C • 7 years ago

This type of move seems to just be a childish display of political supremacy. Christians asserting their dominance over everyone else.

Richard Beckwith • 7 years ago

Phrases like "In God we trust" and "Under God" are more about governmental philosophy than religion, as it conveys we don’t get our rights from kings, czars, judges, etc. Even our Declaration of Independence speaks of “…rights endowed by our Creator.” The Supreme Court has ruled before in other cases that the motto is not a problem, and it is printed on our money. And why is the motto OK on currency, but not license plates???

Wayne_B • 7 years ago

A few atheists don't understand that because of America's Christian heritage all faiths including believing in nothing are welcome here to have liberty. These few give atheists a bad name and that's not fair to them. We should name the few according to their strongest belief - anti-Christian.

Eric Robinson • 7 years ago

The Atheists have no case here. The reference to trusting in God is a blanket statement which covers many religions and their beliefs in a higher power. The Government is not establishing any religion of any kind, just agreeing with them. This Statement could apply to anything you believe is your god. It just happens to be a quote that is related to Christianity more than any other religion since the U.S. is a Nation founded on Christian belief.

Yuccaman • 7 years ago

Does the church really require the use of state power to get it's message out ?

Lykbird • 7 years ago

You read "In God We Trust." But any non-Christian reads "Get out of our country you heathen filth, you are not welcome here."

Bezukhov • 7 years ago

"In God we Trust". Do you really believe their God trusts them?

Quartermaster • 7 years ago

That's just a bit overwrought. Atheists are doing their best to remove Christians from the public square. You shouldn't be surprised when there is a backlash. A well deserved backlash.