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Mark Moss • 2 years ago

The price of the meat at the meat counter is the same as the price of the meat in the case. There is no upcharge for the meat that is in the case. The pre-wrapped and packaged product is for convenience and saves time, but if you need a custom cut of that item in the case, there is no upcharge. The caveat here is that, for example, if you pick a roast that is already packaged and ask for it to be sliced, the policy is to charge an extra 50 cents for the slicing. This can be circumvented, however, by asking for it to be priced the same. Remember, some stores will stick to policy and charge an extra .50 per pound. If you are inclined to "complain", however, this upcharge can be waived by the department or store manager.

Mark Moss • 2 years ago

#8 is a great program, but as a customer you should insist that the employee gets recognition because it can be hit and miss. Also, if you ever have an issue with a coupon, ask for the manager. You will likely get the coupon deducted, even if it's expired. It's a little known fact, but coupons are good for the retailer up to 30 days past the date printed, so if you have an expired coupon, insist they accept it.

Mark Moss • 2 years ago

The sale cycle runs Thursday through Wednesday. The "sales cycle" you refer to in #1 is called "Advantage Buy" and is not the same as the weekly ad. This is an important distinction. If ribeyes are 9.99/lb this week, they will probably not be on sale for that price after Wednesday of next week.

brin sleb • 2 years ago

I shop at Publix every so often. I clearly haven't paid enough attention to the great sales and coupon deals they offer. I will say that they always have buy one get ones on Talenti Gelato which is awesome because it's a delicious product but can be expensive for the serving sizes. Thank you for the article, I'm in Orlando and Publix is around just about every corner. I will be shopping there way more often :D

John Stonebrunt • 2 years ago

sorry...the "gives a free deli sub for a employee compliment" is not true, bulls't....ive done it several times....never got one thing but a thanks for telling from the mgr.....wonder what else is bs in this article?

Lamisskay • 2 years ago

You don't get the free sub, you egomaniac. The employee does.

HealthNutNews.com • 2 years ago

lol best comment all day : )

Zenababy77 • 2 years ago

Couldn't have said it better myself...........lol

HealthNutNews.com • 2 years ago

@johnstonebrunt - Um, As several have schooled you here- it clearly says it goes to the EMPLOYEE, not you... Might want to read again "many stores will give “Free Sub” coupons to employees (that's employees not you!) who receive official praise. Just tell the store manager which employee was serving you well.
The people working behind the counter making your sandwich get it which is awesome.

Miranda Johnson • 2 years ago

i work at publix in lake mary florida and can say we do get coupons for something when we get a compliment (the compliment must be told to a manager to count, or by calling/emailing corporate) the coupon is usually a choice u can get a sub or 1/2 gallon of ice cream or something, they change it up. Also did you know employees are given free stock by working there, even only part time? and we get a monthly coupon to try an item for free (ex. this month it was 2 jumbo cupcakes from the bakery, last month it was 3 chicken tenders) love working for a great company!

HealthNutNews.com • 2 years ago

@miranda thanks that is great to know! PS you're not far from me. small world.

Laura Minton • 2 years ago

The employee gets the deli meal, not the customer.