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Richard Beckwith • 7 years ago

UN Statistics reveal 100 million missing girls internationally (especially problematic in China) due to sex-selective abortions targeting baby girls. Chinese women (who have one of the world’s highest suicide rates) are brutalized with forced abortions in their country. These are the real “wars on women” that we should be talking about.

Lykbird • 7 years ago

Isolated cases are easy to come by - I'm sure there are women in the US who lost their jobs because their employer didn't want to provide paid maternity leave. If you want to impress, get statistics. Show how often it happens.

Not that it matters. China is highly resistant to outside pressure.

fullerhonda • 7 years ago

That's sad. I wish I could say to the China authorities, there's room on this earth for all people and God will provide for all. He loves his creation. You just have to believe what he says and trust him to do it. (It's hard to do, I know).