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Nicole Rinke Wijngaarden • 1 year ago

Thank you for teaching me something new. I love learning ways of improving my life and helping those around me improve theirs

Ryan Biddulph • 1 year ago

Hi Michael,

I love this article because I'm seeing how you can be in a beautiful state despite appearances/illusions. Sure we experience a wide range of emotions, from sadness to anger to grief, but these feelings can be blips on the radar versus a lifetime of resisting these feelings, fighting who we think we are versus being who we really are.

The thing is, no matter what happens on the outside - death, divorce, financial ruin - the Beautiful State Tony speaks us sees these illusions in the light of truth. Or, you can genuinely see and feel love in any moment no matter what is happening, as you move away from fear-based judgments and other worldly appearances that create so much heartache.

I am learning, this is gotta be a full time commitment. Because when things appear/seem to go haywire on the outside, going within to love and happiness helps you see the haywire happenings aren't really happening. Everything unfolds perfectly and we observe it with love and happiness. And although we have feelings that seem fearful and unhappy, we can return to that loving space in any moment.

Thanks so much guys.


Mia Sawer • 1 year ago

thank you! beautifully written. i've been at UPW London last april and it was so exciting and moving and fun and beutiful. Yes, most of all it was beautiful to see and experience first hand that humans are a masterpiece, we are creatures for good, this is what we are made for, this is why we are on this magical planet. I felt the warmth of people of all around the world, no boundaries, no limit regardless religion, race, whatever stupid stuff the mind has created during the centuries.