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Pro-Marx • 1 year ago

A few years ago North Carolina seemed on the verge of becoming a civilized state, but recent events calls that into question.

piboson • 1 year ago

Far too often one step forward with President Obama, and 10,000 steps backwards with disgusting donald dump and his clan of bigots.

Mike B • 1 year ago

Get used to it. The Trump train is gonna keep rolling for 8 more years and by then maybe you'll be on board.

wiseone • 1 year ago

Just have a fair election process, that's what every human being should want. Yes, Trump is the president..........Don't forget Nixon was the president too.........No President is above the law, or beyond the diagnosis of a psychiatrist or impeachment. Trumps train is on a path to derailment. Pay attention!

Brian Kloeppner • 1 year ago

I don't understand how this isn't fair though. People within the county vote on who they want elected, they aren't denying anyone anything. In fact if anything this lawsuit is trying to make it so there is specifically a majority black district even though the county as a whole has a black population that is 1/3 of the total population, isn't actually unfair?

swellswell • 1 year ago

The county-wide system is being used to deny 1/3 of the total population 1/3 of the representation. If the county were split into districts, then they could get up to 2/5 of the representation, though 1/5 is more likely - which is more representation than they are getting now.

What is happening now is called oppression by the majority and is a phenomenon that blacks, women, Latinos, LGBTQ, and other minorities have been far too familiar with. Often the only recourse, we have is getting the courts to address the situation because no one wants to give up their power, no matter how ill-gotten it is.

gt bear • 1 year ago

Neither the existing sytem or the proposed remedy is fair to political minorities. one of the fundamental maxims fo american elections is "one man one vote." This county is using a "one man 5 votes" rule. This lets a 51% voting block grab 100% of the seats. The correct solution is to give every voter 1 vote, not 5. That way if 1/3 of the voters vote as a bloc for a black candidate, she wins. We'd get a more diverse council. Changing to winner-take all districts institutionalizes existing segregation housing patterns while provising less diversity than a one person one vote system.

Factcheck • 1 year ago

It would be a lot more fair if everyone got one vote for the commissioner and the top 5 vote getters get elected. However by giving each person 5 votes each to choose 5 commissioners, the block that represents 2/3 will always get all 5 commissioners and the 1/3 will always get 0. Please note this is a majority democratic county and white democrats are the main culprits.

Truth-B-Me • 1 year ago

Seriously? You are in desperate need of a mental health evaluation. GOP members are already using the "impeachment" word. He won't last 4 years, only a fool would think otherwise!

B. S. • 1 year ago

8 more years? LOL! You do know there are elections after 4 years, right? He was up against the most unfavorable Democrat candidate in history and had one of the slimmest EC victories ever. On top of that his job approval numbers are dropping pretty fast and you're under the impression that he will win a 2nd term? Keep up the delusional thinking champ, if the election was conducted all over again today HRC would win easily.

Mike B • 1 year ago

Job approval? Were those poles done by the same people that did the election poles?

And with crazy anarchist leftists rioting in the street and Black Lives Matter continuing to blame the evil white devils for all the world's problems.... Trump will cruise to an easy victory in 2020.

Not to mention the Muslim crisis in Europe will continue to worsen proving Trump correct on his most "controversial" policies.

Nationalism is on the rise in the West and your liberal worldview is being rejected.

J Michael Dargin • 1 year ago

and by nationalism you mean racist bigots will run things?

Mike B • 1 year ago

Racist against other cultures maybe. Any person of any color is welcome to come here, as long as they respect and integrate into our society.

Like it has always been until the recent liberal globalist insanity.

B. S. • 1 year ago

Yep, including the ultra-conservative leaning Rasmussen poll. I know the Trump crowd isn't too bright (as evidenced by you calling them poles), but the election results were well within the margin of error.

Funny how you disregarded all of the facts I listed. You guys claim Hillary was the worst candidate ever yet think Trump would have easily beat anyone else despite barely beating Hillary. If you can't see the stupidity in that view then I feel very sorry for you.

Guest • 1 year ago
swellswell • 1 year ago

You forgot sexist as well. The anti-bodily autonomy laws that have been passed against women in NC are just horrifying. They want women to be little more than walking incubators, it seems.

kmac • 1 year ago

Funny how when news people ask black people if they have ID, they say of course and look at the reporter like they have 10 heads!!! The drivers lic office has ID's for those who do not drive! They cost 5.00!

Krimson • 1 year ago

Hey! Way to miss the point entirely! Good job kmac!

Justsaynototraitortrump • 1 year ago

People have ID's. Chopping up districts to make them weaker is the problem.
Republicans have no integrity or honor and will cheat to stay in power.

Brian Kloeppner • 1 year ago

Haha way to make the for the GOP there. You do know that as it sits there are no district, right? That's what the lawsuit is trying to force the county to do. Currently there are no district so when they elect country commissioners the whole country votes as one and the top 5 vote getters are the ones that get elected. What this lawsuit wants to do is force the county to create districts so that there is a district that is majority black which they believe will ensure a black person is elected (which it probably would) but by your logic (which is correct even if you don't know it) this would be completely unfair since black people only make up 1/3 of the counties population why should they be forced into creating a district that is over 50% black people? That actually make it unfair to other races doesn't it?

StayingPut • 1 year ago

Republicans caused this mess?
Read the story again. This tiny Democrat leaning county of 10,000 voted in five commissioners......4 Democrats and 1 Republican. It's a county-wide election, which simply means that everyone in the county gets a say on each member of the council. The black voters are mad because their candidate didn't receive enough votes to win a seat. They want this tiny county split into districts....where each district will get to elect their own commissioner.

Please explain how in the world you came to the conclusion that this is this the fault of the Republicans?

SomeTruthOutThere • 1 year ago

Republicans are the ones doing it. eh? You should educate yourself. North Carolina's 12th district is consistently referred to as the worst gerrymandered district in the nation. It has voted Democrat since it was created for the 1992 Congress.
Florida's 20th District - same.
Pennsylvania's 12th District - since 1980 was Democratic until 2012 (that's 32 years)
Florida's 3rd District - since 1980 was Democratic until 2012 (that's 32 years)
Illinois 17th District - since 1980 has voted Democratic every term with the exception of 3
Maryland's 3rd District - since 1980 has voted Democratic every time
Illinois 4th District - voted Democratic since 1988 (that's 28 years)

But yeah, it's the Republicans.

Soulice • 1 year ago

Not sure how they can fix this if the population numbers are correct. Force some of the 66% to vote a certain way? What is the solution?

Capt_Sam • 1 year ago

Quotas probably.

Guest • 1 year ago
Soulice • 1 year ago

Both parties gerrymander, some "better" than others. In the end, you may get 1 out of 5 if things follow proper demographics, at best. Still isn't going to please many, even though that would be valid. We tend to have issues with math in this country when it comes to statistics. When a group of people in an area amount to 33% of the group, they seem to think they should have 50% of the seats. Look at TV ads, I have not seen one recently that does not have a same sex couple, yet are represented by less than 4% of the population. A majority of TV shows, movies have mixed race couples, same sex couples and other "representations" yet, in actuality, it doesn't match the true breakdown of the population in the US. Or a mostly white or black cast when latino's are 23% of the population and african americans are 13%. I don't care, just showing that you will not be able to please any groups without meeting what they see as the right representation.

Mike B • 1 year ago

IDs must be required to vote. Anybody who says otherwise is insane. There are 20 million ish illegals who now have EVERY motive to try to vote.

Krimson • 1 year ago

Wow, you Cons can't argue the nuances of this stuff can you. IDs are not what's at issue here...

But since you brought it up, if the Registration process in your State fails to eliminate the Illegals from the voting rolls in your State, take it up with your State Reps and/or Board of Elections.

LibbysH8Me • 1 year ago

While black candidates have been supported strongly by the African American voters, "bloc voting".....

That sounds racist. Is it possible that the some of the blacks didn't vote for a black canidste?

B. S. • 1 year ago

Hurray, a conservative comment that actually makes sense. Keep it up and you'll have to change your name.

Justsaynototraitortrump • 1 year ago

Republicans and their supporters are afraid of the changes in America. America is a country of immigrants and all the different nationalities makes America stronger.

The jobs and economic deterioration are s due to automation, out sourcing, demise of employee unions, and unfair tax policies that favor the richest Americans.

Republicans policies are responsible for most of the demise of middle class. People have to acknowledge this fact and stop supporting a party that works against your own best interest.

Republicans supporters should demand more from their politicians.

JusticeOnTap • 1 year ago

You are now talking logically. Logic doesn't exist to the political right.

All they know is what Fox News tells them.

e sur • 1 year ago

Wow there goes the old liberal B..S again.Unions are breaking companies,cities,counties,states,and mainly hurting schools.Democrats,why are they against time limits on welfare,sec8,food stamps,and public housing?Democrats are against flat taxes which tax everyone the same so what do you have to say on that matter?

Me • 1 year ago

Interesting bit there.. "different nationalities." If they're moving into the US that should be a single nationality. But these people do not view themselves as Americans, their loyalty belongs to somebody else. And that most certainly does not make us stronger.

And no, it was Democrats who supported the corrupt labor unions who destroyed the American manufacturing sector with their greed, corruption and poor work ethic. It was a Democrat president who pushed for the free trade deal with China that has resulted in millions of American jobs being moved there.

Justsaynototraitortrump • 1 year ago

It was the Nixon administration normalize relations with China. The Bush 1 administration was responsible for NAFTA that and the transfer of manufacturing jobs to China. Bush 1 lost his reelection bid and republicans in congress pushed President Clinton to sign it in exchange for his budget being pass. Your lack of historical facts is sad. A google search would have educated you with the truth.

When did Americans become so ignorant and proud of the ignorance.

Me • 1 year ago

Bill Clinton created, pushed for and even issued vague threats of nuclear war with China if his trade deal wasn't passed.

But hey, if you can't be proud of your ignorance and complete lack of education.. you'd have nothing to be proud of at all :)

Guest • 1 year ago
JusticeOnTap • 1 year ago

It's sad that in this day and age there are still large numbers of people who will vote for or against a person solely because of ancestry.

Krimson • 1 year ago

I take it you don't know what "at large" means??? In this case, the argument against the current districts is that the districts were drawn to limit minority influence. Did you read the article at all???

StayingPut • 1 year ago

Are you confused?
You ask someone if they understand what "at large" means........and then start talking about how the argument is about their unfair "current districts"!! Come on!

This author went off on a tangent and put in a paragraph about a case struck down by the courts back in 2013 involving improper districts that may have been drawn in Greensboro, NC. I understand that this may be confusing to those who just skimed through the article, but this is not the issue now. You have to keep reading.

This is a current case about a tiny, Democratic heavy country in Jonesville, NC that is being sued because it DOESN'T have districts and instead has "at large" elections. That means that everyone gets to vote for every member on the council. The black voters are saying that their vote is being diluted by all the white voters in the county and they want their own district so they can vote in their own representative.

Krimson • 1 year ago

My point was that the "at large" was put into place to dilute the black vote. You allude to that yourself here: "The black voters are saying that their vote is being diluted by all the white voters in the county and they want their own district so they can vote in their own representative".

I would disagree that they want their own district but rather a districting plan that is more equitable. But I suppose we'll have to see what happens.

JusticeOnTap • 1 year ago

They can sue and change the laws, but really, conservatives will just find another way to rig the system. Until you change the way that these people think [i.e. voting for or against a person due to their ancestry....] this is just going to continue.

Travis Anderson • 1 year ago

Did you miss the party where over 50 percent of the voters are democrat?

Guest • 1 year ago

Voting discrimination is an actual problem. Voter fraud is a perceived problem.

e sur • 1 year ago

Oh ya it's so hard to get an I.D and register before elections...

Krimson • 1 year ago

Did you miss the 4th's decision on NC, or are you just willingly ignorant?

Guest • 1 year ago

Unless your only time off work is when the DMV is closed. Can you wrap your brain around that one?

Rob McMinn • 1 year ago

Who nowadays doesn't have a driver's license, or state id...seriously? This is not rocket science. And there should be I d laws, why oppose them?

Guest • 1 year ago

You did not answer my question. But if you do not think that the prime motive for voter ID laws is to limit dem votes, you are not paying close enough attention.

Me • 1 year ago

So.. Democrat voters don't drive? Don't purchase alcohol, tobacco or prescription drugs? Democrat voters don't have bank accounts? Don't sign their kids up for school? Don't have jobs? Don't sign up for food stamps? Don't sign up for medicaid? Don't sign up for welfare? Don't ride on planes? Don't purchase cold medication? Don't rent hotel rooms? Don't get married?

99% of people who fall into the category of people who don't do those things is going to fall under "homeless drug addicts." And they don't vote anyway.

The fact is that Democrats are so confident that people have IDs, that they require them to enter things like the Democrat National Convention.