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Summit Kanzaria • 6 years ago

Using excessive punctuation is common spammer practice to grab the reader's attention. However, it also grabs the attention of email spam filters. Avoid !! & $$ or ** in you emails.

Anupam Rajey • 7 years ago

Hi Aubrey Powers, thanks for drawing our attention towards 5 common mistakes that email marketers make. I completely agree with you that content is king. And marketers who miss out on content are not able to leverage the true power of email marketing. The more relevant content, the more leads, as simple as that.

d henderson • 7 years ago

Great article! Very insightful. I'm completely on-board with your assertion that an unsubscribe beats a SPAM complaint any day. I also love the nod to the importance of copy and creative, not just header data. Engagement is more than just an open. That's a start, but engagement needs click-through and response from a compelling call to action with a real offer that motivates subscribers.

Umut Çağdaş Coşkun • 7 years ago

Thank you for the article. :)