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ninetyninepct • 1 week ago

The Koran violates Section 318 of the Criminal Code of Canada and Islam, a theocracy, likely violates Section 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Canadians need to know why the Trudeau Liberal Government is failing or refusing to enforce Canadian Law. The Koran must be banned as hate literature and Islam must be declared illegal in Canada due to it's promotion, adherence and practice of violence.The Trudeau Liberal Government fails to enforce Canadian Law therefore there is no need for any Canadian to follow any laws.

“Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire,hooked iron rods,boiling
water,melt their skin and bellies” koran 22:191

“Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the koran” koran 8:12

“Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize islam” koran 5:33

“When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you find them” koran 9:5

Defend yourself, protect your family, buy ammunition.

greg • 2 weeks ago

NEWSFLASH: six Americans killed per year by foreign terrorists

check this article from Business Insider:


Just how freaked out should we get about foreign terrorists? More people are killed by swallowing their toothbrushes every year. About 50 Americans are killed by lightning every year, eight times the threat! I mean really folks.

Mudpuppy • 2 weeks ago

So, you wait for it to get really bad before something is done? Given their history? What an idjit.

AlphaGirl • 2 weeks ago

NEWSFLASH: Muslims congregate - Muslims procreate - Muslims join Democrat Party - Muslims win seats in Congress. Satan smiles.

dano • 2 weeks ago

I'd freak out if I lived overseas......I believe close to 15K have died in 2015 due to terrorism. It's like a cancer...must be cutout and treated or it will take over, just a thought!

factsearch • 2 weeks ago

WWIII ....The islam war & invasion against the world. Their only ally? PC

Mus'ad Al-Assad • 2 weeks ago

It really hurts to look at this comment section

Mook • 2 weeks ago

New troll acct blocked 2 posts so far

Mudpuppy • 2 weeks ago

Then don't look. Truth hurts, eh? If you are Moslem (and it looks that way by your name), then you don't belong in our countries and should be kicked out and banned. You can stay in your sand pits and kill each other all you like. We are sick of your barbaric behavior.

Bruce • 2 weeks ago

Does anyone ever ask the simple question why are Muslims flocking to the west in such enormous numbers, from not only war torn areas, but from all over the world?

greg • 2 weeks ago

It might be because we've been bombing in the middle east for decades, because they're sitting on our oil. When you bomb the bejesus out of an area, killing men, women, and children who have nothing whatsoever to do with oil or terrorism, whatever orphans or widowers are left tend to be pretty pissed off. What would you do?

Mudpuppy • 2 weeks ago

Jihad. They sense the West is weak.

Jean Collier • 2 weeks ago

You suck for not supporting Milo. I hear you are going mainstream. No Milo + no edge + eyesore website = bye bye

Guano Genesis • 2 weeks ago

The truth is these nations are predominately muslim because the muslims have murdered or driven out almost everyone else with their sick bigoted death cult.

LiveFreeOrDie1776 • 2 weeks ago

That's why!

Wake up America • 2 weeks ago

Complacency is a choice.

kmb • 2 weeks ago

Just suspend ALL immigration for 180 days.

Mudpuppy • 2 weeks ago

I would say longer and Moslems permanently.

rrdonovan • 2 weeks ago

Anybody with their faces covered are up are up to no good. That is why criminals cover their face.

ChrisLongski • 2 weeks ago

The term itself - Muslim Majority - will be used to promote Islamist takeover of large swaths of the world by the Left. Hey, if they're the "majority" they're entitled, right ?

Sam Huston • 2 weeks ago

Hello from Canada.

If governments can justify imposing sin taxes on alcohol and tobacco products to defray the cost of health and social issues relate to their abuse, why won't they impose a security tax on the muslims to defray the cost of the added security we need to defend ourselves against them?

Mudpuppy • 2 weeks ago

Forget that, just ban Islam and Moslems.

ChrisLongski • 2 weeks ago

Because a succession of Canadian governments have been slaves to PC, Diversity, Multi-Culturalism, Inclusion blah blah blah. Take your pick...

John Magne Trane • 2 weeks ago

It's an Islamist Ban. From the Islamist Majority Countries.

There. Fixed it.

Linda • 2 weeks ago

Obama once told us America was not a Christian nation..... being the good Christian he told us he is....

Then he falsely tells his cult members that America is a muslim nation. Pathetic man doesn't know we KNOW we're not the largest muslim nation in the world. He thinks his supporters will believe any LIE he tells them... and they have. :-(

Obama Says America Muslim Nation - YouTube

▶ 1:24


Jun 3, 2009 - Obama calls the US a large Muslim nation, Obama also said earlier that the US was not a Christian nation ...

T.S. • 2 weeks ago

All roads lead to Riyadh.... (insert Muslims name here)... for that elusive passport ;)

No_Mo_Money • 2 weeks ago

Trump should ban ALL immigration
that way no one can claim discrimination

1Zoo1 • 2 weeks ago

Is Islam the new Communism?

Are we headed into a not-so-cold war?

Harry DuPont • 2 weeks ago

The scourge of Islam must be wiped off the face of the earth. Islam is not a religion its a political philosophy.

Oak66 • 2 weeks ago

So ...this leftist BS is soooo stupid. So what kind of countries could the Prez use this authority on. Majority 'Christian' countries...like in Latin America, Australia, any European country? I guess not...that would prove it to be a Christian ban. Or what about China, Nope..it would be a Confucianism ban. Or Japan...nope a Shintoism ban. Well what about india? Nope ...a Hindu ban. Or any of the 60 odd Muslim countries...? Nope a Muslim ban. Or any of the many majority Buddhist countries in Asia? Nope a Buddhist ban. Well what about the many majority Christian countries in Africa? Nope a Christian ban. So Prez Trump...I guess according to our genius leftists ...the law is totally useless.

Lynn Echlin • 2 weeks ago

All the US senators and US congress persons need to be loaded up and flown to saudi arabia and then into mecca.
All politicians need to read the history of islime, the unholy quran, sharia and the haddiths. Ignorance of the enemy is the hyper speed path to death and total defeat.

Trump has it SO right !

Religious muslim woman making terrorist threats at LAX, LAXPD and LAPD call FBI


Lynn Echlin • 2 weeks ago

moslimes: Block and Unload.
Guns: Lock and Load.

Mudpuppy • 2 weeks ago

Open season, no bag limit.

ChrisLongski • 2 weeks ago

Another hyperbolic "vast majority", eh wot ?

Somebody In Texas • 2 weeks ago

How do you know that an Islamic who wants to come to America really wants to be a Loyal American ? You put a Koran on the Ground and have them Put their FOOT on the Koran and Swear Allegiance to America. If they Refuse you just say REJECTED and NEXT !

Logan Lorn • 2 weeks ago

Invoking taqiya, I bet some dedicated Jihadi would do it. Not all, but I bet some would be willing to take it that far.

Somebody In Texas • 2 weeks ago

Oh Look. They are putting out a Fancy Version of Toilet Paper Now. Great. Every Outhouse should have one of these. Its a Notch Up from a Sears Catalogue.

Plough Jogger • 2 weeks ago

If it weren't for moslims, my wife and daughter would be able to board a plane without being groped by the Soros/Bush/Obama government.

West • 2 weeks ago

Muslim explains that Obama is lying when he calls it a religion of peace:

Islamic scholar tells Obama to stop lying and that ISIS is Islamic, very Islamic

Ex-Muslim explains the hatred that mosques teach and how Obama made things worse:

Logan Lorn • 2 weeks ago

Hey, cool post. Thanks!

West • 2 weeks ago

Here's something the media will never tell you.

Muslim calls for ban of Muslims:

He said:

"Somalia, Bangladesh, Arab and Pakistani Muslim communities...radicalization is widespread, deeply entrenched, embedded and is framed in terms of Islam versus the infidels leading to an end of time Armageddon."

"Most of you would not know...Most mosques in Canada and around the world, start their Friday congregations with a prayer that asks Allah to give victory to the Muslims over the Kuffar (derogatory name for non-Muslims) or infidels...that is people like you. The glorification and radicalization is endemic and ubiquitous in the sermons and teachings to very young adults, as can be verified in the incidents in the UK and Canada. Every Islamic hero for the last 1,400 years, has been a Jihadist, who is celebrated for his exploits in defeating Christians, Jews, Hindus or Pagans."

"Recommendations...Lay hate speech charges against any Muslim cleric, who hides behind religious rights to attack and demonizes others of another faith...as is done every Friday in every mosque of this country...Immigration from Pakistan, Iran, Somalia and Syria must be suspended..."

"Islamism has escaped attention from everyone from Bush to Obama to Cameron. In all of the Western world, only one politician has had the courage to say that Islamism is a great threat and that is Harper. No one else has had the guts to say that we are fighting an enemy that is structured around a death cult...to most people in the West, that seems like a joke. To every Muslim, that is a fact of life."

"Senator, they are laughing at the RCMP behind your backs."

Senator asks what we should do. Fatah said "Suspend immigration from Iran, Pakistan, Somalia…”

Mudpuppy • 2 weeks ago

Ban them all period, not just from Iran, Pakistan, Somalia.

MoralityandSense • 2 weeks ago

I wish (it would bring tears to my eyes, tears of joy) if we could force liberals into these muslims countries.

paz • 2 weeks ago

Tell Democrats: Stop Trying to BLOCK President Trump’s Immigration Order

16 radical liberal Democrats have introduced a bill trying to stop President Trump’s immigration restrictions for six countries compromised by radical Islamic terrorism.

These out-of-touch Democrats now need to hear from the citizens they’ve promised to represent.

Sign our petition to stand with President Trump’s critical national security measures.

Please Sign:


UnapologeticChristian • 2 weeks ago

✝ Christendom will prevail!🇺🇸

Victor Savage • 2 weeks ago

If Trump supported unlimited immigration, the fascist dems would oppose it.

They are fascists first - Americans second.

Listen UP !!!

Robert Spencer talks about Trump's immigration ban


Robert Spencer: Opposition to Trump Immigration Ban is Based on False Pretenses


SFTOBEY • 2 weeks ago

Yes, currently Libya has no functioning government. However, shortly after Qadaffi was murdered, and while the different factions were still at each others throats, THEY GOT A CENTRAL BANK!!! Gee, I wonder how THAT happened? /sarc off