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Jimmy • 10 years ago

This code used to work for me, but not anymore :(

jellyfish103 • 8 years ago

Put it as a bookmark. then click the bookmark while on a page.

jarrett • 9 years ago

i type in the code and press enter and nothing happened help i really do not know how to do this

George Morgan • 9 years ago

If you're on Chrome, press Ctrl Shift and J and paste it in there, then press Enter.

hocuspocuss • 8 years ago

doesnt work for me sadly. just messes up the page.

craig • 10 years ago

it doesn't work it sends me to a new page giving a search on what document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0 is.... how can it work? + i use firefox.....

Niels • 7 years ago

just type javascript: in front of it

noname • 11 years ago

How would you make the changes permanent??????

Charles Wallace • 8 years ago

You can't make the changes permanent. Javascript is purely client-side, though it can be used to send things to the server. It just edits what you're seeing, not anybody else.

ryguy808 • 9 years ago

code does not work if you just put it in the search...

1. Go to edit HTML

2. Insert The Code

3. Edit the website however you want it

4 Click done to finish edit and refresh to save changes

Your Welcome!

nrg • 8 years ago

where is edit hml on a safari

wow • 9 years ago

guys. you have to type in javascript: with a space after the : and THEN type the rest of it omg

Calingo Flanc • 8 years ago

guys just bookmark the code i think that's the easiest method .......................

John • 10 years ago

can I edit a website on a mac? I already tried and I can't. I don't know if I am doing something wrong or I just can't do it on a mac.

erectiepillen • 10 years ago

I used this to edit a website that has ” you can’t see content. fill survey.”box. i deleted it and everything was working. it cool little code.

You Noobs • 9 years ago

This is so old and outdated....

MeEeEeEe • 11 years ago

OMg..... i used this to edit a website that has " you can't see content. fill survey."box. i deleted it and everything was working. it cool little code.

kiara • 12 years ago

hey i love doing it.

flob • 7 years ago

It does work on Chrome. It just deletes the Javascript;.
All you have to do is type it back in.

Juan • 7 years ago

This code works for me, i put a bookmark in chrome, and now I can edit in chrome!!!

koop viagra • 9 years ago

This is great for playing tricks on people, a very cool little tool!

Brian • 10 years ago

Perhaps it stopped working because I just tried it and nothing happens. I tried it on both firefox and chrome.

gorillabond • 10 years ago

Wont work on Firefox 8 ;(

Alberto Seaburg • 10 years ago

I wasent looking for that but still a great post

how did you guys found this information??thank you for your blog I saw it on Google And I saved it .I like. Please send me updates

thank you and have a nice day

Jan • 10 years ago

or you can save the page(.htm or .html)
and edit the page with notepad.. works like javascript but better. this is how other people get website templates.

Mailing Fulfilment Services • 10 years ago

This is a great piece of code and something i was unaware of till now. I'm not new to web editing as such but this is new to me and very cool.

mishahri • 11 years ago

isnt it sooooo bogus...it doesnt save

Jazlyn • 6 years ago

On chrome I can just right click, press inspect material and then all the code for the website will show up. It highlights whatever the code is used for. However, this works too! (Even though this was from a while back lol) It's a really fun thing to just mess around with when you're bored.

P.S. as Niels said, if it's not working just type javascript: in the beggining.

bob • 8 years ago

You guys have to realize that when you copy and paste the code the part that says "javascript: " disappears. You have to type that part in before document.body...... your welcome.

J S • 8 years ago

you have to type by hand the 'javascript:' but you can copy and paste the document.body...

Joey • 8 years ago

works in safari (on Windows computer) in address bar. No Shift Ctrl FN Hit 3 , then do 5 jumping jacks, just download Safari and put the code in address bar.

roli • 9 years ago

it remains same after i come back or reload can u plz tell me a permanent one the sent it to ankuroli28@gmail.com

jarrett • 9 years ago

i tpye in the hack code abd press enter but nothing happenend people tell me what to doi am not that goo at tpyeing these things

Anthony • 9 years ago

You can save it... when you are done press prt Sc button on ur keyboard, open paint and press paste and voila. now u press save.


,fjeoqoqqww2 • 9 years ago

where do you put it in the bar?

Ed Kwok • 10 years ago

you guys gotta put in a "javascript:documents" etc. (just without quotes) nad that etc of course

Folded leaflet printing • 10 years ago

This is great for playing tricks on people, a very cool little tool.

Lainey • 10 years ago

Hey I used to love this trick but it's not working for me anymore. On Chrome and Safari when I hit enter it just takes me to a search engine now! And on Firefox it's just plainly not working.

Anyone know why it's not working anymore? PLEASE email me: fighttheprocess@live.com

Paul Web • 10 years ago

A cute browser trick that makes for some good practical jokes, but the usefulness in real situations is of course limited. Still, it's a good lesson in browser capabilities ofr noobs.

Jay • 10 years ago

im trying it but it doesn't work someone help me!!!

Hi • 10 years ago

To save work press FN+ Print Screen. Open up paint. Paste it in!

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kieran c • 10 years ago

this dont work i ut it in and it says it cant show the page help me

evrim • 10 years ago


Here is a service that can make any site editable:

Also, there is a screencast showing how it works:


rei • 10 years ago

I'm doing my thesis.Graduating BSCS.How can I make a website that is all editable and save changes afterwards....and editing is only allowable upon login of admin....Thanks

You Guys Are Idiots • 10 years ago

HI EVERYONE. Just so you know, changing "true" to "false" doesn't actually work. You CANOT SAVE THESE. It's just meant to play a prank or so that you can take a screenshot and mindfuck someone.

For christ's sake it's NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL.

miatana • 9 years ago

i tried to use the code with my school website to change my grade but it is not working. i am in college by the way so all the grades are posted in the school website. any help ? please? thank you

If you could save this then so many websites would die. You can not safe this.

nermin • 11 years ago

my browser did not sarch for it

jugheads • 11 years ago

this is how big websites can edit their sites... i wonder what i could do to club penguin >:D