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tuareg99 • 3 years ago

Look who's talking... with his "rip off his own people" credit / cash cards ...Russell needs to buy a conscience

jsb • 4 years ago

Why should he help bp? He is hispanic

kathtmoya • 4 years ago

I used to admire Geraldo when he took journalism seriously at th begining of his career but then he went after th "Rockstar"Fame n lost his credibility just as Montel Williams..He preached about adultery, drugs n look at him now ! Hes divorced due to it n Now A pothead..Now its ok he says cuz of his illness. BUT that wasnt anybody elses option..he Put n frowned down upon its use for any reason till it was him suffering..What Hipocrites both of them have become

noislamfan • 4 years ago

Why should Geraldo be helping BLACK people? He's an advocate for HISPANIC causes when he runs into them as a way to divert attention from failing to find Al Capone's 'stash'.

guamjeff • 4 years ago

As soon as the Democrat party took the "Black Community" under it's wings the black people, as a group, were doomed. Welfare, which required the man to leave the home back in the 50's and 60's, was the beginning of the end. The sirens song of "free" money and no need to work while the culture itself was still holding down the bread winning men from holding good jobs resulted in discouraged men who now had to live apart from their women who now ran their welfare funded homes. This was debated at the time and the predictions made which have now come to fruition just as they were predicted. Black "culture" is corrupted nearly completely. The "Christians" cannot separate themselves from their angst and live the life that Christ taught above the hatred of the past and the mire of the present welfare culture. The hatred of everything "white" and "white culture" means that black people, as a group, refuse to do or be anything that furthers them in this society, further eroding any chance of elevating themselves out of the mess they are in.
Obviously there are MANY exceptions. Marvelous exceptions. But these are derided in the community and called derisive names when they SHOULD be held up as patterns of success.
Democrats/liberals are a blight on this nation. They held and supported slavery and now they, in a back handed way, have held down and continue to subvert their former slaves while giving them just enough to almost survive but holding up a small carrot of "free" stuff to coax them along to keep the Democrats and liberals in power. A very sick and destructive relationship. The corrupt music and lifestyle of the "artists" is simply a reflection of how low and destructive the black culture itself has fallen. They then foster this false "beauty" and flashy self destructive way of life in order to make more money and fame for themselves at the expense of their fellow blacks since they have no true love in their hearts.

longshanks • 4 years ago


no_limit_neckbeard • 4 years ago

100% correct. LBJ and the Democrats used the Great Society to re-enslave bIack Americans then brainwashed them into loving their new chains attack anyone who tried to free them.

Jon • 4 years ago

As, a black man I completely agree with Geraldo! Hip Hop has done nothing, but continue to destroy, and also marginalize the African American community. That's a fact, but black like Simmons, is just the same as Sharpton..by that I mean they (those blacks) are simply using, and misleading black people, and also benifitting directly off of them. Simmons, and Sharpton, and those like them will never admith that fact. But, it is what it is!

Philo2 • 4 years ago

1) Why do black people need so much "help"? 2) Who are black people helping?

Jon • 4 years ago

Philo2...Black people need so much help, because they're not willing to either...(in the majority of cases) to invest in helping themselves! Blacks continue to only blame white people for not taking care of them....and their continuing failures to address their own concerns. Black people certainly aren't helping themselves, because in spite of what the world may continue to hear...the real facts are that Blacks tthemselves don't even care about their own people. For, those that disagree...that's okay, but if Black people "did" in fact care about our own people...then why on earth do we continue to kill each other "50 times" more then do white policemen? DUH..

Guest • 4 years ago

They Help Themselves...to the welfare, food stamps, owe ba ma phones, section 8 housing, and college tuition...that White people provide for them!

Jon • 4 years ago

Bob...The real problem is that my people..(Black people) well at least the majority buy what they want, but "beg" for what they really need! That is nothing but a "civil rights" mentality!

Cynical Optimist • 4 years ago

Geraldo Rivera has the integrity of a used condom.

Bo • 4 years ago

Help black people do what? What are black people doing?

Bo • 4 years ago

Anyone? Enlighten me on what black people are doing and why they need help doing it.

Cynical Optimist • 4 years ago

Some are living, others are dying, some are trying, others are not, some are good, others are bad. You can say that of any color honestly.

longshanks • 4 years ago

What has Simmons done to help the Latino people. Exactly.

VeinyD_ckTracy • 4 years ago

They say Geraldo is also Jewish. How do you feel about da Jews?

Reality • 4 years ago

Oh wait....now Mo'nique says she's been blackballed since winning an Oscar. Lol now what?!?!

Jon • 4 years ago

Monique black balled? Frankly, who really cares? I'm more than sure that happened, because of the black women's (the overwhelming majority) have that all too usual negative attitudes, are both rude, obnoxious, and are hard to work with! She, made her own bed, now she's crying "WOLF"!

Reality • 4 years ago

That was my point. Blacks wanted to protest the oscars just because they didn't win (because better actors and films did) and even the black actors that WON like mo'nique found something else to cry about.

Nuh • 4 years ago

Yeah fella, it's me again. I'm still around, I guess I win. You hear me in your sister's room like all the time
Gambino girl forever on that bracelet that she bought online. To dudes who couldn't take it, might I say, "hasta luega" cause I'm taking all your city like I'm Carmen San Diego. I'm smoking, I'm on fire. I am blazin', don't get hurt. To my white dudes it's a concert. To my black nerds this is church.

Reality • 4 years ago

Now there is a protest of the oscars because no black actors were nominated. Poor losers. Can't accept better actors and better films beat you out?!? You want affirmative action brought back so less qualified people automatically get hired? Pathetic. Is there no situation you won't play the race card in?!?! How Kanye of you. Have you no shame? Why do you feel so entitled and that you are owed? I'm embarrassed of you and for you.

Nuh • 4 years ago

Seriously unreality? Oh it's me again.

longshanks • 4 years ago

Russell Simmons continues to make money off of destroying the black community. Everyone knows it but is afraid to say it. Terrible language, in your face sexuality, butchering of the english language, ignorant clothing style, and glorifying violence is what Simmons puts forth and he is rich because of it. Geraldo made some valid points and Simmons resorted to insulting him.

Tootely Loo • 4 years ago

He's tearing up the Cosby right now. As SOON as this story came up in the edia, Richard Pryor's hoe came out with the same old trash all the others were mimicking. No one has any evidence, but they sure love to DISTRACT. It's Simmons and that bobble-head Al Sharpton who are doing this. Trump too. Notice how they move in the media just as SOON as you start attacking them or sh-t hop. Cosby won't talk to him & had lots to say to black people. Simmons don't want to care because the ignorance which black kids embrace in this DEAD art form makes HIM some $. That is always the point to why Simmons does anything. He will leech onto anyone who might give him ATTENTION and $. This is why he calls Geraldo on this. The attention whore is Simmons who shows up unasked (like Sharpton) and try to act like their word is law. With Cosby around, they cannot do this effectively. hence why they are using these models and useless, broke women to do his dirty work. Such a freaking BULLSH-T ARTIST is this Russell Simmons.

Reality • 4 years ago

Don't forget about the "rush card" lol

Nuh • 4 years ago

You seem more into the Vanilla card.

Guest • 4 years ago

And Kanye's gay beard, that monstrosity full of silicone, wished she was black, Albanian sh^thole.

lorraine irving • 4 years ago

Now that's what trips and me out!!!!

DemThugsLie • 4 years ago

Hey Russell .... As long a black people keep telling America that phony slavery story, black folks will be at the bottom. Slavery never occurred.... It's an old story made up in the 1800's by dopes who wanted a handout.

lorraine irving • 4 years ago


Magwheelz • 4 years ago

He's probably done more than Obama has. Race relations just keep getting better and better. Great work guys.

rangervr07 • 4 years ago

Russel Simmons is someone who has succeed by playing on racial bigotry of black Americans

Tootely Loo • 4 years ago

"Russell Simmons did NOT address one single part of what Geraldo said about hip hop"

Of course not. He is busy making a name for himself with his sex-tape Harriet Tubman comedies. This guy is a piece of sh* t. Russell Simmons helps HIMSELF and basically enslaves younger NAIVE people who don't realize he is a fraud. This guy would buy his artists' records to make it look like they were selling to someone. Phony Baloney.

This guy spreads his stupidity by teaching younger people how to be an embarrassment to themselves and the rest of the country. Curse, drink, smoke, be a N*GGA. If this homosexual, date-a-clueless-Asian-because-Im-gay-and-dick-is-tiny, lived in the past he would be an AFRICAN SLAVER.

Geraldo is right. Isn't it funny how Simmons thinks that EVERY one has to do something for black people while black people turn around and talk mean racist things, act like fools, kill each other, disrespect authority and then say it is racism.............................. what a fake.

Geraldo don't owe you SH*T. What have BLACK people done for themSELVES?

annebeth66 • 4 years ago

Before Simmons throws shade he better remember the "Harriat Tubman Sex Tape" that he thought was funny and entertaining, until he got called out. Then little boy had to remove it and be taught that rape is not funny.

Single and Happy • 4 years ago

What if Geraldo's...RIGHT?


rangervr07 • 4 years ago

He is right.

TheBelltower • 4 years ago

Even if that's true, and I'm not sure it is, Simmons is not likely to be Geraldo's dancing monkey. Not everyone or everything requires a response.

😱ßY૯-P૭Ląર • 4 years ago

Fuq Geraldo and Russel
WTF has Al SHARPTON done !!!???!!!???

rangervr07 • 4 years ago

Made a lot of money playing the race card and holding businesses hostage. A race hustler and race baiter.

Tootely Loo • 4 years ago

Run up a tax bill.

Guest • 4 years ago

He owns defjam ..a billion dollar entertainment company, that's all.

rangervr07 • 4 years ago

What's your point? He owes million of dollars to the IRS. He does not motivate young men of any color to work hard and succeed. He just plays a victim time and again. Reverend? Yeah, like I am. I have a certificate designating me as an ordained minister. He was "ordained"by his pastor at 6 years of age and learned at early age to play that "title" to make money, not to help people.

Tootely Loo • 4 years ago

He is not worth a third of that. And DJ is a farce.

Uncle Travy • 4 years ago

And what has Russell done exactly?

Drogan • 4 years ago

He owns defjam a billion dollar entertainment hip hop company, that's all.

HowDoYouLikeMeNow • 4 years ago

Funny coming from the guy that prefered to bang chicks that looked Asian. I agree with his point of view. But they're both full of it.

Sharon K • 4 years ago

Who's the young girl with him? She looks like she needs to be on Love and Hip Hop. Is she drunk ? She's loud just to get attention. Russel you need to make sure she's on the pill or had the surgery.

RedStilettoPolitics • 4 years ago

This guy seems so friggin dumb it makes me think anybody can become a millionaire.