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Ujjwal Dhungana • 8 years ago

Is modi a religious guy ? Did he stayed in fasting for 9 days during navaratri ? His intentions towards nepal shows that he is nothing but only a common man whom by the whim of the people happened to become the prime minister otherwise his work shows that he is fit only to run a tea stall like he used to do during his childhood and he is engaged there .

dgupta • 8 years ago

I read newspapers from india and nepal frequently. I have to agree that the writers and commenting readers from Nepal are much, much better than those from India.

Khagendra • 8 years ago

Kudos for a frank assessment of Indian govt. policy vis-a-vis Nepal and Nepalis.

One point where I would disagree - for South Block the Madeshi issue is just a pretext. I don't think they give two bits for Nepal's Madeshis except to use/abuse for their own selfish gains. The real aim of the blockade is asserting India's hegemony over Nepal. They want Nepal to accept similar terms as Bhutan in exchange for open transit points and a 'friendly' attitude from N. Delhi. This is their ultimate goal.

If Nepal wants to remain a sovereign, independent nation we have no choice but to slowly start re-calibrating our relations with India and China. We will need to gradually strengthen ties with China without angering India or making them feel too threatened. China will not overnight give 100% support to Nepal - wisely. As a sovereign state Nepal has every right to improve it's relations and increase it's trade with China. We need to start immediately with two decent highways to Khasa and Kerung - whether India likes it or not. Reducing our over dependence on India and the Indian border for our trade - essential or otherwise - is the only way South Block with respect Nepal's sovereignty and independence. No over dependence with China too - what would be the point? India and China as counter weights. Not easy and it will take time l but this is the only way for a self respecting nation state. This way both countries will respect us.

Finally my dear Indian friends, please note that the overwhelming majority of Nepalis are not anti-India but merely protesting anti-Nepal policies of India government. We should be allowed to do this without the anti-India/pro-China labels being thrown at us.

namah • 8 years ago

when a wise man said 'yam stuck between two stones'...we ended up concentrating on the stones...what we forget is the 'yam'...the 'we'...we are our greatest wealth....we have been endowed by the divine the greatest wealth...our love and compassion for our fellow citizens...let this from this day shine forth not just on KTM-Terai, but KTM-nonKTM relations...rest will follow as always...

A2ZRT • 8 years ago

What is about to happen in Nepal in near future is now happening in
Ukraine. Ukraine has three players : ultra nationalists (revolutionary non
russian speaking ukranian who captured power by
force/intimdation/violence), Financer of nationalists (EU/US) and
suppressed russian speaking oppressed minority bordering russia. In
Nepal, same role is played by maost, China, Madhesi and India.Let us see the butchering
of India-Nepal relations with tussle between two self portrayed
nationalist PM. I doubt Indian loss will be Nepal's benefit.

*This comment has been edited.

Prakash pandey • 8 years ago

The author is biased and totally opinionated and spreading hatred against india. The author is instigating nepalese to hate india. India is our brother.we have cultural, historical ties which binds both nations. No other country can take place in our heart.

James • 8 years ago

As an Indian I am aghast at the language used by the writer against India. Just for his information, there are lakhs of Nepalese People working in India without any problem at all. My worry is that with the developments happening in the last few months and the anti Indian venom spread by papers and writers like this gentleman, it might make things diffcult for these poor chaps. Already a sizeable population in India seems to believe that now all Nepalese want to sleep with the Chinese, although this is not true. Seems after the prominence of the Communist parties in Nepal, under a well plannned thought, trials are on to spread anti Indian feelings so as to give China a strong foothold in Nepal. I would very humbly like to remind my brothers and sisters of Nepal, please read about the condition of Tibetans and Ugur Muslims in China, then you will see light. There will be a limit to the patience of Indian Public. If this Anti Indian Venom is not stopped, a reverse reaction will follow and i fear it will put a majority of my Innocent Nepalis working in India under threat. After all, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

A Nepali • 8 years ago

We don't have any issues with Indian people. In Nepal also there are alot of Indian people working here. Indian working at Nepal are as safe as they are at India. Even more than 60k Nepali are in Indian army fighting for India at India-Pakistan border.

We only have issues with Indian government stopping our supplies. How would you feel if your house is being damaged by earthquake. No construction material to rebuild the houses (Most of them are imporated from India). There are no fuels, foods and transportations. Most of the industry and schools are closed.

Most of supplies are imporated from India. Until this blockade, we didn't even have a working highway with China to import goods because Nepal trusted India and never expected this.

Fyi, Nepal is 7th largest source of remittance for India

sanjay • 8 years ago

Did you even read the article properly? You can deny the truth but you cannot change it? Don't you realise from where did this level of ire against the Indian government increased amongst the common Nepalese in Nepal. I think you are very unaware about the situation here in Nepal because of the irresponsible steps taken by Indian government. We Common Nepalese have nothing to do with the Indian Citizens. Our disagreements are with the Indian government. We drafted our constitution with an overwhelming 90 percent endorsing the constitution. But then India tightened up the border trade points and fuel supply in response to this. What do we make of this? Nepal is a landlocked country and it has it's own trade rights according to international treaties and rights of landlocked countries. It is really sad that India which claimed to be a good friend of Nepal is adding to the woes of the nation which was already limping with the wounds of the earthquake earlier this year.

bishal I • 8 years ago

Those indian who dont know any fact .. these are the fact that I hate indian government...
in sughauli treatry.. their is a proposal .. that if nepal want to open a big industries or infrastruture .. development then our government has to ask india.. but india government wont let this happen because of their selfishness on market profit.. frm tooth paste to a small swing pin are made in india..
nepal is the 7th country who send remmittance to india.. so india is and has always takking advantage of it.. despite we nepalese people suffer it the most ....like wise if you think nepal dont have mines then you r wrong.. our government is so corrupted .. which is the breeds frm indian government.. now in border these so called madeshi leader actually are not fighting for the madeshi people.. the are fighting for..their own selfishness.. otherwise which leader will adevertise .that I a person will die in andolane ..his family will be rewarded 500000 lakhs and a seat in parties when they win.. huh..
Indian media will never show real facts.. in the name of madeshi .. biharis are proclaminng their rights.. if nepalese also enterd frm the border.. n asked for seat in political status then will it be possible..no ..I guess..
another thing is in 7 amendmends. Their is one amendment .. madeshi and india government is asking whole terai part a different province.. where modi has a advantages.. cuze terai has many thing natural resources .water resurces.. sand mine.. and petrolium mines..as well as its the granny house of nepal..
so these biharis where not given rightfrm india how could indian govern ment ask to give them each and every a citizeship....thats quite a joke...

Ballakhan Yadav • 8 years ago

india should respect nepal's sovereignty... we have a fight against indian establishment and colonial attitude of india bureaucrats not against indina people...

Anonymous • 8 years ago

Journalist playing their best part, lobbying! A group of
journalists who receive unattributable briefings from the government. Dandling
their bias voices, Spreading hatred, which readers consequently believe and
follows. Shortly after, the ultimate Blame Game is on! (No offense, just the
way it is.)

Let us not blame countries/ parties or people but the System,
which is in regulation within the legal succession. System and its policies
have failed to maintain cooperation to build healthy relationship, to map the
road for development. It is a reason behind the existence of an old conceptual
phrase “cloak-and-dagger” which can be seen among us.

*Heartily welcome Nepal Constitution 2072
*Resolution is must
*Jai Nepal

Kumar • 8 years ago

I echo "Why so much hate against India. I have grown up talking very positively about Nepal as Neighbor" BUT now I have to think accordingly.. remember 1 thing blaming is not good alternative to stop someone's right.. you do business with India or not but I will wish the progress of Nepal... best of luck..

namah • 8 years ago

There is the kind of attitude which irks Nepal: TINA: There Is No Alternative. Remember: even INC (Indian National Congress) used to run on a similar plank for many years and BJP/JD/JD/JP/etc etc etc never got a chance. Atal Behari showed India that governance by a non-INC govt is just as good, or even better. On his wings (despite all his shenanigans) Mr.Modi reduced the once towering, freedom fighting party to pittance.

So you see...things change...one should be magnanimous when powerful, and grateful when not...

Nepali politicians have not done this nation any favors. We have oscillated from the despicable to the maleficent. However, sikkim and bhutan are real life examples. History is not the sole inheritance of the GoI. Hence an underlying distrust of the GoI and its intentions.

The common Nepali is grateful to India. However with an indefinite blockade looming, it certainly should not be expected for masses to keep their cool. better twitter rants, than something far more ominous. At the same time, Nepali politicians have shown their true colors once again of reckless statements and Indian opinion makers have conflated themselves with their government.

You - i.e. an average Indian - are an independent thinker. Try it. You make like it. Read beyond the MEA_India handouts. There is always a more interesting story underpinning the headlines. God bless all of us.

Indian • 8 years ago

Why so much hate against India. I have grown up talking very positively about Nepal as Neighbor(For that matter Indians always look Nepal in a very positive way). Whole artical talks bad about India..there are supposed to be pro and con arguments. This whole artical talks as if there is some personal animosity of the author with india or indians.
I am not sure if india has done some intentional blockade. If yes, definitely bad from India but fact of the matter is the this all started with Nepal's Own people. You are killing your own people and not giving them what they deserve(i as an ordinary indian dont even care about that).
Drink some water and calm down. I am pretty sure that most of Indians will be happy with Nepal's Progress.

kaliya • 8 years ago

time to talk had past long ago. if india gets away with this, they will get away with anything in future. it won't be too long before they demand Janakpur and not Kathmandu, to be the capital of Nepal. then it will be New Delhi.
Nepal now has a serious choice - surrender and do what they want or fight to survive. Neither is going to be easy but at least one will have positive outcome for our children and our children's children. we need to choose...

gaurav • 8 years ago

Nepal is in deep trouble and it is not of India's doing. When a country so willingly decides to ignore 40% of its own people and pretend that everything is fine , things can not be right. India is merely protecting its own interest which it should because a disgruntled Madesh on its border will create a stateless actor and jeopardise Indian security. Nepali politicians are known to be petulant, churlish and use India as convenient. Now they are stoking anti-india sentiments to appear Nationalists. Whereas they could easily settle the dispute instead of calling Madhesis as "flies". If Madheshi are being mentored from across the Border, then question is where do politicians like Oli take their order from ? What made Nepal ditch Tibetans ? It is not that Nepal is this saintly innocent country and India a monster. Nepal' s failure is failure of its diplomacy .

binod • 8 years ago

get your facts correct.. 51% of Nepal's population lives in Madhes,. 40% of which are Madhesi..rest are nepali of other ethnicity.. so this Indian line of 40% population is ignored in this constitution is a propaganda.. in fact 90% of madhes agitation is orchestrated by Biharis or biharis who also have nepali citizenship.. if it was a real madhes movement like in 2007 , Kathmandu would have knelt a long time ago..when people rise no " hill elite" can stop it.. because india is indirectly supporting 200 protestor who move from place to place this so called agitation hasn't reached its culmination...india is using Madhesi to bargain with Nepal.. once it gets that it will dump madhes just the way they dumped maoist after removing monarchy...nepali need to be careful not to fall into this trap of communal division..this is a testing time for us..

ambarish palit • 8 years ago

well writtten piece but it leaves me wondering why the writer failed to include the 40 plus deaths and the deaf ear given to the agitating madeshis right before the and during the promulgation of the constituition in short why was there a hurry to declare the statute with so much death and dissatisfaction around.

dgupta • 8 years ago

It is high time Nepal strengthens its ties both economic and political with China, a veto power of UN and an economic power house. Nepal can serve as a middleman for chinese goods to India whose most imported goods are from China anyway.

IAF101 • 8 years ago

LOL - what makes you think Nepal will retain the same status it has now to just send goods over to India ? If China is using Nepal as a trade corridor - then India will treat the border as any other border it shares and start taxing ALL goods to and fro and subjecting them to customs and international tarrifs and inspections.

rahil aryan • 8 years ago

The sole reason behind this turmoil is Nepal's new constitution and their lack of faith in India and more towards China, which is outrageously wrong. The Madhesi and the Tharu communities are protesting in the neighbouring districts of India-Nepal border against the new constitution framed on September 20, 2015. There are many other reasons behind this economic blockade, which seems to be more Nepali government sponsored than India or by the people residing in the bordering Terai areas who are mostly pro India. The Nepalese political parties fear that India is anti Nepal and China is pro Nepal, which everyone knows is due to the Maoists who sadly dominate Nepali politics and are actively today promoting a false propaganda against India.

In recent years Nepal has been the subject of ever-changing political environment and is today probably the worst politically administered Asian country in the world, even when their new constitution is soundly in place. Nepal's mainstream political parties in the country are not able to deal with the current political situation in the country as they voice different opinions and have lost mass support. All this coupled with corruption and power politics amongst them is taking Nepal towards its impending doom.

namah • 8 years ago

the maoists were a RAW creation...LOL...all the top leaders went 'underground' in India during the insurgency years...we all know that...don't BS about China. I have no illusions, however, of China's politics and what it does to its neighbors in the south china sea.

There is a reason why Nepal gravitates towards India. However, India is REALLY TRYING HARD to kick Nepal out of its zone of influence. You tell me why? We are all puzzled in Nepal. Forget about twitter trends, etc. That is just representative of an elite english speaking who have online access.

...and thanks for stomping on a newly created republic...you think this will win India accolades? it might win Modi the bihar elections, but blockade2 will be talked about for years...

A Nepali • 8 years ago

Wow...and thank you!

Guest • 8 years ago
IAF101 • 8 years ago

Easy to say - VERY hard to do. You can open every single meter of border with China - but it won't change the fact that Oil from the Middle East will have to travel to Chinese Ports, get refined in Chinese oil refineries and then transported over 2000 kms of the worlds heightest mountains to reach Katmandu. Its easy to see why that is not a viable alternative to the India route.

namah • 8 years ago

That is the kind of attitude which irks Nepal: TINA: There Is No Alternative. Remember: even INC (congress I) used to say that for many years and BJP/JD/JD/JP/etc etc etc never got a chance. NOW suddenly things have changed, and people wonder in India if Pappu will ever make it to the top job...so you see...things change...one should be magnanimous when powerful, and grateful when not...nepalis have a lot to learn...and so do indians...I don't spare anyone...

namah • 8 years ago

Solar and water energy are right here. We can become energy sufficient with smart roads, and public transport systems, plus online mechanisms which allow citizens to communicate with government agencies online. It needs someone with a holistic sense of commerce, industry, and transportation.

We will never become 'India-free' so to speak. But at least it can be brought down to acceptable levels.

Finally, we need to address social causes for the unrest. India or no India, madheshi issues remain within our domain.

IAF101 • 8 years ago

The day Nepal becomes self sufficient is the day India will be most happy.

Ram Sunuwar • 8 years ago

very good article. we have to have other options. the india establishment is letting local politics ( bihar elections ) decide our relationship. while some of the demands have to be addressed there is no way the whole of tarai or anywhere in nepal should have states based on ethnicity. madesh based parties have every right to protest but not to destroy property, hurt people, block someone ,vandalize trucks .come on guys we are all Nepalese lets at lest

Ashish kaushik • 8 years ago

Nepal will be india

Tenzin Sherpa • 8 years ago


Ashish kaushik • 8 years ago

Basically the solution of all this trouble is Nepal's merger with India. One day Nepal will be an Indian state. That's for sure.

Ajit • 8 years ago

You talk like a Pakistani agent looking for an opportunity...

Hurray • 8 years ago

Like the saying goes, "you can swallow it but can't digest it"
Good luck India.

namah • 8 years ago

There is a thought going around in Kathmandu...once India and nepal merge...it will be same upper caste hill brahmins of Nepal who will be ruling from Delhi. Good Luck Indians...we are coming! LOL...