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crazysquirrel • 8 years ago

More extreme perversion of pornography.

WHERE do they get this stuff that it is bad???

When any politician forces their morals upon everyone, they violate the constitution they were sworn to uphold (how about freedom of speech for one? 9th amendment for another?).

Porn is NOT bad despite what the psychobabble 'experts. say.

If you think it is bad then deal with it yourself but leave others to their freedoms as guaranteed by the constitution.
Every state agreed to be bound by the constitution when they joined the union. This supersedes any laws any states make to the contrary. Article 5 section 6 I believe.

Oh, about kiddie porn. While it is a very perverted activity, they should go after the purveyors of the porn, not the people having it on their computer.

With all the computer exploits out there it can be easy for someone with a beef against you to plant it on your computer. And with the totalitarian dictators we call our leaders, you have to PROVE you didn't put it there not them prove you did.
Can you prove you didn't put anything on your computer legal or otherwise?
Nope. No one can.

And too many times people mistakenly think that 1 day under 18 is kiddie porn.

It is not.

When governors and politicians begin to override the constitutional rights as written and defined under the English language, we no longer have any right, but privileges.

They tamper with porn now they WILL tamper with religious speech later..

Note: I have seen lots of legal porn and after a time it gets sooooo boring and I quit watching it.

And with that being said, I am not a criminal, violent person, thief, rapist, pedophile, or anything else bad.

Best advice: if your computer breaks, throw your hard drive into a long hot fire and buy a new hard drive. No chance of anything being on there that you have to go bankrupt over trying to prove your innocence.

We have too many laws....