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Eileen M. Benavente-Blas • 8 years ago

Archbishop Apuron is no spiritual leader on Guam. Check out the blog junglewatch.com to learn the truth about this "arch"bishop who has literally sold out the archdiocese of Guam to the Neocatchumenal Way. If you are not a Neo you are nothing to him and his Neo cronies. He has been caught in outright lies numerous times.

honeybee • 8 years ago

It's not about gay-marriage, it's about no marriage.

Lizzaanne O Leary • 8 years ago

It's pathetic that he is a lone voice prelate.

Guest • 8 years ago
geoffreysmith1 • 8 years ago

Sodomy should certainly be regarded as a felony because its legalization inevitably promotes and encourages the spread of HIV and AIDS, thereby destroying the fabric of the nation.

The world is once more turning back to paganism. In the Old Testament God commanded that the pagans who lived among the Jews be converted. In the New Testament Jesus commanded His Church with converted "all nations" and "teaching them to obey all" he taught the disciples.
When the Church fails to teach the Truth and teach that people must OBEY the Truth people stop converting to the Faith and instead turn back to paganism because paganism appeals to their fallen nature- its an 'anything goes' and 'make your own laws/truth' belief system.
Truth is whatever a pagan wants it to be which is why we have Bruce Jenner insisting HE is a she and forcing people to call him Caitlyn. The truth is HE is still a he, his DNA will always be male, but living outside of God's Truth people just make up their own reality and get others to not only support them but to actually believe this nonsense!
The Church MUST preach what Christ commanded or the world will become overwhelmingly pagan once again.

Lemon Handy • 8 years ago

Dear Ryan, while you may have some sympathies with the content of this letter, allegedly written by Archbishop Apuron, why did you not first check "the credentials" of the alleged author. The problems on Guam are substantially due to the Archbishop being bought and paid for by the Neocatechumenal Way, a divisive cult within the Church.
He has behaved appallingly badly in respect to non-neo clergy and laity, has illicitly alienated assets of his Archdiocese by effectively transferring them to the control of the Neocatechumenal Way, and has publicly defended liturgical abuses as well as disparaging the authority of the Vatican in relation to the liturgy.
If you want a story in relation to this Archbishop, there are many - but his defence of Catholic morality is not one of them.
Please do some research and try again, this time with the real story about what is happening under this Archbishop. Thankyou

Eric • 8 years ago

I have no clue about this Archbishop and no time to research him. I will say this: the author of this letter (whoever it is) is dead-on correct about the ultimate aims behind the gay rights movement. If the accusations against this Archbishop are true, it's a great shame and lost opportunity this letter didn't come from an authoritative source in a position of stronger moral authority.

Ignis Christi • 8 years ago

Been saying this for months now. Marxist Socialism in the social sphere has one aim, and one aim alone. It is based on Lenin's three generations of children being educated in indoctrination camps with its tenets and raised to be promiscuous and sterile in all forms of sexual relations. This aim, like state control of the means of production, is state control of the means of reproduction and human capital. One this is achieved, the Marxists will have absolute control over the destiny of the human race.

Jack McGrath • 8 years ago

Thank you, Archbishop Apuron. Amazing that so few bishops and priests have the intelligence to recognize this danger and courage to say anything.

Lemon Handy • 8 years ago

Dear Jack, please go to junglewatch and understand the truth about this man you credit with intelligence and courage.

ObjRight • 8 years ago

I think, it is not just annihilation of fundamental religious belief but, annihilation of all humanity - the people of God. Because, if all are sodomites (as those who don't want whether on religious grounds or personal views) are force by the law and the pressures of these satanic group, no new human being (male or female) will be born. They may give birth to test tube babies, not according to God, but according to their Sodomites mind, therefore, these people born from the laboratory are owned by the devil.

It is still fresh in my mind what my grandmother, with my parents and uncle, used to tell us when I was around a child during our family get-together after supper, it may be a myth, but now with the scenario I mentioned above, it is becoming true.

The story goes this way, that, in the early days of creation God visited Adam and Eve on earth. Then, He told Lucifer (his right hand - before the fall), that no one will sit on His (God's) chair, and no one will read His (God's) book. But, when God was away, Lucifer sits at God's chair (Throne) and read God's book - the start of the non-serviam and the rebellion of Lucifer against God. When Lucifer open the book, he found the passage how to make a human being. So, he made plenty of human beings, it made the Kingdom of Heaven full of people that God did not wanted because, God only wants Adam & Even to do it to share His Love. So, God, was furious, and ask St. Michael to cast away all those people made by Lucifer. According to the story, this was the start of the war between Lucifer with his followers and St. Michael with the good Angels.

All Catholics and Christians who fear God, not their own will but doing the will of God, to pray and be steadfast, otherwise very soon, all of us will be annihilated. Although, this will be our entrance to Heaven. Therefore, if we are prepared to face our Creator, this will be our happiest moment. But, out of charity we have to pray and do something for those souls who are mislead. Hoping that they be converted and be with us in heaven.

Vicky Hernandez • 8 years ago

Wow. Looks like Zager & Evans [In The Year 2525—Exordium & Terminus] were off by about 500 years!
Quite prescient.

MAGA Man • 8 years ago

Sounds like it would make a great New Age book-of-the-month club story.

TimRohr • 8 years ago

Josmart below is correct. This letter was sent to you by Apuron's handlers. Apuron did not write a word of this letter NOR did he take action against the legislation when it could have mattered. He is under investigation by Rome for matters I cannot list here but you can read more about at junglewatch.info. The letter was written in order to prop him up so he can continue to ordain "presbyters" (they don't use the word "priest") for the Neocatechumenal Way which has a supposed seminary here in Guam.

Carol Ann • 8 years ago

“The "gay rights" movement is not about rights;It's really about destroying the family and setting up totalitarian control.” He is one smart man of God. Above is definitely a secret society goal. Rock the Foundation and the civilization will fall - bringing humanity back to Baal and his consort worship. This is ancient and entrenched pseudo religion ready to resurface in all its old pagan gory details. God told the Israelites to stay clear of Baal – Generative Principle – worship complete with temple prostitutes. There are only two choices in Life. Choose Jesus for an abundant, clear, clean and joyous Life or choose the
devourer who majors in destruction. Everything that kills, harms, destroys or takes is an indication one as slipped into the dark side. An alcoholic or drug addict looks progressively more “wasted” when involved in that path of destruction. The only way out is to choose Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The archbishop adds, "[W]e are living in dangerous times, under the law of man, where Catholics, and Christians alike, are commanded to forfeit our religious beliefs." Baal devours its enemies.

Thank you Archbishop Apuron for your words of Wisdom, and your high quality directions for the flock.

TimRohr • 8 years ago

The archbishop did not write a word of this letter. Church Militant is being duped. See below.

striving • 8 years ago

Who cares who said it? The point is that it was said and is out there and contains much more truth than the law(s) it speaks of.

josmart • 8 years ago

Catholics on Guam care.

TimRohr • 8 years ago

It has zero meaning. He is another one of the waste of space clerics that Church Militant has a reputation for criticizing. All this is being said AFTER THE FACT to make him look good. He said NOTHING when our local bills were introduced and when it would have mattered. Propping up clerics like these is why we are where we are. For the record, here are some other horrific facts about this bishop's diocese, the most "Catholic" diocese in the nation if not the world, per capita:

Guam has the most liberal abortion laws in the nation which allow for the termination of nearly one out of ten pregnancies with more than 60% being Chamorro. (2012 Guam Medical Records)

Guam has the highest divorce rate in the world (4.7 divorces per 1000 population, 2010 Guam Statistical Yearbook vs Russia 4.5 per 1000, 2011 United Nations Demographic Yearbook)

Guam has the 14th highest suicide rate in the world and a rate 1.2 times the national average (2011 World Health Organization and A Profile of Suicide on Guam, September 2011)

Guam has a 20% higher out of wedlock birth rate (60%) compared to the rest of the nation (40.8%, CDC 2010) Note: Guam stopped reporting “illegitimate” births in 2005. 60% is based on the average between 2000 and 2005).

Guam has double the teen birthrate compared to the rest of the nation (Guam PDN, 6/25/13)

Guam’s rape rate is 94.4 per 100,000 (2011 Yearbook: 151 reported rapes). This is nearly triple the national average of 29.8. (U.S. Census Bureau, Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2012, Table 314)

AND WORST OF ALL: Guam abuses and neglects its children at nearly double the national average (Guam child maltreatment rate of 76.81 per 1000 children based on 2012 CPS report and 2010 census vs 41.2 per 1000 children national average as per Table 3-2, Child Maltreatment 2011, Children’s Bureau, U.S. DPHHS)

Carol Ann • 8 years ago

Please direct to the facts.

TimRohr • 8 years ago

The facts are many. But there are three that are glaring. One, Apuron DOES NOT call out the lawmakers who actually voted for the local bills he objects to - so what good is his objection. Two, Apuron's opposition is after the fact - the bills are already passed and signed into law. Three, there was no objection from him when the bills came before the public when an objection could have mattered - except for a very dismal showing by a discredited deacon.

But if you want more, I can provide a recent Opinion of Counsel which shows how this bishop gave away a 40 million dollar piece of property to the control of the Neocatechumenal Way in violation of Canon Law. All that remains is now to press both a civil and canonical case against him.

This bishop is in very big trouble. Allegations of more sexual abuse are forthcoming. And this letter was used to prop him up.


Carol Ann • 8 years ago

There are two intriguing points: If the bishop didn’t write the letter, who did write those very accurate words? That individual is very intelligent, brave in his delineation and wise in his summation of the problem and its solution. He has obviously, by those very words, made the Bishop the target of some very powerful forces in the world nowadays.

Secondly, unrelated to the letter, but also highly intriguing, is statement that this Bishop gave away a $40 million dollar piece of property to “Neocatechumenal Way in violation of Canon Law”. Please direct to the Canon Law referred to. A Bishop is responsible for the sale of properties in a diocese - interesting point to learn. Some Bishops are controlling vast real estate tracts that have wildly appreciated in value due to world-wide preplanned and meticulously orchestrated hyperinflation. Purpose for the “give away” of that land? What part of the Catholic Church organization is Neocatechumenal Way? Is the property still retained, under ownership rights, as Catholic Church property? Is that the group formed for Christian Formation of Adults - received approval of the Holy See in 2008? (Presentation by group identified as Neocatechumenal Way to Pope Francis at one of his group Audiences - utube over an hour long in Spanish) Also http://en.radiovaticana.va/...

josmart • 8 years ago

Support the foundations in the message, but please do not give credence to the false author. Not only was this submitted (and read after all the Masses on Guam) AFTER pro-homosexual legislation was passed, anyone on this island who know the Archbishop know that he does not speak nor write like this. It was written in hopes that websites like Church Militant would place this Archbishop on a pedestal; credibility that he cannot generate nor maintain in his own Archdiocese.

But to the facts, start with a visit to www.junglewatch.info There you will find plenty of information supported by documentation.

Carol Ann • 8 years ago

Who is the author?

josmart • 8 years ago

Church Militant has been duped again. Archbishop Apuron did not pen this piece (his foreign handlers did) nor did he exert any effort to contest any disparaging laws on Guam as he sent a severely ill informed Deacon in his place to make one public comment to our legislature.

However, this website did exactly what his handlers wanted to happen: to be propped up as some hero in the Catholic Church; but all Church Militant did was put lipstick on a pig.

Do the due diligence to find out exactly how much of a failed shepherd he has been. There is plenty of documented evidence to be found.

Guest • 8 years ago

What do you mean by "his handlers"? Who are these people? It sounds like a wild conspiracy theory to claim. Your site offered only your accusation with no proof that you promised to back that it was not authentically from the archbishop of prove any of your accusations of corruption.

I did not read the whole website and I am not familiar with the diocese politics in Guam, but it seems to me that these comments by josmart and the blog are from disgruntled parishioners in Guam. I could find few news articles from credible news sources that back up their claims

AS for the writing style and consistency of the Archbishop's speaking out on gay marriage and homosexuality..... The Wikipedia article on Archbishop Apuron did mention that he once compared gay rights activism to islamic terrorism, so it does not seem so far fetched that someone who would make a statement like that would write this.

I am not from Guam nor do I know the situations or politics there, but those are the conclusions that I could find from just a little bit of research and digging.

josmart • 8 years ago

Thank you, Bob, for responding.

It does sound like a wild conspiracy and one beyond reality. That is why we on Guam were initially just as incredulous as well.

But as incredible as it sounds, there was much credence that a congregation of three Vatican officials (including our Nuncio for the region, Archbishop Krebs) visited our island in January of this year specifically because of the grave situation happening in our Archdiocese. www.pacificnewscenter.com/g...

This most certainly was not a mere "pastoral" visit as the Archdiocese attempted to spin.

As to that blurb of the Archbishop comparing gay rights activists to islamic terrorism, again, it was not he who wrote that, but another priest submitted for record to our local legislature. The Archdiocese attempted to correct the record on island, but as you see, the attribution to him remains on the internet and rightfully so as it bore his signature and on official Archdiocesan letterhead.

As for my contributions to junglewatch: my name is Jose and I am not some anonymous disgruntled parishioner. I am a known practicing Catholic, very active in my Church and parish, and importantly, have much love for my faith and Christ. Because our island is small and very intertwined, I run the risk of placing my name to my comments. But the only fear I have is the fear of our Lord and so I comment with confidence that I am speaking to truth.

Thank you for taking the time to browse the website suggested. I hope that you find more time to delve into the specifics and read the documents provided as this is not some mere discrepancy going on in our Archdiocese. It is a great spiritual battle occurring on Guam. Thankfully us laity are not surrendering our faith nor fooled by grandstanding letters designed to temporarily dazzle those off island who may not be aware of our situation.

Please keep us in your prayers - I pray for you as well.

Guest • 8 years ago

Ok thank you Jose.

I will admit I very well could be wrong. I was only stating what I could find on the subject. You seem like an honest person and I cannot dispute what is happening in Guam since I have little to no information on what is actually going on there. I am sure someone like yourself knows better that I since you live there.

I am sorry to hear that things are going so rough in your archdiocese. It seems we are on the same side of defending the authentic church. My purpose was not to accuse you or discredit you. I will freely admit that I do not know enough about your Archdiocese to know what is really going on there. While I would agree with the content of the letter, I understand and would agree that if it is not authentically what is being preached by the archbishop it would seem like grandstanding and phony at heart.

I will certainly keep you and your diocese in my prayers. My real name is Peter. I never use my real name on the internet because I have run into some real wackos who try and ruin people's lives if they disagree or don't like something you did or said on the internet.

God bless and I truly wish the best for you and your Archdiocese

Tom O. • 8 years ago

I am sure he understands how "offended" some people are at his comments. To which I say, "Keep talking the truth man!!"

Robert Morin • 8 years ago

It seems to be getting to the point where it's not just a separation of Church and State issues, but rather it's become Church VS. The State! Never in our history did we have to fight so much to make sure God's stance was FORCED to have to win over the tyranny of secular law. It seems that if we value Constitutional First Amendment Rights in the way We The People hath spoken them to be, we need all the support necessary to win all this.

Eric • 8 years ago

The separation of Church & State is likely caused by and will necessarily lead to Church against the State & vice versa. Union & agreement comes from being like-minded. ("How can two walk together unless they agree?") The reason a State wants independence of the Church is to decide moral right & wrong for itself, independent of Church teaching. Once it is independent of the Church, having no guarantee of infallibility but guaranteed to be tempted by demons, it will inevitably contradict at least some Church teachings on faith & morals and so enter into conflict with the Church.

mrmjvc • 8 years ago

The battle lines are slowly being drawn as the faithful and the unfaithful show their spots. Anyone know if this bishop is invited to the synod?

Scott Watterson • 8 years ago

It is a shame that mostly non-American prelates are truly vocal in an opaque manner regarding this facade of "rights". And we are supposedly a nation built on the protection of rights! As I watch the degradation of the English language in this country, with misspellings considered suave and poor grammar mocked lovingly, I watch the very intelligence of the nation fall in tow. There is a reason we were told to love the Lord with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul. We must use all three, and the mind is the weakest at this time.

Divine Fire • 8 years ago

The Agenda of the Sodomite is to go into the schools and teach perversion. The kids will learn about sexual experimentation and from this they will become SEX ADDICTS. They will be mess up mentally (through sexual exploitation), physically (STDs and AIDS), and spiritually (they will reject God and his teachings and end up in hell).


They will seek only pleasure and reject having a family (too much sacrifice).
And the population will go into decline..... POPULATION CONTROL ACCOMPLISHED!

Eric • 8 years ago

I agree - with all your points. But I'd also argue some of your points have already been accomplished: it's likely that many kids (like many adults) have since early in the internet days been hooked on porn and so been sex addicts for some time. That in and of itself weakens if not destroys the foundation of marriage.

The 20th century Tomist philosopher Josef Pieper summarized St Thomas as saying sexual sins (which are against temperance) destroy the cardinal virtue of prudence by splitting the soul's decision-making capability -- by making one indecisive (I think often in men) or thoughtless (I think often in women) or falling into other types of imprudence. Put differently, sexual sins make you stupid -- or, as you say, "they will be messed up mentally." Stupidity is not going to help you realize you need a savior, nor help you figure out where or how to find him in an increasingly dark and increasingly dangerous age.

The state has long had "useful idiots" in the sense that a large fraction of voters is uninformed of the issues of the day and easily manipulated by politicians' appeals to emotion or false arguments.

The contraception culture being spread around the world (by Democratic presidents, the UN, the European Union and private foundations) has led and is leading the whole world into hedonism: as you say, seeking only pleasure and rejecting having a family because it's too much sacrifice. And I absolutely agree the motive behind that isn't "enlightening" others or spreading the (new hedonistic) Western culture as to advance population control and ultimately one-world government. Ultimately, this is a totalitarian power grab, as the author of the letter in this article (whoever that was) says.

Joe Murphy • 8 years ago

Well said Abp. Apuron.
This whole LGBTQIA ideology, (they keep adding new letters. The QIA stands for Queer, Intersex and Asexual. It`s getting farcical), is totally contradictory. If gender and sexuality do not matter, and are just a product of social conditioning, and have no purpose, then why and how does Bruce Jenner identify as a woman, when he is a man? What exactly is he identifying with, if, according to the LGBTQIA community, men and women have no gender or sexual identity? He now dresses as a woman. How does a woman dress if a man can dress the same, as cross dressers do? It makes no sense. On the one hand, they are denying the existence of gender and sexual identity, and on the other hand they are invoking these differences to justify their emotional, sexual and psychological disorientations.

orion • 8 years ago

I went to Mass at a parish with a conservative pastor on the feast of the Queenship of Mary. He pointed out in his homily that the United States had rejected Mary as its queen and substituted Caitlyn Bruce Jenner instead. I felt sick to hear that comparison but fear that he is right.

Eric • 8 years ago

I hadn't thought of it that way, but I think you're right. One of Mary's primary traits is her purity. Our nation is almost literally drowning in impurity, and its heroes & leaders do likewise.

MAGA Man • 8 years ago

I think Madonna Louise Ciccione has that spot locked up for a number of reasons.
Jenner is just a gender confusion evangelist, a logical outcome when we lose sense of what sexuality is for.

Joe Murphy • 8 years ago

May be so. But I feel that most of humanity has rejected God and has put themselves in his place.

orion • 8 years ago

You are right. That has always been true across the centuries, else why speak of the 'narrow gate'?

Certainly it seems that the West has rejected God. When I was in France two years ago, I loved visiting the old churches and going to Mass whenever I could. There were very few Frenchmen in these glorious beautiful churches. It was like fast forwarding from where we are today. I'm not so sure about Nigeria and others: I saw some pretty devout African Catholics there. We must hope to be among the remnant that keeps the faith and perseveres to the end.

Eric • 8 years ago

I've seen similar sights in European Churches, and I agree with you.

It's been true across the centuries, but I suspect the degree & extent it's true of us is far worse than it's been in any Christian culture that's preceded ours. No one before us had internet porn, probably no one slaughtered unborn kids to the extent we do, and certainly no one else not only celebrated sodomy, but sanctioned gay "marriage" in civil law -- and then used that to systematically propagandize kids to experiment with homosexuality. We have many unique distinctions of all Christian cultures that have preceded ours -- and probably the entirety of Jewish culture prior to Christ (as they were then the People of God as the Catholic Church is today).

Anthony Khoury • 8 years ago

Lord help us.

Catholic533 • 8 years ago

I fully agree with him.

djpala • 8 years ago

Hey, 'wuerl, cupich, dolan' etc. this Bishop has the Faith, what do you have ?

orion • 8 years ago