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4yergrinpuh • 1 month ago





packedpow • 9 months ago

So assuming Trump is innocent and not colluding with Russia against the American people, we should be seeing his tax returns as well as an unbiased investigation that would easily prove his innocence, right?

Geoff • 10 months ago

I hope they keep pushing this. The more they push the deeper the hole they're digging for themselves.

Orange Moron • 11 months ago

So why did Trump back off investigating the Clintons?

Central Scrutinizer • 11 months ago

Didn't want to be part of the body count....

tjeffers • 11 months ago

He said her loss was enough punishment I disagree and you can call him a liar, means nothing to me but that is what he said.

Joe Fine • 11 months ago

He's letting Sessions do it

mastercaveman • 11 months ago

No! He joined her team!

Snowflake Safe Zone • 10 months ago

Everyone knows the media is the new McCarthyism.

Snowflake Safe Zone • 10 months ago

Trump is too smart for a got ya. They have been after him since January. No dice.

denzel • 11 months ago

This not Treason but it is Traitorous:

Shameful => Donald J. Trump ✔ @real-DT 1-hour-ago: "Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood and Ocare ... twitter.com/realDonaldTrump...

What an absolutely Lying-RINO-Filth type thing to say about the currently refreshingly Cons-sounding-acting FC mbrs, who are duly elected Rep Party mbr US Congressmen ...

DeplorableDebra • 11 months ago

sure wish they'd gotten their ACT together. it's not like they haven't had 7 years to really think this over. BUMS! lazy, do-nothing bums on our tax dollars.

Cry more.

LodeHere • 11 months ago

Is the Pentagon also treacherous?
"Why Does the U.S. Use Russian Rockets to Launch Its Satellites?"
http://www.nbcnews.com/mach... (NBC News on McCain's and Soros' side that Russia is the great "enemy." The MIC loves it.)
"Abandonment of Russian Booster Engines May Send NASA's Costs Skyrocketing"

Heck, if this continues Trump will be called treasonous for allowing NASA to use Russian rocket engines for sending the first manned flight to Mars... ; )
And why should the American taxpayer pay for the expensive development of rocket engines while the inexpensive reliable Russian ones can be utilized. Plenty of work making the all the rest in the US.

TaroChip • 11 months ago

And to get to the International Space Station. For that matter, why isn't it treasonous for American Astronauts to be working up there side by side with Russian Astronauts. Oh, the horror!

LodeHere • 11 months ago

America and the USSR already worked closely together in space:

NASA: "United States-Soviet Space Cooperation during the Cold War"

Thank God science doesn't care about politics... at least they don't start the wars, crazy politicians do.

Geoff • 10 months ago

“‘There’s a Smell of Treason in the Air’”

Yes. Yes there is.

Lita Michelle • 10 months ago

Put Hillary in prison and watch 99% of this nuisance behavior go away.

Southern Logic • 10 months ago

what a bunch of bs. they did not do anything when Obama and Hillary were in office and they actually DID commit treason. GOPe is full of aholes.

birdman8421 • 10 months ago

So, every political hack on the planet has a mouthful of lies to spread and the media to swear to those lies, if not invent even more. Eight YEARS of constant lies, obfuscation, innuendo, and outright TREASON by the pResident, his cronies and soros, and the dems (and Mcstain) along with soros the Nazi contributing his billions to the destruction of America. Soros aside, had the media not been purchased for their nefarious actions, obozo would have NEVER been president and soros would have been prosecuted for treason. But that is assuming that the rule of law survived the onslaught of the criminal Marxist/communists. Why soros cannot be arrested and prosecuted for sedition/treason is the mystery for the ages.

*Mary Jane* • 10 months ago

One of Obama's minions let the cat out of the bag on MSNBC over Obama ordering portions of Trump tapes be disseminated. I highly doubt we'll be focusing on Trump in the near future.

mr_fn_obvious • 10 months ago

Treason? Is that like trading one deserter for 5 generals or maybe like sending your sworn enemies billions of dollars worth of unmarked mixed currency cash money? Or maybe starting non- governmental orgs who's sole purpose is to riot in the city streets?

Flightcrew • 10 months ago

...or Treason, like in Barack Obama letting the Iranian Nuclear Centrifuges continue to spin for 8 long years, or letting North Korea have the space it needed to develop nuclear tipped ICBMs capable of hitting the United States mainland?

TexasVetgal • 10 months ago

This is all a deepstate liberal progressive diversionary tactic.. Bogus claims to draw attention away from Trump pursuing criminal investigations of Obama, his corrupt administration, Hillary Clinton her corrupt tenure as Sec of State and corruption in the Clinton Global Initiative foundation. Which includes Bill, John Podesta and others.

DEMAND ARREST of Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey et al, for obstruction of Justice, criminal conspiracy and treason NOW

                                                                 ✯ M  A  G  A ✯

Yam Yaryan • 10 months ago

They will find nothing of substance.

Rusty Writer • 10 months ago

Trump sold out America for his own personal profit. He is the WORST TRAITOR IN US HISTORY.

TaroChip • 10 months ago

Well, he's not the one that sold 20% of U.S. Uranium to Russia for both personal and political profit or who got the U.S. Ambassador killed in Benghazi by stopping military support that was armed and ready to engage. Or who gave $1.4 billion to Iran and entered a treaty that allowed them to pursue a nuclear program, despite their never-ending threats against the United States.

Rusty Writer • 10 months ago

So you admit that Trump colluded with Russia and you want to distract the nation from investigating via WMD: Weapons of Mass Distraction... hope you are getting paid since you do the work of a Russian troll.

TaroChip • 10 months ago

I didn't say that Trump colluded with Russia, and I don't have a Russian gene in my body. Look in the mirror if you want to see the troll here.

turquoise53 • 10 months ago

Weren't there 8 other Senate/Congress committees involved in that sign-off decision to sell that company to Russia, other than HFC's State Dept?

TexasVetgal • 10 months ago

You are a phuucking moron... Hillbags is a corrupt slagwh0re who should be busting rocks in a prison yard.

Trump is not involved with Russia.. He never was... All of it BOGUS BS created to derail Trump, before he opens multiple investigations into Obama Clinton corruption.

Rusty Writer • 10 months ago

"Russia, if you're listening, I want you to get those 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton's server." And Russia did as Trump requested = collusion. Russia's meddling in our election may be 'an act of war' explained VP Dick Cheney. Time for a full independent investigation.

TexasVetgal • 10 months ago

Russia didnt... The 30,000 emails that existed on Hillbags ILLEGAL SERVER were deleted by her own people... Many who had no security clearance to be viewing them.

Juilan Assange provided thousands of emails that had been hacked and given to him by a suspected Hillary campaign staffer... No one knows to this day who provided them. It could have been an Hillary emoloyee sick of her lies and corruption. It could have been Guicfer 2.0, it could have been non-state actors in any number of baltic states... It could have been Russia.

This is just more Proof Hillary should have been in prison... And not out running for office....her unsecured illegal server was just as likely the cause of her hacking... But she is above the law... So what difference does it make?

Lets investigate the content of the leaked emails.. Podesta pedophila chief among them.

DEMAND ARREST of Obama, Hillary, Lynch, Comey et al, for obstruction of Justice, criminal conspiracy and treason NOW

Rusty Writer • 10 months ago

Trump was an accomplice to an act of war against the United States. WE NEED A REAL INVESTIGATION.

TexasVetgal • 10 months ago

You are a moron liberal pinhead.

Neville J. Angove • 10 months ago

If it were not for the fact that the constant attacks on Trump do have a flow-on affecting my country, I would laugh at the antics of the Democrats and the media. At least the announcement that the US is moving its embassy to Jerusalem is heartening.

gunner • 10 months ago

how about firing squad each time someone suggests such a thing

Caraban • 10 months ago

When will Nunes reschedule that cancelled hearing to let Sally Yates testify ? We're losing time

turquoise53 • 10 months ago

Isn't he deliberately 'losing time' ?

wallythebitterclinger • 10 months ago

If he is guilty of treason that would make him mainstream like the democrats

Maureen Suggitt • 10 months ago

We now know that it was the DNC who are opening committing sedition & treason against our duly elected government. They had planned for NWO for so long, they can't stand that we woke up.

CLS • 10 months ago

Considerable irony jumps to the forefront when you recognize, the New York Times tried to protect Evelyn Farkas as the source of their reporting by stating:

“More than a half-dozen current and former officials described various aspects of the effort to preserve and distribute the intelligence, and some said they were speaking to draw attention to the material and ensure proper investigation by Congress. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were discussing classified information, nearly all of which remains secret.” (link)



Looks like Devin Nunes and the House Intelligence Committee has a new person to bring in for testimony. A positive development because at this rate the media leakers will out themselves without much need for investigation.


Ethel Mertz • 10 months ago

Mook the Kook is a failed campaign manager. What the hell does he know and why does his opinion matter?

GREAT WHITE CRACKER • 10 months ago

Well if that is their version of TREASON then guess WAHT MO FOS you all getting HUNG BY THE NECK

C20 • 10 months ago

Let's set the meter for treason at aiding Isis including Funds, Equipment, choosing empty parking lots as "targets", pre-warning of bombings, setting terrorists free in middle of night, ad nauseum. If those were not treasonous, Pres Trump has not even had a hint of treasonous behavior. .

Next thing you know, the commies will do an inside job bombing and blame it on NKR or China (treasonous) as desperation.

TexasVetgal • 10 months ago

Lets investigate the many treasonous acts Ovomitbag committed...after that scumbag has been hanged,...we can evaluate any wrong doing with Trump (highly unlikely) then we'll consider it.

Democrap hypocrisy beyond the pale.

Mark Cline • 10 months ago

News Flash!: Latest Conservative talking point: Democrats may be guilty of "Stupid"!

Tricia F • 10 months ago

Funny, but I don't recall Trump giving billions of tax payors unmarked currency to terrorists that want us dead on a private plane in the middle of the night. I don't recall Trump spying on Americans to seek out people that don't vote for him then sicking the IRS on them. I don't recall Trump promising in his campaign speeches that he will no longer allow the US to use China as its credit card then doing exactly that. I don't recall Trump running around to terrorist nations immediately after he was elected to apologize for the American way. I don't recall Trump hiring a completely inept Secretary of State that used her position for her own financial gain. Just to name a few of OBAMA's treasonous acts. Once again the 'establishment' has this wrong but whose counting?

Sluggo big one • 10 months ago

Talk about projection, the Democrats are guilty of treason and will come out over time.

JGH46 • 10 months ago

The Democrats will go to any length to avoid enforcing immigration law. Remember, that is the part of the Trump agenda that is most opposed by progressives.