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michellemadethis • 3 years ago

interesting - a bit disappointed to see the pages that are 'similar' to mine though. A lot of which are nothing to do with craft or anything I do. Never mind, thanks so much for sharing this :O)

Haptree • 3 years ago

If you do this with pages you do like it can be a real magical mystery tour as each time you like a page it suggests a whole load more - meaning you can fill your page news feed with loads of really relevant pages that you can then use for content.

Haptree • 3 years ago

My pleasure - hopefully with time they get better at judging this.

Melly • 3 years ago

Apparently there are no similar pages to mine... Is that good or bad?

Nicoletta @Fanchimp • 3 years ago

It happened the same to me

Haptree • 3 years ago

maybe it's to do with the number of likes - all the pages they reccommend seem to have 20K+ - which isn't exactly bringing up pages that are 'hidden' is it...

Nicoletta @Fanchimp • 3 years ago

I see, thank you for the quick reply! ;)

Javi • 3 years ago

haha I tried your way and Facebook shows a "no suggestions found" message. I'm a loser.