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Lyn • 6 years ago

Thank you to these men of God that stood up for a brother, not judging by the color of his skin. This is what the family of God looks like!

Brian Niles • 6 years ago

This is just one of many of the liberal strategies to make Trump look bad and to make things difficult so that he struggles to accomplish what American's elected him to do. They have absolutely no power to stop these good nominations, but everything is a stall game to distract him away from doing real work these first 100 days in hopes that they can regain seats in upcoming elections so they can stop him from erasing these last horrible 8 years. Isn't it telling how even Obama said the right things the night Trump won, but now the dems openly work against him and our American process. Openly saying they will do anything to oppose him, even though they have no power to do so. The American people have rejected their leadership or lack there of. It is no doubt that they have rallied together and have a strategy in place to minimize their recent political beat downs. They won't dare see the will of the people to reject their efforts to change this great nation into a socialist petri dish. They must delegitimize Trump or face the fact that America has rejected them.....and they won't do that. No, this is just one of the many efforts to deflect the real message voters have been giving them these last few years. America doesn't want your socialist pipe dream!

Artie • 6 years ago

It seems to me their complaining about the same thing they themselves are guilty of...when are we going to stop this craziness...there isn't anyone in this video or Washington that hasn't use racial remarks one time or another...no one....no one....let us learn from the past and not keep looking over our shoulders and bring that stuff with us...

Steve Heisner • 6 years ago

Amen and amen!

mathis1689 • 6 years ago

Haven't seen this anywhere on the CMSM-Communist Main Stream Media. But then I wasn't expecting to. It would expose their unmitigated hypocrisy too much.

James Kirksey • 6 years ago

Much of my youth was spend in Monroe County, Alabama, where i was born. When i was about 10 years old, the Sessions family were at the nearest hospital, in Selma, AL., to welcome Jeff into the world. We both grew up in a segragated south. However, that must not be twisted to mean that we mistreated people of any race. Senator Sessions did his duties, treating all fairly. He served as the local federal attorney and later as Alabama's AG. I saw the cases in the news, where he stood for justice and upheld the laws of he land. This was his record from the very start. He has experience in cleaning up a corrupt city government in Mobile, Alabama as well as his efforts against a criminal KKK. This is his record; no half hearted approaches. He used his skills to jail criminals.

Now there are some, who have political feelings about, ignoring laws, who oppose this nomination. However, all who obey the laws, have nothing to fear of this well qualified individual. Alabama is proud of Senator Sessions' accomplishments and his strong stand for justice. It will be refreshing to see and AG that follows the laws and treats people with respect.

I have never met Senator Sessions, face to face. I have, however, pulled that lever or darkened those lines near his name on a ballot for his continued service to our government. He will also serve the country well, as the new AG.

Johann Schue • 6 years ago

I think the race credit card is maxed out with is. This is evidence that something else (and we know who and what) is behind all this. It's time to pull out Reid's nuclear plan. If the republicans have the backbone.

David Gonnella • 6 years ago

Unfortunately, the black pastors standing up for Senator Jeff Sessions will be completely ignored by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and most daily newspapers. The reason? They are not really black.
To the liberal mindset, a black person is only black if he is a far-left Democrat. So when J.C. Watts was a black Republican congressmen from Oklahoma, the Congressional Black Caucus would not allow him to attend their meetings, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not "legitimately black," to the NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Fortunately, Fox News Network, which provides balanced news, has the largest news audience. This and social media allows Americans to bypass the liberal lap-dog media.

Proud_American55 • 6 years ago

Great counterpoint to progressive rhetoric and shines a light on how many Democrats don't really want to help African-Americans.

Chris Garton-Zavesky • 6 years ago

The political leftists aren't afraid of Senator Sessions or his boss. What they're doing is solidifying their position: if they can get the President not to implement some of his stated goals (like defunding Planned Parenthood and appointing a justice in the model of the late Justice Scalia) they'll be happy to have him go on about the Wall. If they can get some of those who voted for Mr. Trump (which would exclude me, because I voted for someone other than the two major candidates) to doubt his commitment to the reasons they voted for him, and give these same people the sense that the change they want to see is already impossible, what is today progressive will be considered "right wing" or "alt right" before long.

Lovely Haynes • 6 years ago

Think about what is being said.

Sergeant_rock • 6 years ago

What this does is make those who are "claiming" Sessions is racist, like NJ Booker, to be the real racists...
Truth will win out over accusations and the truth about Mr. Sessions is coming to light so take your false accusations and go back to New Jersey...

RsGoat • 6 years ago

Young people today might not realize that there was a time people didn't get overly offended by a racial joke. Now we do and people don't tell them. About 1964, I have to guess, this was dad's story. His Sgt major, a black man and he would trade jokes one white for a black in the the Sgt's office. I don't know how it got started other then it was not dad's idea but the two of them found this exchange funny. One day the Lt. called dad in to his office and was presenting him with Article 15 action, not good! Dad was in a state of shock and to find out this was for telling the racial jokes made him take a step back because he knew! The Lt. was extremely mad because he had over heard him telling the jokes in the Sgt. major's office thru a small window the offices shared to pass paper work and stuff.
"Who were you telling those jokes too!" the Lt. demanded! "The Sgt. major!" While that was sinking in who should stick his head through the window but the man himself. "Was this man telling you racial jokes in your office yesterday?" Yes sir, Funny ones too!"
The Lt. tore up the paper work and kicked dad out of his office. This was during a time when men went to war and some times other things were more important then being offended by a joke. They worked to keep a functional unit and in many cases this worked out well, but not always. It is good we continue to grow as a nation and people but we can never judge those of the past by the standards we have today. in many cases it was their part of history that brought us to the understanding we have now.

Richard Scott • 6 years ago

I know he's not, but most democrats are, not republicans

Pastor Suzanne Taylor • 6 years ago

Praise God for men and women who don't see color, but, rather, integrity.

oldtexgal • 6 years ago

Wonder when these pastors will be assailed as "Uncle Toms", Oreos, or other derogative term, because they actually stepped up and supported Sessions. These are men of great courage. The Democrat opposition knows that Sessions is no racist. What they fear is his devotion to the Constitution, and law. They know he will not politicize the office, re-write existing law, and will enforce law, as it is written. That's his JOB. He will not be a Loretta Lynch or Eric Holder. He will not ignore sanctuary cities, or blatant misuse of existing law. That's what the left fears... not racism. It is the job of the House and Senate to make law. The Supreme court to interpret, and the Attorney General to follow it as it exists. Believe he will be confirmed, and will serve with integrity. A refreshing change.

mike reynold • 6 years ago

actual facts and real truths dont matter to Lib agenda of burning this country down

ThompsonSOS • 6 years ago

These are good men of God. The shameful leftist hacks calling Sessions and everybody else they disagree with "racist" seem to have no problem bearing false witness. This is what they do to demonize people who disagree with their satanic agenda. Thankfully Americans have woken up to the lies.

Lisa McDonald • 6 years ago

But of course the liberals won't listen to these pastors - they think that any black person who is a conservative is a traitor.

Debbie Engel • 6 years ago

Thank you Pastors for coming forward and speaking the truth !! God bless you.

EndTimesComing • 6 years ago

I wonder if they will still support him when he instructs the DOJ to rightfully prosecute black on white crimes as hate crimes? Or removes some of the dead wood in the DOJ and civil rights office most of whom are probably black. Or has to fire a black SES (senior executive service - exempt from civil service and union protections ) belligerent employee refusing to obey lawful orders. Because fairness without regard to skin color allows these things.

Wayne_B • 6 years ago

Facts don't matter to Senator Sessions' detractors, in fact Senator Sessions doesn't really matter to them. What matters is the politics of personal destruction at all costs to advance "social justice."

These DNC politicians are usually just reading off hoax diatribes written by DNC hate propaganda experts who twist and lie about anything they can find or make up about their target.

Facts matter to the rest of us, however so it's great that articles like this one debunk the propaganda.