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tommie • 6 years ago

Fox really has a very solid Monday night the whole 2015-16 season with Gotham/Minority Report/X-Files/Lucifer. It should average quite well for them.

Grandfathered and Grinder will get slaughtered on Tuesday at 8PM. What were they thinking, especially now that ABC has found one comedy that semi-works in that hour (Fresh Off The Boat) and potentially a break-out hit with The Muppets - I almost expect sub-1.0 numbers, but then again, the hyped Scream Queens lead-out might help the 8:30 comedy.

Rosewood is an odd one, then again, where to place it? If it gets mid-1 numbers I expect it to be renewed. I still think they made the right move not to slide Empire down an hour - Fox is in no position to fix what isn't broken! Too huge of a risk with their biggest hit by far.

I expect Sleepy Hollow to do sub-1 numbers and get cancelled or alternatively get shipped off to Fridays. Bones is also on it's last legs and is probably getting too expensive at this point to keep it going on barely-above 1 numbers. It earns quite a bit in syndication for them I guess. I expect a complete revamp of the night in the 2016-17 season.

Fridays are fine. Clearly not a priority.

I still don't like the idea of breaking up the animation block with live comedies, but they really have no else to put male-skewing B99 and LMoE. They don't own B99 though, so I wonder how long they'll keep it there? Even a Bob's Burgers-The Simpsons-Bordertown-Family Guy-LMoE block would be better imho because at least they won't lose the animation domination fans between Simpsons and Family Guy.

Bill 2 • 6 years ago

What shows will you be trying out? I want to see Grandfathered and especially The Grinder, but I'm not psyched they're probably going against my ABC comedies. I'll also be returning to The Last Man On Earth and possibly Empire, maybe the occasional Idol midseason. I've really started watching a lot more FOX lately.

omabin • 6 years ago

I adored the Grandfathered trailer, best comedy trailer I have seen in a long, long time.

Bill 2 • 6 years ago

I was surprised to see Josh Peck in it.

The comedies have potential. Glad to see you on the site!

Alan • 6 years ago

On FOX, I will be trying Minority Report. Hopefully, it doesn't disappoint me like Gotham did. I might try the comedies, but the premises do not really interest me. I'll try Scream Queens because I'm hoping for a fun drama.