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rachel goodkind • 9 months ago

I was in whole foods several years ago after reading about this issue. I looked at the label on a few packages of frozen vegetables and I was shocked to see they were grown/from
china. I also noticed a few years ago, in a Mexican store, packages of garlic and the label stated the garlic was from china. READ LABELS and you may also begin to notice this article has truth to it. Buy the best water purification system you can and do not rely on Brita or Pure inexpensive filters--they do not remove much at all and allow the fluoride to remain in the water. Last time I checked, Brita is also owned by the Clorox company. I sell a pricey alkaline-ionized water purification system (Alkal-Life) but not everyone will pay for the cost to remove almost 100% of all contaminants.

A. Realist • 9 months ago

A Chinese shop owner told me that a rice he sells from China is labelled in Chinese as genetically modified. It is much cheaper than another brand which isn't. the Non-GMO project doesn't identify rice as a crop at high risk in the US. "Let the buyer beware" has never been more true.

Marc • 9 months ago

The problem with these articles is there's no proof cited and anecdotal examples don't count. There's no doubt there's some horrible contamination examples but to generalize on all is a mistake. What is factual is their lifespans are increasing, poverty is being reduced, and pollution is actually decreasing in some areas (what comes to mind are recent articles on air pollution where china has only one city in the top twenty worst offenders, the most being in India)

teekay82 • 10 months ago

I have a choice not to buy any edibles I don't want but don't really have much of a choice when it comes to my water. I'm much more concerned about the toxins purposely dumped into my water than the foods that come from Asia. By the way, why isn't Fukushima reported on anymore... hmmm?

Art Guy Dan • 10 months ago

I never see "organic" food from China in any stores I shop in? What are the brands and who sells them?

barb • 10 months ago

cascadian farm frozen veg and fruits. (I stopped buying when General Mills bought. I do not trust anything owned or manufactured by GM, Hershey, Campbells, etc. Because of these companies I rarely eat processed.) ** I cook all my own food.

Grace • 10 months ago

I have planted my own garden for about 50 years. I am 80 years old, still plant my garden have my own fruit trees and I can my vegetables and fruit. I make soups and can them I buy meat that is locally raised by the 4H kids. I don't use sprays or fertilizers of any kind. The peelings from the fruit and vegetables go back into the garden. I never buy farm raised fish of any kind as you do not know what they feed them. To kill weeds I use a mixture of white vinegar and epsom salts. It works and is much safer than Roundup. I also do not use GMO products of any kind. Folks start taking care of yourselves and your life. If we refuse to buy the crap that they are selling then they will stop selling it.

Grace • 10 months ago

The best way is don't buy food that comes from China.

barb • 10 months ago

Or vitamins, supplements, vaccines, medicines, baby anything, animal products...

Sam • 11 months ago

Chk out the fake organic pea protein. If it has glyphosate in it it’s not organic. Only trust trustworthy sources!!

Mindanoiha • 1 year ago

Also vaccines which are produced in China are exported, incuding to US. Chinese vaccine manufactures are permitted to inspect their own production without inspection from abroad.

barb • 10 months ago

And are being forced on us all.

tomprouty • 1 year ago

So where is the USDA on this???

C. O'Shay • 1 year ago

In China's pocket.

Thegambo • 1 year ago

Read the labels and TRY to determine the source. Sometimes that is hidden under 'distribution cites in US' but produced elsewhere in the world... Don't buy any food from China or Indonesia or Taiwan... I won't...

RedX • 1 year ago

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is also being used in an evil way. Like Jesus Christ showed that the Sabbath day was once good, but then became used by Satan to attack the man and condemn him to death for using it how it should be used, Liberal Democrats are using the Zones as a way to keep the man from growing whatever he wants in whatever zone he is in. What sort of man would grow a peach tree in the worst zones? God tells thee, the kind of man who was brought into this cruel world in that "worst zone" as ye called it. Curse those which bring the zone map to that man as an accusation and a trespass. Would you like to be brought to Antarctica for the rest of your life, and be told you can't create an igloo space age greenhouse to grow your own cherries in because of a USDA rule some idiot fool wicked man came up with? Or would people like laws and rules to be used as an help, and an aid to help man do the right thing. Because that's what this world is about, it's about pleasing God, and Jesus, and whatever and wherever that takes man. If the man is not doing the Right Thing, which is to grow a garden and live according to righteousness in tree fruits which yield the seed of another tree in it, and seed bearing herbs of color and fragrances of love for God the Heavenly Father, then they need Jesus Christ through admission of trespassing to be forgiven of their unrighteousness and sin and to forgive those who trespass against them also, but if they do not have Jesus then they are even worse off than the saved sinners. Since there are still Just men who are saved also, and they condemn them all not found under Jesus. Amen and Amen. Please tell nurseries to stop telling God fearing man that he can't grow where ever God put him on this doomed earth. Also please make building of greenhouses an easy thing for everyone. Nurseries should not be the only special buildings and people that can do this.

Robin Salazar • 11 months ago

OMG you are a delusional fool.

beach801 • 1 year ago

I am expanding my garden each year ........next year it will be twice the size ......the next year it will be twice again.....I've been saving seed from known "old organic foods" ....

Ron Reg Reg • 1 year ago


Live Long and Prosper • 3 years ago

I live in SW Missouri. The Chinese are buying farmland around here at an alarming rate, using registered agents and corporations. A local real estate agent told me that this buying frenzy has been going on for years. I guess they've destroyed their land, now they need ours.

AlphaLady777 • 1 year ago

Won't they be surprised to find out that the evil Americans have already polluted the land first!

MuricaFreakYeah • 1 year ago

Even though I love Chinese people, I hate their extreme pollution. It’s because we Americans didn’t want to work in factories, and outsourced them and enslaved everybody else. America in 2019 is a dystopian scifi movie, with obese lazy welfare hogs on TV like the World’s Heaviest Woman / Schenee Murry / Lee and Rena, numbed down children with various disabilities after birth, junk food, lack of gardening, lack of peace, shootings, violence, rape and murder abound.

36XYZ • 10 months ago

Wrong! It's because corporations can get cheaper slave wages in Asia

jennfire • 1 year ago

Why does America have to be blamed for everybody's problems

DonDong • 10 months ago

The ones who don't live here are jealous. The ones who live here have been brainwashed by satanic commies who hate everything our country stands for. Notice none of them ever move to China or Vietnam?

Tonya Parnell • 3 years ago

Everything that comes into port from China has to be sprayed with an insecticide because it is so filthy and it leaches into the supplies. Buy produce from people who grow their own, not from vendors who buy from the markets-know your seller. Other products like jewelry has the residue and you can be allergic to the chemicals. Labels do not mean anything anymore.

Becky • 1 year ago

Does that apply to personal packages from China like something from Ebay or just large pallets of things?

Carl Kolpin • 2 years ago

now our gov't no longer requires labels telling us where our food comes from (at the request of China.) who are they working for, China or USA Obviously they don't care about us, just the $ they can put in their pockets

Buy from local farmers. Most produce will list the country of origin.

Gerard Kennelly • 3 years ago

do you like mushrooms ?

Bradley James • 3 years ago

Thank the Dark Act. = You pay more for gmo food labeled organic = huge profits for the world bankers hell bent on population reduction.
Grow your own trade and barter.
Stay out of big name grocers.
Eat less until you figure it out.
Buy seeds, nuts, hemp seed etc.
Shop craigslist for local produce.
Go to farmers market websites for a directory..

Carl G Bowles • 1 year ago

What is the dark act?

Kathryn O'Connor • 3 years ago

seriously...dyed beans as peas?

Gerard Kennelly • 3 years ago
Annie • 3 years ago

Even I'm a Chinese from Hong Kong, I don't buy products, not even organic products from China. (But I sometimes do buy inedible products that made from China b/c most products are made in china). Even Hong Kong people avoid edible products from China too. Lots of people live in China go to HK to buy baby products which upset the citizens in Hong Kong.

redmoonrising • 3 years ago

Why are we allowing our hired help to poison us? Let Trump know the facts and ask him to stop the insanity: reorganize FDA; stop the chemtrails, etc.

Missouri Patriot • 1 year ago

Trump isn't gonna stop any of this. He just signed an executive order that will release restrictions on any GMO regulations that have been in place. Means BigAg wins again and the organic farmers fight just got that much more difficult. Trump is really not the common folks friend. He is all about big business and making money.

jennfire • 1 year ago

Blame Trump for everything okay Let's just get it over with Trump's the blame for everything.

Stan • 3 years ago

Follow the money trail and you will find the answers.

redmoonrising • 3 years ago

Chemtrails and pollution make our foods including organic, non-organic. We cannot escape the contamination. Prez Trump needs to have a list of items that are "bad" for america and make america virtually uninhabitable.

David San • 3 years ago

what to eat
i eat less and less food, almost nothing from the supermarket, standard stores.
i am going with powder (supplement if you will) from markus rothkranz.
powder from (sun dried ususally) vegetable and fruits ususally from the wild, high in mineral, not poor soils as at commercial farms.

just with green formula, sea/irish moss, vitamin c (1 tbsc 1000mg), age free, protein powder you get probably everything. if you think you need more carbs, get organic banana (has a peel) or brown rice from good sources. I also get pure vitamin b12 shots 2-4 times (1000mcg) a year as i want it.

if times get worse in future, he ofters also a book as an app to know which plants you can eat in forest. it is time to stop to buy unhealthy food from the supermarkets with low minerals/nutrtients.

chemtrails, yes, that is a problem, our sky is large and so we deal with tons of it, not some miligrams of poison what they sprey and call geo engineering project to reflect sun beams and stop climate change. stopping one problem and causing another one is not right.

Annie • 3 years ago

You are right. There is less and less foods we can put into our mouth

Gerard Kennelly • 3 years ago
susan • 3 years ago

Some of the powdered supplements have high levels of the heavy metal lead. It could come from foods from China, or from the lead residue in fracking waste water grown in the USA.

Annire • 3 years ago

Natural news has a report which tested some protein powder on the market.

Bradley James • 3 years ago

The best investment you can make is a greenhouse and supply your own food . Trade and barter with like minds. Boycott the likes of Wholefoods = a total scam on organic food. Do not reward the criminals by doing business with them.

Dianna Westall • 9 months ago

A "greenhouse" NOT made in China. LOL For the last two years I've been growing my own food(80%). I'm shocked how much work it has been but the rewards are huge. More Nutritious, staying super active, vitamin D and I saved a ton of money!

David San • 3 years ago

at least don't support china food as long as they don't change much.
whole food and organic is great. but as always, scamer are around everywhere.
so it is never 100% safe, neither in western world nor in east asia.
we have to get active to make a change, by doing nothing, it get worse, not better.

Guest • 3 years ago

The US needs to bring back all manufacturing and agriculture to the US where pollution can be strictly monitored.