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RickR35 • 9 months ago

Trump should deport this moron to israel.

MvGuy • 9 months ago

Where his loyalties overwhelmingly reside..,!!!!!!!

gussos • 9 months ago

That my friend ls the nature of the beast

Donatella • 9 months ago

Agreed but, based upon true loyalties, Trump would also need to pack his bags.

RickR35 • 9 months ago

It remains to be seen where his true loyalties are.

Mary Myers • 9 months ago


Mary Myers • 9 months ago

Trump should force Bolton to live amongst the Palestinians for at least a year if he wants to work in the Trump Administration.

Don • 9 months ago

WHAT the hell are you on about? Trump is completely onside with Bolton. Is your hate of Obama causing you to forget that Trump condemns Obama for the US abstention?

Is this sh-t from you an indication of what we are going to have to bear from those who are going to be forced to apologize for your psychopathic mad president?

jeff_davis • 9 months ago

"Is this sh-t from you an indication of what we are going to have to bear from those who are going to be forced to apologize for your psychopathic mad president?"

Don't know about the apology part, or your self-administered Kool-Aid characterization of The Trumpinator as "the psychopathic mad president", but regarding eating "this sh-t", the answer is "Yes! You're going to be eating this sh-t for at least four years. We're going to be watching while you chew, gag, and swallow every last bite. That you're not going to like having us jam it down your sorry-ass throat is a given, but we're gonna like it a lot. A whole lot."

Have a nice day.

Mary Myers • 9 months ago

I don't hate Obama. I just think that Bolton, and probably Trump also, should be forced to live amongst the Palestinians for at least a year to experience what their lives as refugees are like and have been for almost 70 years. I can't think of a better way to broaden their views and get a fair and balanced assessment of the situation in Israel/Palestine.

WakaWakaWackyWorld • 9 months ago

Where is that wall when you need it...

PxThucydides • 9 months ago

Obviously the plan is to ensure that the tiny minority of 194 out of the 196 countries of the world do not unfairly and inexcusably run roughshod over all the silent members of the majority of the countries in the world that oppose this kind of unfair application of the actual facts of international law.

All two of the countries that stand with Israel. Well, if you include Israel.

ThorsteinVeblen2012 • 9 months ago

Who's been paying John Bolton's bills for the eight years?

dinvale • 9 months ago

This is not an aid from America it is a corruption of those whom aare given "the aid" to act against their consciens.Shame on disgusting bolton ,this is the freedomwhich America bring to the world

Strider73 • 9 months ago

Bolton is right, but for the wrong reason. There should be no foreign aid to any nation, anywhere, any time, for any reason. The Constitution does not authorize it. Worse, it is nothing short of bribery, almost always lining the pockets of corrupt leaders in the recipient nations.

For decades Third World despots played the US and USSR off against each other, collecting goodies from both. It's time to time to turn off the spigot. If people want to give their own money away to foreign governments or charities, they are free to do so. But not one cent from the US treasury.

CJ • 9 months ago

If I remember correctly, Ron Paul made an exception for giving foreign aid, but only in the case of natural disasters.

chrismalllory • 9 months ago

If you want to help disaster victims, send your own money. No tax money overseas for any reason.

Eileen Kuch • 9 months ago

Israel receives more "aid" than any other, with Saudi Arabia running a close second. Truth is, Bonkers Bolton wants aid for the Zionist Entity alone - especially military aid.
Israel's the only Mideast nation with nuclear weapons and has used banned chemical weapons in its aggression against Gaza, including white phosphorus. The vast majority of dead and injured were civilians, many of them children. This, along with its brutal treatment of Christian and Muslim Palestinians (including children) has brought about the UN resolution condemning the Zionist Entity's illegal settlement building and the brutal treatment of the indigenous Palestinians.
If Bonkers Bolton loves Israel so much, he should go live there. The rest of us are appalled at its brutal behavior.

Johnson11b • 9 months ago

No one would have died if Palestinians had not been firing thousands of rockets & mortars which killed or wounded 2,000 Israelis. Why was there no UN resolution condemning the murder of Jews?

Thomas L. Knapp • 9 months ago

The UN generally deals with states, and until recently Israel has prevailed in its opposition to recognition of an Arab Palestinian state. However, UN resolution 1435, passed in 2002, specifically condemned acts of terrorism and called on the Palestinian Authority to bring those committing said acts to justice.

Joe Tracey • 9 months ago

It's like saying, "if the slaves would quit running away we wouldn't have to beat them".

jeff_davis • 9 months ago

The Zionists stole Palestine, murdered and expelled Palestinians, lie about it to cover up their crimes, and bankroll virtually the entire MSM to relentlessly repeat those lies. Possibly worst of all is the comprehensive subversion of the United States which they have achieved by the simple expedient of buying/bribing/threatening the Senate and House. Sadly, the American Jewish community has become complicit in the Zionist subversion -- yet again demonstrating the historically persistent "dual loyalty" problem -- by bankrolling the subversion.

The American Jewish community were, for the first hundred years, hoodwinked into thinking that the Zionist project was both pragmatic and just. Now that the internet has revealed the essential and criminal nature of Zionism, many in the American Jewish community, particularly the young, are beginning to turn against the Zionist project, but the majority, the older folks, continue their support. [helping Jeff out, as requested, by removing the material that treats all members of an ethnic group -- in this case Jews -- as a monolithic collective - TLK]

You, Don?

[Note to the moderator. Help me out here, Thomas. Is this over the top, or is it kosher?]

Pat Dunne • 9 months ago

These countries being targeted voted to force Israel to abide by its legal obligations and responsibilities under the Fourth Geneva Convention. Which condemns all measures by Israel aimed at altering the demographic composition of Palestine and East Jerusalem.

The expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land,
demolition of homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians, is a violation of international humanitarian law.

Why does Bolton think that the UN SC Resolution 2234 is wrong?
Because Bolton is an agent of the occupation forces and promotes their criminal activities internationally from the USA.

gussos • 9 months ago

The Zionist benefactor is also their attorney.

gussos • 9 months ago

John you are doing better than Nazi Germany

leila silva • 9 months ago

It is immoral to bribe for results. The world is getting tired of this dirty politics. The moral image the USA nurtures is a fallen mask.

Unwelcome Guest • 9 months ago

All politics is inherently immoral. The problem with US bribes is that they rarely get useful results.

thecorrector • 9 months ago

"Picked by President-elect Donald Trump to be a key figure in the US State Department John Bolton is calling on the US…"

Do you have new information the rest of us haven't heard? What position has John Bolton been offered?

And you need a comma after Department and before John.

CJ • 9 months ago

Trump wanted him to be Deputy Secretary of State. Fortunately, his moustache got in the way.

thecorrector • 9 months ago

Yes, we've all heard that rumor. The point is Bolton hasn't been picked for anything, contrary to the claim in the first sentence.

WakaWakaWackyWorld • 9 months ago

American taxpayers should do the same for American politicians who place israel's national Interests over the USA's ...

Let's start with Bolton..

America Firster • 9 months ago

What a shameless puppet of the Neocons is this clown Bolton. Running around acting like a bully, all the while on his knees to The Lobby for a foreign nation.

curmudgeonvt • 9 months ago

"...on his knees to The Lobby for a foreign nation."

But, that's what neocons do.

longlance • 9 months ago

USA should cut off moocher Israel's welfare check. American taxpayers are tired of dragging that ball & chain.

chrismalllory • 9 months ago

Well, he got the first six words right. That is a start.

Caesar_Saladin • 9 months ago

Open mouth, insert foot. One the other hand, we shouldn't be writing checks for everyone in the world. The Evil Empire (the Soviet Union) is no more but sadly we have become that which we beheld.

Don • 9 months ago

It almost appears that people like you are taking a moral high ground. Until, you start slathering at the mouth, taking the rabid position that you shouldn't help anybody.
Keeping in mind that the reason a lot of people need help is because US bombs from 30,000 feet put them in distress to start with.

jeff_davis • 9 months ago

"because US Neocon bombs-for-Israel from 30,000 feet put them in distress..."

There, fixed that for ya.

Bastiat • 9 months ago

The U.S. should cut off all foreign aid, not just to countries that voted against Israel.

AriusArmenian • 9 months ago

Bolton is calling for the US to be a vassal of Israel?
The US is nearly that already.
Bolton and others like him are traitors to the American people.

Don • 9 months ago

Is it too politically incorrect to ask what needs to be done with traitors?

Joji Cherian • 9 months ago

To cut off aid by America? With 20 trillion debt, when Bolton will realise will be the situation that if others stop aiding America by not buying its bonds or by redeeming them ? Will this oaf demand nuking the 14 countires then,for the sake of Israel?

glynnis bugati • 9 months ago

Y'all Qaeda needs Israel in order to get their Armageddon Rapture fantasies.