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Morty • 4 years ago

Why is this guy here and who approved him?

Nostromo • 4 years ago

You've never gone through screening at Pearson? The other week I saw a completely covered (I suppose she was a woman) go through without a question. A real jaw-dropping moment.

Guest • 4 years ago
Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

And why are we not shipping him and the 80 returnee's from ISIS right back to the scorpion infested dung holes they came from..? (minus their passports of course)....And I could care less whether they are so called "Canadian Citizens" or not.

Activities such as this is nothing less than TREASON.

Yoda • 4 years ago

The Jordanians have recently embarked upon a ropeburn desensitization program for ISIS members.
We should enroll him in their study...

Richard • 4 years ago

Remember folks it's only a small number of them....yea right....

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

Muslims remind me of "speeders" going down the 401.
Most get away with speeding, but every once in a while, the police catch the speeders.
All Muslims are not terrorists, but lately, like the last 1400 years, almost all terrorists are Muslim.

kgbla • 4 years ago

All muslims believe the words of the koran that specify that non-believers should be killed. If a person does not believe all the words of the koran, they are not muslim .

shred27 • 4 years ago

There's over a million muslims in Canada. You're suggesting they're all radical? If so, they're the least effective radicals in history.

northofnowhere • 4 years ago

And if only 1/10th of 1 percent are radical CSIS is going to be very busy.

fastjet45 • 4 years ago

Ottawa campuses seem to attract the nut-jobs.

UncleErnie • 4 years ago

you can shorten that to "Ottawa"

Steve Richards • 4 years ago

Same with Toronto

PresidentRight • 4 years ago

I'd like to know: When did this character come to Canada, was it as an adult? If so, who let him in? who veted for his character? Why was not due diligence taken?

And most important. Why has our immigration policy not been overhauled? CAnada is a great place to come to, we can pick and choose who comes to live here, let us please, please, please, pick and choose more wisely.

Harry Moto • 4 years ago

Since the 1960's all sort of wackos have been coming from the middle east. Thus, you can see the f' up situation in Canada today.

PresidentRight • 4 years ago

He is Iraqi born and 25 years old. Can't pin this on a 1960s government.
He was arrested in Canada 5 years ago, so he immigrated sometime between 2009 back to 1990. Presumably

Glimmerofhope • 4 years ago

Can't...trudeau senior made sure of it.

NCA007 • 4 years ago

Trudeau was asked about terrorism and he went into a rant about rail safety. The guy is clueless
“The fundamental responsibility of any
government is to keep its citizens safe. Everyone gets that,” he said.
“Whether it’s rail safety — as we learned with Lac-Mégantic.

hardy83 • 4 years ago

Not any worse then Mulcair asking about combat end dates and Calandra going on rants bout Israel. In the house too.

Morons on all sides!
It's like that scene in Spaceballs.

Glimmerofhope • 4 years ago

He is an islam denier

Cardair • 4 years ago

"Lone wolf" folks...nothing to see here, move along.
We now return you to "Vadge steaming" by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Cyberdude • 4 years ago

Mmmmmm...steamed vag and beer.

Question_the_Answers • 4 years ago

Full-bodied, great aroma, luscious head... and that's just the beer!!!

TrueNorth • 4 years ago

vadge - steaming ?

getitright • 4 years ago

It's one of those proofs of the limitlessness of stupidity.

Thomson1 • 4 years ago

He has been caught supporting ISIS and should be put in jail for the rest of his life or deported. He is a traitor and a disgrace to every Canadian.

NCA007 • 4 years ago

So is Trudeau

Glimmerofhope • 4 years ago

he is a mulsim

Tony frm Banff • 4 years ago

And so are the peaceful, hundreds of thousands in Canada.

NCA007 • 4 years ago

I was told by one of the lefty loons that these people didn't exist in Canada.
I guess Trudeau attracts the dumbed down voters.

SolidFPlus • 4 years ago

This article looks like one of the biography pages of "Team Turdeau" on the liberal website.

Max • 4 years ago

If he would promise to perform half as much as his father did to the FLQ.... He has my vote.

blue • 4 years ago

Why do we let these people into Canada?

Angry Tom • 4 years ago

because we are stupid

Theodor Adorno • 4 years ago

Because government wants to take away Human Rights and Freedoms, sees people like cattle.

Angry Tom • 4 years ago

Entry into Canada is not a Human right or freedom. Only Canadian citizens have the "right" to enter Canada. To all others, it is a privilege.

SeaChange9898 • 4 years ago

I'd like to know how this POS got acquitted for assaulting and threatening to kill his wife. My guess is she was intimidated by his 'friends' into withdrawing the charges and refused to testify against him.

Poor woman.

Armandie • 4 years ago

He could have claimed it's a mohammedan cultural thing. You know, the sharia law that permits the beating of one's wife.

Mahou Shoujo • 4 years ago

Too bad the police can't lay charges against this oaf, like disturbing the peace or something. Only white westerners are charged with misdemeanours. The immigrants, get a pass on "cultural diversity".

cjcraig • 4 years ago

Why are we stopping them from going overseas? Pass a law allowing the revoking of citizenship even for natural born Canadians who do this. Let them go then revoke their citizenship and don't allow them back into Canada.

TrueNorth • 4 years ago

The Islamists have just burned the Captured Jordanian pilot alive in a cage.
Let's hear from the Islamist cheering section now how we must learn to " understand"'these savages. There seem to be plenty of terrorist sympathizers commenting on NP.

Mike • 4 years ago

What distinguishes those savages from the ones in government in Saudi Arabia?

Armandie • 4 years ago


PresidentRight • 4 years ago

I haven't seen ANY terrorist sympathizers here (beyond the odd lunatic or troll). Feel free to name these posters so we know who you are talking about.

Rob Foley • 4 years ago

Not sympathizers, just apologists. The jihadists call them useful idiots

Berlin-Kladow • 4 years ago

"Mr. Peshdary, an Iraq-born naturalized Canadian citizen"

This is the best part of the story....he is subject to his Canadian citizenship being revoked when convicted and he'll soon be sent back home to his arm-pit country to be amongst his superstitious fundamentalists

Guest • 4 years ago

lock up that beardo and thrown away the key,

Porkchopx • 4 years ago

I'm glad CSIS, the RCMP and JTF1 know who a lot of these guys are already.

SeaChange9898 • 4 years ago

I suspect there is more, LOTS more, going on behind the scenes than will ever be reported in the media.

While the Grope and Flail and the Red Star wring their hands about anti-terrorism laws, CSIS, the RCMP and regional police forces are quietly getting the job done at least with those who are organized. Islamic lone wolves who just kind of snap will always be a threat.

Armandie • 4 years ago

Yeah, the Globe and Mail bent itself into pretzel shape a couple of days ago saying the PM has exaggerated the jihadist threat. Very odd stance considering they didn't publish the Charlie Hebdo pics.