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Richard • 4 years ago

Remember folks it's only a small number of them....yea right....

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

Muslims remind me of "speeders" going down the 401.
Most get away with speeding, but every once in a while, the police catch the speeders.
All Muslims are not terrorists, but lately, like the last 1400 years, almost all terrorists are Muslim.

kgbla • 4 years ago

All muslims believe the words of the koran that specify that non-believers should be killed. If a person does not believe all the words of the koran, they are not muslim .

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

I disagree, as most Muslims here, don't practice, nor even know about their religion.
They are just like Catholics in this regard.
I'm in favour of accepting Muslims, who oppose violent jihad, and Sharia law.
But, you do raise an interesting question, just who is Muslim?

kgbla • 4 years ago

If one does not follow ALL of the koran, one is not muslim. There is no allowance in the koran for disregarding parts of it.

DC Toronto • 4 years ago

is there an allowance in the bible to disregard parts of it? Old Testament? New?

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

ISLAM: Started in ~700AD was peaceful but became more n more violent as earlier passages were abrogated by the violent later passages.

Christianity: Violent in the beginning and over time became the peaceful religion we know today.

ZERO COMPARISON...means nothing as I live in the here and now....not 3000 yrs ago.

DC Toronto • 4 years ago

I know the disqus format is hard to follow ... but look at the comment to which I responded. He says Islam has no allowance to disregard parts of the Koran. I'm simply asking if the bible makes allowances to ignore parts of it's teachings.
Pretty simple really ... can you think of any?

seymourdoolittle • 4 years ago

Catholic don't strap bombs to themselves and scream " IN the name OF GOD at BINGO's before killing Innocent people " If they did I would be afraid to go to bingo's and this is exactly the plan of all muslims have and it only takes a few to implement fear and the rest fund it ! The moderate one's can claim or maybe they do not know they fund terrorism. with their donation to the Mosque of their choosing but if you read this Article posted in the Edmonton Sun January 27/ 2015 One clear knows that the majority of moderate Muslims can't use ignorance as a reason to play dumb . In our community a Mosque was spray bombed and people in the community came out in support & helped clean it up a days process and now .... they are connect to the MAC Group ! How should people in this community feel now I wonder ? Read and wonder >>>>>>


dulse • 4 years ago

The IRA did plenty of bombing.

Lyle P Smith • 4 years ago

They were also dealt with!

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

Good link Seymour. I do believe these guys at MAC are a direct cousin of CAIR in the US. Council on American Islamic Relations...and they are linked to Hamas as well.

Apparently thriving under Obama's rule of course...

Cool Running • 4 years ago

very good points

johnkrug • 4 years ago

Everyone should read the article for which you provided a link.

seymourdoolittle • 4 years ago

The Edmonton Sun took the article down in less than an hour after it was up ! Our local local paper in the city which this mosque was graffitied and windows smashed out. Never put the link up in their news paper. I live close to the Mosque and I noticed 40 people cleaning and helping fix the place up it took all day ! The Muslim men watched as the volunteers worked& did the cleaning. I never saw one Muslim women helping. I sent the original SUN web page to the local paper and they still refuse to put up the article up. I even was prepared to PAY for it ! I tried posting it on the Papers FB page site but it has to go in for approval ...by the Editor ! People in Canada have to start making the Paper's be accountable . The fear instilled because of the bombing of the paper Charlie Hebdo. That bombing has made both the Sun & the POST cowards as well as many other media outlets scared to stand up to the Muslims nuts who are looking the power they have over the Political correct society we live in .... Political correctness is the KEY to the success of Muslims groups and they know it!

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

bingo Seymour...political correctness is a tyrannical tool...used all to effectively by these SCUMBAGs.

Guest • 4 years ago
bill reitzes • 4 years ago

Halachah, Jewish law, is part of Judaism, but most Jews like myself, don't live according to Jewish Law.
I'm interested in finding an acceptable solution to our common problem.
Taking violent jihad and Sharia out of Islam, here in the West, will be "defanging" Islam, and will cause a much needed reformation.

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

I guess those 15 million Muslims in Europe are the practising ones then eh..?? Of course, nothing like the muslims we have here now right..?? Good god man, open your eyes a bit wider and take a good look at the rest of the planet....

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

I have my eyes open, and thank God, that the 1.5 billion Muslims in our world aren't all radicals.
Fact is, Muslims are here, and how are we going to deal with them?

mizfolia • 4 years ago

I've never met one like that.

Hammertime_in_AB • 4 years ago

Not all muslims, only real muslims.

Remeber 2.0 doing the shahada?

seymourdoolittle • 4 years ago

When the lone ranger was caught in a box canyon with screaming First nations people galloping toward him ! The Loner Ranger said to Tonto what are we going to do ? Tondo replied with what do you mean we white man ! You can rest assured it will be the same response we will get from the moderate Muslims if we keep letting our guard down. !

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

Here is an EXCELLENT LINK to an Excellent bit of commentary made by Bridgette Gabriel - an Aramite Lebanese Christian who has been through the same crap as We and Europe are just beginning to see:


she nails it.....the Moderate majority all right..!!

dulse • 4 years ago

Very wrong, There were many communist affiliated terrorists in Russia and Europe at one time who were largely Jewish, the founders of the state of Israel were all also considered to be terrorists.
Then there were of course the Irish and he IRA, a lot of the funding coming from the good old US of A..

And by far the biggest terrorist attack in Canada had nothing to do with Muslims but was related to radical Sikhs and their dispute with India.

Lyle P Smith • 4 years ago

We lost more Canadians when the world trade center fell!

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

And they will all pale in comparison to what is likely coming my friend....

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

I kiinda look at it a bit differently:

A terrorist will behead you for damned near any reason.
A "moderate" will hand him the sword and video tape the act...

Taqqiya indeed....

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

So, ALL Muslims are the same?

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

The read the same books they all believe what those books, the : Qur'an, Hadith's & Sunnah tell them...now they may not act on those passages on their own....but in a group exhorted to do so...?? they'll behead you like any run of the mill ISIS punk.

It was the same in Germany in the mid to late 30's....the NAZI's were a small minority, but they cowed the 55 million other Germans into submission by using fear and their form of political correctness. And we ended up with the Holocaust..

The moderate majority were IRELEVANT.. that is my point and is as it has been throughout history. The same applies to Islam...and here the moderates are about 1 Billion - the nut bars about 350Million.

Think about that for a bit....the number are staggering.

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

Oh, I am thinking.
I know that millions demonstrate worldwide in defense of their prophet re Charlie Hebdo, and virtually none demonstrate against ISIS.
I see the results of Muslim domination demographically, in the Middle East, where Islam was let run rampant.
Again, I'm looking to "defang" this ideology, by taking violent jihad, and Sharia law out of it.
Control it.
Educate future generations to reject violent jihad, and to embrace democracy, and reject Sharia in any form.

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

Ok..I hear ya...and wish you good luck, ya may want to keep a 9mm around when trying to do so.

The only thing these Stone age people understand is FORCE and lots of it.

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

Steak, I lived for 18 years on the frontline, Israel, in this war against violent jihad.
Arabs control fellow Arabs with a strong fist, and I get that.
20% of the Israeli populace is Arab, and they live peacefully with the Zionist Jews.
In fact, in the last Knesset elections, 2/3 of the Arabs voted for Zionist Jewish parties.
Palestinians are another kettle of fish.

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

"Palestinians are another kettle if fish"
Very true. Born into the world... and by age 6 brainwashed & completely filled with hate. A never ending merrygoround.

I have always found it interesting that Arabs living in Israel would not change a thing as far as their standard of living goes...proof that living in a democratic free state is good for ones self being...too bad the other 1.35billion can't see that..

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

If there will ever be a Palestinian state, how many Israeli Arabs, will give up their Israeli citizenship for a Palestinian passport?
I strongly push opposition to violent jihad and Sharia law, as I have seen the success that Israel has had, with their Muslim population in these two areas.
Incitement in mosques and politics, results in jail or expulsion.
Sharia and it's negative results, honour killings etc,, is not allowed.
Violent jihad results in punishment for one's family.
It's not perfect, but it's under control.
The security barrier has saved countless Jewish lives.
We have evolved to the point in the West, where rights trump security, which is a HUGE mistake.
You can never have rights, without security first.
We, in the West, keep looking to 'invent the wheel", when the "wheel" has been invented in Israel, after generations of dealing with Islam.
Learn to copy them.

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

Very well said Bill..100% agreef.

Strength VS strength....not this continued multi Cult infused politically correct ( _i_) kissing and appeasement now carried on by all the Western Democracies.

Have we not learnt from our recent past, that waving a white paper is in fact an act of submission...(Newville Chamberlain 1939..upon returning from meetings with Adolf Hitler)

Send this POS back along with the other 80 returnees.....we do not need these treasonous scumbags in our country.

bill reitzes • 4 years ago

I remember the first time that Israel used expulsion, or deportation as a punishment, and this seemed to hurt the jihadis more than any other prior punishment that was tried.
Those brave jihadis, sat in Lebanon, on the other side of the border, and cried for days like little babies.
Of course, we should also seize their assets, and the assets of their immediate families.
Make their actions and participation, hurt BIG them time.

shred27 • 4 years ago

There's over a million muslims in Canada. You're suggesting they're all radical? If so, they're the least effective radicals in history.

northofnowhere • 4 years ago

And if only 1/10th of 1 percent are radical CSIS is going to be very busy.

Common Sense Canadian • 4 years ago

Who can you trust amongst them? Who?

Lagoonatic • 4 years ago

No, all Muslims are not radicals but all radicals are either Muslims or trained by Muslims.

Theo aka Steakman911 • 4 years ago

Part of the Grand Scheme or as the Muslim Brotherhood calls it...."The Project" (underway since 1928 btw), is using what they themselves know as Stealth Jihad...be nice and use Taqqiya as often as needed in the service to Allah. Ie; Lying and cheating their way around till their numbers grow...then you get the overt kind of Defensive Jihad - no go zones, Sharia law implementation (See Britain and yes it is in fact happening there right NOW), and open defiance of Canadian or English law...once you're at that point, it will be hard to get back to what it was prior. All helped of course by Left wing politicians implementing "hate speech" based on what they say is "racist" propaganda (apparently just like what I am printing here and now) and Islamaphobia (a term designed by Islamics btw).

They attack FREE SPEECH under this guise of hate speech and islamaphobia to brow beat us into submission.

Charlie Hedbo is a perfect example of that. I mean really, one has to wonder what kind of God would implore his subjects to kill those who write and make cartoons...how insecure that god must be..??

Anyway, Once we are muzzled - we are screwed.

The REAL ENEMY folks however, are the LEFT Wing apologizers - appeasers - enablers right in our Midst: Justin Trudeau a good example, the CBC, CTV and Global, the TO Star, Globe n Mail .... all good little dhimmi's kissing Islamic (_i_). They scare me more than the Islamics do...

Berlin-Kladow • 4 years ago

well said

seymourdoolittle • 4 years ago
Lloyd Xmas • 4 years ago

The article implicates 3 men in a country with a population of 32 million+. So yeah, I'd say that's a pretty accurate assessment.

Angry Tom • 4 years ago

yesterday the lefties were saying there are none. How many are you saying there are today?

Rob Foley • 4 years ago

Polls show quite clearly that 10% of Muslims outright support terrorism, while another 20% to 30% support their cause, but not all of their methods, just most of them. . IOW, it most certainly is NOT all Muslims and they can't all be tarred with the same brush. The majority are good and decent people. However the assertions from the other side, that it's only 3 people so no biggie, are just as dim witted.

DaveM12 • 4 years ago

As Pew Research has shown 54% of muslims are what we would consider radicals. They want sharia law, accept a death sentence for leaving islam, accept the stoning or honour killing of women and want our freedom of speech to be curtailed so we can't criticize islam.

Rob, that represents some 870,000,000 muslims. As the numbers of muslims increase in Canada expect more and more violence, attacks and demands.

dulse • 4 years ago

That is ridiculous.

DaveM12 • 4 years ago


Some 64% of muslims in Ottawa support sharia law. Why are you surprised, if you are a muslim this is what you support.