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Ferrisofthemall • 7 years ago

Libs use this attempted prosecution as vindication. SMH

edwitness • 7 years ago

Thank God!! But, while their work exposed the baby murderers for who they really are, the business seems to go on unabated. This speaks not of a futility in what they accomplished. But, to the darkness in the hearts of those who murder their own children.....by the millions. No wonder we get people like Hitlary and Obama as representatives. A people really do get the gov't they deserve.


Pen Pal • 7 years ago

Praise God for the victory.

Fisher of Men • 7 years ago

I thank God for David and pray that many more like him rise up. Who would have thought that after exposing Planned Parenthood as a criminal enterprise committing murder for profit that it would be the whistle blower (David) who would face prosecution? The whole matter shows the insanity of this nation and just how far we have fallen.
We call evil good and good evil.
We applaud sinners and assault saints.
We cannot continue this way and survive as a nation.

God have mercy on us.