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James_in_texas • 6 years ago

The Democrat Party has been dead for many years, killed long ago by the Progressives/Socialists/Communists who have long hated the successes of this Nation. When everything is free and given by the Socialist government, who will furnish the monies to pay for all of these thing? Only Communist Russia, Communist China and Communist Cuba know the real truth about how wonderful "free stuff" really is.

Dave • 6 years ago

WOW, this does not seem to be the calm, cool, well organized, united, co-operative, uneventful, smooth running, non-slanderous, (e-mail controlled) convention that was proclaimed by the Democratic leaders and their "hired national media". They certainly were not going to act like those Republicans!


They certainly did not act like "those Republicans"!

It seems to me that Democrats have an unusual amount of problems with e-mails.

My 8 year old grand-son could teach them honest usage of the e-mail system. That is, if they wanted to be honest!

Carlos Santiago • 6 years ago

For those who believe our elections are clean, the leaders ethical, no amount of evidence is enough, for them it's only one person in the party". For those that know the electron process is corrupt this doesn't mean much either, a tip of the ice berg. Notice the DNC quickly tossed Wasserman under the bus. There is no honor among thieves.

TRiUMPhant • 6 years ago

That's what you get when you 'Boo' God, demonrat, baby-butchering, pro-abort party of death!

Brian Niles • 6 years ago

Ha, I just saw where the disgraced Wasserman-Schultz just took a job working for Hillary's campaign. Odd, I thought we just discovered she was working for her all along?

Wilson • 6 years ago

Not really odd....that's the way it works with the Clintons. What do you think all those big donors are lining up for? Just another form of welfare patronage only on a bigger payday scale. Hillary is bought and paid for by the union bosses and wall street bankers. Bribery and influence peddling at the top echelons of our government. Vote democrat and get your free stuff!

Rick Brennan • 6 years ago

The only difference between each ones platform is Bernie admits he is a socialist. Hillary refuses to say it. But she has not lied about anything at the time of the telling.

Baldeagle • 6 years ago

I wonder how much money the DNC secretly funneled to the Clinton campaign.

Brian Niles • 6 years ago

Anything connected to Hillary is corrupt. This should be no surprise. Bernie is just the latest body she has trampled over on her way up.

ONTIME • 6 years ago

I hear the DNC has built a 8' wall in front of their convention center, to keep the unwanted from entering........strange how they cannot build and maintain wall at the US border in order to keep illegals and terrorist out of the US..

Wilson • 6 years ago

Whoa...wait a minute! The DNC is the party of inclusion not exclusion! They are the ones that claim to have the big tent. Racism and bigotry are not a part of their creed. But they do need to control the party faithful with super delegates....can't let the masses decide what is good for them. Only the elite can be trusted to forward the liberal cause. Power to the people....but all control at the top!

Sergeant_rock • 6 years ago

They can't do that, they would loose half their voters....

Notto73 • 6 years ago

Can you really not understand the DNC's apprehension about supporting a socialist to be the Democratic nominee? The reality that despite these "revelations" the people still voted for who they wanted and in the end, Clinton received more votes. Fuhrer Trump on Fox will try to make this more than it is, all the while trying to ignore that the same thing occurred in his party not several weeks before.

Wilson • 6 years ago

Hillary Clinton is a corrupt political figure that has more allegiance to her personal status than to her country. Hillary Clinton is an unprincipled career politician that cannot be trusted. Her actions and total disregard for American citizens while serving as Secretary of State are deplorable and despicable. Her actions leading up to the Benghazi incident and the callous cover up attempt after the event demonstrated a careless regard for the lives and safety of American citizens.

Sergeant_rock • 6 years ago

So they exchange one socialist for another what difference does that make, they just chose the one who lies better...
One who has proven herself to be blatantly corrupt and above the law... Think about it, if YOU had broken half the laws she has, where would you be??
Are you really so blinded by their rhetoric you cannot see that?? Or, as Mr. Niles said, are you just "parroting" their spin and drinking their kool-aid...

Notto73 • 6 years ago

Sorry but I don't think I'm the one blinded or drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid.Trump is a dangerous choice to be president. Any guy who sits in a golden chair in his office, in his golden building, with his name in gold letters on top of it should scare anyone who has any understanding of history. Hitler said Germany needed to be great again. Hitler used fear and blamed immigrants for past failures... He conned a whole country into going to war to "be great again..." All it did was leave a whole world asking themselves how did anyone ever support that guy in the first place...

Brian Niles • 6 years ago

Really? So you honestly have no problem with the leadership of your party outed as supporting Hillary and maligning Bernie because you think that has no correlation to the outcome of the popular vote? This is not the end of the world by any means, but come on. Really? You're okay with that? By the way, you are just parroting the exact same thing the spin masters on the Clinton campaign told reporters when asked about the black eye event. Is that a coincidence or is your spoon feeding showing through?

Notto73 • 6 years ago

Yes I am because I don't want to vote in an egomaniac who's already gone on record saying one of his first acts after being elected will be to purge all previous administration employees. Also don't like it when he says things like " I will give you everything. I will give you what you’ve been looking for for 50 years. I’m the only one.” He’s sounding more and more like a Dictator every day.