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Virender Kumar Singla • 5 years ago

No body can treat himself above board. Power makes a man corrupt but absolute power makes him absolute corrupt. But in the end only truth prevails

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

In India, minority means muzzies, christies, and commies (being violent killer brigade as they think, power flows through barrel), bring in Dalits to divide Hindus for either conversions or vote bank politics. This is an international ploy to annihilate Hindus to change d demography of India. Here commies, christies n muzzies r violently and relentlessly operating via destabilizing India. Everyday, one sees violence, law n order problems especially inciting d students. This generation is misused for political purposes. Unfortunately India doesn't have single leader who is patriotic until d arrival of Modi. That has angered these forces further to create more chaos to destabilize Modi as their agendas have been defeated. Sad but true. Godhra 2002 scandal was a link in this very political strategy where Sonia Catholic did a marvelous job in collusion with Church and CIA.

Right Response • 5 years ago

Where there is an allegation of discrimination based on caste,its in order for SC to appoint a Panel of unbiased foreign Judges to hear the case.No Caste Judge can render justice to a Dalit who is supposed to be harassed by the Caste System.

Balakrishnan Hariharan • 5 years ago

Who promoted this Lunatic to the higher judiciary ? He ought to be arrested and transported directly to NIMHANS, Bengaluru, for life confinement.

IAF101 • 5 years ago

HA HA HA HA..... this guy is classic advertisement of Judiciary's so-called "enlightened" Collegium system .

The Executive and the Legislature should laugh and mock the Judiciary and people should hold the Judiciary accountable for his CIRCUS.

Chanakya • 5 years ago

Your honour may hear his case as "Suo Moto" as public Interest is there concerning atrocity to SC/ST and direct Officer In-Charge of Hare Street Police station and "Kolkata Police Headquarter" vide a Judgement of the said case to register an FIR with the content of judgement naming the persons who has done atrocity to an SC/ST under Atrocity Act and Order compliance before 20th March, 2017 and file chargesheet within 31st March, 2017.

raghavuchil • 5 years ago

If a sitting judge has guts to refuse to heed the diktat of SC, what about we common folks??

IAF101 • 5 years ago

If law does not apply to sitting judge - why should it apply to you and me ??

If a ordinary common citizen is served a warrant - do you think police will just return empty handed ?? He will grab you by your collar and drag you to jail like how the municipality catches dogs.

vseshadri • 5 years ago

No doubt, the judge appears to be eccentric, to say the least. But being a high court judge, his charge should have been probed, at least to ensure that prima facie there is no substance. But the accused judges, who deliver several long sermons to the government on the need for "tolerance" and who have far outreached their mandate in several cases (like BCCI, Sahara and collegium matters), appear to be themselves showing extreme "intolerance" in the case of their own colleague.Surely, the judiciary is badly in need of major reforms

ADDALA satyanarayana • 5 years ago

if the person accusing some of his colleagues repeatedly, hope it needs at least basic inquiry and at least check whether prima facie is there or not in the version either through internal vigilence or some other agency with respect to aspect of corruption.

RAJAVARMAN • 5 years ago

There is no mechanism to address the corruption allegations against the judges if higer judciary. Taking advantage if this situation, corruption in higher judiciary is unchecked. This cannot clean chit to judges of the higher judiciary. Judges even resigned to pave the way for unbiased inquiry into allegations, that was very very long ago, not now.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Irrespective of whatever d matter, this episode shall further lower d image of judiciary that is eroded enough already.

RAJAVARMAN • 5 years ago

Justice Karnan should not have used the dalit card to protect him, and should have faced it bravely gone to jsil if needed. By using dalit card he has weakened his stand and given space to people to ridicule him.

RAJAVARMAN • 5 years ago

By issuing contempt notice to a sitting HC judge, the SC has lowered its stature and falsely trying to create a clean image, but the fact speaks otherwise. Senior Advocate Shanti Bushan filed affidavit in the court making corruption allegations against few judges and the matter is still pending, why cannot he be punished with the same contempt notice or investigate the matter tell the truth to the public?

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Without a detailed information, is it wise 2 put such a sensitive matter here?

RAJAVARMAN • 5 years ago

It is available in the court

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Well, let d Court decide it in that case? Nobody could b above Courts including Justice Karnan.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

So here also, bl00*dy Dalit has crept up even in SC??? Stupid fellow.

RAJAVARMAN • 5 years ago

Recently, on Sun TV, an advocate organisation for PIL, named Sattapanchayat, openly accused the ex-Karnataka HC judge taking a bribe of 200 crore to acquit Jayalalitha. And the appeal was heard by SC and judgement was not delivered till Jayalalitha was alive and ultimately order was issued when Sasikala tried to become CM. TN governor refused to swear in Sasikala and there was lots of drama and Sasikala was ultimately imprisoned in a hurry. Can we assume, what judiciary doing is correct, cannot its activities be doubted?

raghavuchil • 5 years ago

hahaha.. what about Suiperstar Salman Khan who was acquitted by Mumbai High court in the drunken drive case?? The question is, who then killed the poor pavement dwellers? there is rumour that nearly 25 crores were spent by him to get favourable verdict and the money was pooled in by many bigtime film producers who have got over 1000 crores riding on famous khan hence the token gesture.. The Indian judiciary needs complete overhauling alongwith policeforce and many others..As they say, Ceasar's wife shud be above suspicion...

Niranjan S • 5 years ago

One more guy inside the room after RG & AK..... SC has to just throw away these people to keep the system clean. Hope the Bengal police act faster.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Only if Didi eyes her interest.

RAJAVARMAN • 5 years ago

The provision of contempt of court is being misused by courts to punish those who are levelling serious allegations against judges. Instead of ordering investigation to find the truth, the court is issuing contempt notice to threaten theose who are exposing corruption in higher judiciary.
The SC absulotely knows the fact the a HC judge cannot be punished by contempt and there is no provision in the constitution to take action against an erroring HC & SC judges by the court itself and this power is only vested with parliament. By issuing arrest warrant to a sitting HC judge, the SC has exposed its biased attitude.
It is well known to the indian public that the indian judiciary is most corrupt and they are hand in glove with the corrupt politicians and that is why this country remains poor for many years. Justice Karnan may not be clean judge, but his allegations are very serious and the apex court owes an explanation to the people of this country. Instead of issuing arrest warrant to Justice Karnan, it ought to have instituted an enquiry commission which containg no sitting judge and made known to the public that his allegations are false.

Anuj Sharma • 5 years ago

What is a Dalit judge? Judge is a judge period.

That means only tenure not about the person.

Amit Mukhopadhyay • 5 years ago

There seems to be an ego problem. While we may support Justice Karnan because he might have a valid point which has to be heard, but on the other hand the Supreme Court is only inviting him for a hearing, so that he gets an opportunity to be heard. I think what Justice Karnan is objecting to is the manner in which SC is inviting him (by issuing warrant). I suggest the matter be dealt with by a committee of senior judges OUTSIDE the formal judicial set-up. That will facilitate the discussion I believe. Otherwise, it is natural that a High Court judge would be offended when a warrant is issued in his name.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Y, if a SC Judge commits some crime, y sud it b an exception in legal procedures???

Sunil Sharma • 5 years ago


Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

How about scrapping d SC altogether? naa bajegaa baans, naa bajegi baansuri....

APTE NARENDRA M. • 5 years ago

1. Obviously Justice C S Karnan is making one blunder after another and strangely he wishes to be treated like a super-human being to whom law of the land is not applicable. 2. His conduct will complicate matters for him alone (and not for any Judge of the Supreme Court or for any official of West Bengal government). 3. Justice Karnan did not respond to the Supreme Court notice and subsequently he has refused to be present in the Supreme Court. I believe that Justice Karnan’s conduct will be considered as an unacceptable conduct even by those who may be inclined to believe that he should be given a fair chance to defend himself. On the top of all this he wishes to use his Dalit background to defend a wrong committed by him. I think Justice Karnan using Dalit background is totally inappropriate as it will make administration of justice almost impossible.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Karnan is Dalit, superhuman because international community will start crying 4 him instantly 4 crimes against Dalits. Catholic Church is looking 4 such opportunities in India, more so after Modi.

raman • 5 years ago

if a person belongs to a special category, does he get a separate set of laws to make up as he goes along? how long do we need to tolerate a system that is against the fundamental and natural system of working hard to prove oneself and instead encourages people to remain complacent and bear their burden down on those who are willing to work to earn a place in life? should we now propose reservation in the Nobel foundation so that Nobel prizes could be awarded for being born into a race. In what way is the prejudice perpetrated by the constitution better than the ghost of the heinous caste system that is propped up in its defense...?

what is self respect?

Sughosh Bansal • 5 years ago

I think after reaching this height of becoming a Justice of a High Court, Karnan should have forgotten his cast and take shelter under it. Now it for him to prove his own capability and reputation rather than play the Dalit Card.

Sam • 5 years ago

Karnan proved
1) Justice is not available to anyone ... even to judges
2) Judiciary is a joke
3) Socially dicriminating rules like Sc/ST atrocities act, resevation etc. bring with it destructive choices

Sughosh Bansal • 5 years ago

Please elaborate, how justice is being denied to Karnan who had been playing Dalit Card for so many years and insulting his colleagues. Please also explain how a Justice of a High Court continue to play the Dalit Card.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Ask Buaji, c will explain 2 u.

Yash Pal • 5 years ago

Wrong reply, deflecting from the point at issue.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Buaji keeps crying this Dalit business at every first opportunity just like this elite tolerant Karnan. Y is it a wrong reply??? Though u have right 2 differ rightly or wrongly. That doesn't legitimize ur stand.

Head Master • 5 years ago

Karnan says he is targeted because he is dalit. Can he prove this? After all courts will go by proofs and not by charges.

thistooshallpass • 5 years ago

Justice Karnan, you Sir are a judge. Not a dalit.

Face upto it like a man instead of hiding behind a category.

Cybil Peril • 5 years ago

Being a Dalit, minority, Muslim, Christian, etc have especial privilege in India, they r "untouchables". Of course, commies take advantage runs.

Nomad • 5 years ago

Whatever is happening is a mockery of justice system. It is different story that I dont have much faith in the judiciary system.. but there are lot of other guys who still believes in the system and wait for eternity to get the justice. They are playing ping pong and looks like everyone is (ab)using their powers.

Sughosh Bansal • 5 years ago

I just fail to understand how this episode is making mockery of the System. Karnan had been playing his Dalit Card for so many years and he hoped that he could go away scot free just because he belongs to a special category. But after having become the Justice of a High Court, he should have forgotten his special status since he had achieved which many people cannot achieve.

soprash • 5 years ago

Judges are not supposed to talk to media/take gifts etc. Anyone can bribe them. That is why govt pays them such high salary and other top facilities. At first hand why he called media?? and played Dalit Card. Had he shown any proof in closed envelope to supreme court??Nope...only doing allegation and calling media to talk. He himself undermine the post. He should be dismissed from service and put in mental allylum. BJP should start a proceeding. He thinks himself BOSS.

Sriram Kalpathi • 5 years ago

If one is lenient,it is taken as a weakness.
That is what has happened. He must be punished.

soprash • 5 years ago

This judge is mentally ill. Not fit to be judge. came to job by reservation, now playing dalit card. start a impeachment motion against this judge and dismiss him from service,,

SD • 5 years ago

Supreme Court's order denied by many in the past e.g. jallikattu, Height of Dahi Handi, cauvery Water....there could be more. What is the option for us when SC order is not acceptable?

soprash • 5 years ago

shoot at sight

Fair Mind • 5 years ago

Demeaning? Is the law only demeaning to this 'god-on-earth' Karnan, or to every citizen of this country? Honestly, the contempt laws (and other similar laws) are a relic of bygone centuries that SC and judiciary in India are clinging on to, to wield their unjustified, naked power on citizens of the country. Such laws should be abolished or reformed and updated to be in tune with the times. But having grown to the level of a judge, this Karnan is showing scorn to the same judiciary of the land by rejecting summons/warrants and therefore deserves highest level of punishment (more than an ordinary uninformed citizen of the country).