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Southernyankee • 2 years ago

I guess it didn't occur to the massachusetts supremes that innocent people don't run when they see the police, people guilty of crimes do run however, a ridiculous ruling is the only thing I can say.

Dianewe • 2 years ago

This will cause more deaths its intentional.

frankie da scarf • 2 years ago

"Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it's stated intent"

podunk1 • 2 years ago

War is just around another door.

Lady MAGA • 2 years ago

What they're doing is getting rid of every trace of English common law, laws that were decided upon long long ago, laws which are common sense, laws which are so intrinsic to our psyche that you could rightly say that they're a part of our DNA; and they're replacing our long-standing, intrinsic, common sense laws with the laws of the jungle, laws of the desert, and the laws of the third world.

TLDR: it's ethnic cleansing, genocide.

Edit: correct auto-fill ethic to ethnic, added "laws of the desert" in last sentence before TLDR.

Dianewe • 2 years ago

Absolutely correct about the Magna Carta and now we are presumed Guilty before being tried in a court by a jury.
It brothers me even in Bill Cosby he was publically humiliated than dismissed.

blaineiac • 2 years ago

...if he hollers, let 'im go...

frankie da scarf • 2 years ago

...if he hollers, let 'im DROP like the REST of us would!

OMG, that is sooooo funny! I remember the whole ditty too and now it makes sense!

Bigearsbarry • 2 years ago

I didn't read anywhere that the Mass. supremes were guilty of having common sense.

no • 2 years ago

I agree with you in the broader sense, 'innocent people don't run', however all one has to do is look on youtube or other outlets and find the police targeting innocent people for unconstitutional reasons.
Some of the innocent people are shot for simple traffic violations, running and other innocuous reasons.
The police seem to have a 'shoot first ask questions later' or 'arrest them and let the courts sort it out' mentality now a days.

Any interaction with modern police could result in your death..now, if you decide to not exercise your rights under the US Constitution and allow the police to search you and your car, house and papers, belongings without cause or warrants, then maybe you will be safe, but if you decide to remain silent during traffic stops, refuse warrant-less or causeless searches, refuse searches of your home or anything that might make a modern police officer angry...the result might change your mind...I've seen it first hand.

The police know they can 99% of the time break the law or twist the law and get away with it. Running from the cops seems logical to me if you are innocent and have been targeted previously, arrested and taken to jail.

The police also know most lower income citizens cannot simply make bail, hire an attorney and fight illegal arrest. What usually happens is the innocent are arrested, jailed until court, manipulated into a plea-bargain to avoid jail or a shorter jail sentence while knowing they're innocent, but fearing a long sentence, agree to plea.

Now do these illegal arrest sometimes get the right guy or a criminal? Of course they do, but is conducting illegal arrest and breaking the law by ignoring Constitutional rights of Citizens make it right? I say no. Twenty illegal arrest that get one that is legal is not justice or freedom.

ThomStride • 2 years ago

What part of "Stop! Police!" can't you understand?
Your progressive talking point and the ruling you support is a recipe for chaos both on the streets and in the courts.

no • 2 years ago

What part of the US Constitution and law don't you understand?

ThomStride • 2 years ago

You are right. The Constitution does provide for freedom.
BUT it also comes with responsibility to act within it.
You certainly have the right to run from the police, but you must also bear the consequences of it.

pleazzer • 2 years ago

"the right to run from the police, but you must also bear the consequences of it."
Like knowing you can not out run bullets or their radio.

Guest • 2 years ago
no • 2 years ago

My point exactly..Glad you get it

Steve Dolyniuk • 2 years ago

And just what would you do if you were a cop & you ran into a situation like the ones going on all over the country. There are some bad cops, however the real problem is when the cops do something that requires a split second to decide what needs to be done, I cannot blame them for shooting some idiot, who may be on drugs, or is holding a gun, or for that matter runs when they tell them to stop. Most of these people, we find out after the fact have criminal records. I would hate to be a cop, with all of the BS going on. Especially since Obama & Holder have given the blacks the OK to do what ever they desire, & blame the cops for every time a worthless black gets shot. This administration has set the racial problem back over sixty years.

toothgirl • 2 years ago

Lawlessness will abound with this precedent.

eDeplorabisUnum • 2 years ago

Bad Judges should be run over by garbage trucks.

Why Garbage trucks---you ask?

Because putting trash on the streets is littering....

FACT: Unless and Until the RIGHT wakes up and flexes its armed muscles and takes the liberal, Islam-loving, LBGTQ-degenerate, Illegal alien trash, the problem will grow and eventually become unsolvable.

tnetcenter • 2 years ago

That is too immediate!

They should be sent to Cuba, Venezuela, and Syria to experience first hand how their policies work!

IF they survive for a year, then they can come back to the USA. However, they should NEVER be allowed to practice law again at ANY level!!

Steve Dolyniuk • 2 years ago

They won't do that though. Too many RINO's in DC. There really is only one Party & they are nothing but puppets, & are doing what the powers that be are telling them to do. Vote TRUMP & vote out all of the present reps in Congress & the Senate.

CintiCB • 2 years ago

Many will take this as permission to break the law.
Civilize them or ship them (the hell out of here)!

Tabe dadxe • 2 years ago

SO- If only blacks are allowed to run, then isn't this RACIAL profiling???

anothercrawfish • 2 years ago

Using logic with liberals is futile.

Maria castro • 2 years ago

they don't need logic, they are following their agenda.

missivist • 2 years ago

They don't need logic because they have been told what to beleive.

Steve Dolyniuk • 2 years ago

You are 100% right, you cannot even talk to a liberal Democrat & prove they are wrong, because they are too stupid.

AnitaHaircut • 2 years ago

NO not according to them...."only black lives matter."
You got to save your future criminal for the future chaos, riots and police shootings.

CintiCB • 2 years ago

Racial profiling is okay if it let dem be's what dey be's. This is, just, another thing to let them to whatever they want to do. I can hear it now, 'I can do whatever I want. What dey gonna do 'bout it? NUFFIN!!! HIGH FIVE!!!!!'

Guest • 2 years ago
CintiCB • 2 years ago

Funny. Good one.

KevinR. • 2 years ago

Judges are to adjudicate cases and to uphold the law....Justice is blind....except for the progressive judges who should be removed from the bench.

anothercrawfish • 2 years ago

Where do you even begin to make sense of this? Those people in MA have GOT to be the dumbest people on planet earth. The Dumbest!! And why anyone would want to be a police officer in that place is beyond comprehension. Those fools in MA deserve every robbery, murder, and rape they get. This is what they voted for, this is what they get. Stupid doesn't even begin to describe those people.

tnetcenter • 2 years ago

Not the people, the liberal judges are the dumbos in this scenario!!!

anothercrawfish • 2 years ago

They don't get to the benches by accident. This is the state of Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank.

alegalcitizen • 2 years ago

You forgot Fauxahauntus, ACA Lizzy Poo!

Guest • 2 years ago
anothercrawfish • 2 years ago


disqus_1cPsPnzvHl • 2 years ago

Maybe it's time we just put a coffee maker in patrol cars, buy each car a dozen doughnuts every duty day and let the officers sit safely until they are of retirement age. If the liberal courts keep limiting their authority what else can they do? Of course, the cars will have to have bullet proof glass and armor all around because of those poor misunderstood, persecuted black thugs who like to ambush them. SSG U.S. Army (RET)

AbAbsurdo • 2 years ago

The article should be titled Massachusetts Supremes give blacks green light to commit crimes! Wow, afterall, CLM – Criminals Lives Matter...

Robert_Fl • 2 years ago

In a sane society, these judges would immediately be impeached and removed from the bench. Thanks to our racist President and the Marxists who call themselves Democrats, the rule of law no longer exists in this banana republic called the USA.

Z chaim • 2 years ago

This is ridiculous, it doesn't matter what the :;$@&:! he was doing... walking standing running--- all irrelevant--- he was in possession of a gun ILLEGALLY. I could just about vomit at what some powers-that-should-not-be in this country think"The LAW" stands for. And, Massachusetts---- back in the 70's, I was robbed of about $1000 one day (by a black man). Had to go file a police report and was then given many mugshot books to look through, to identify the robber. Would you like to know why blacks in Massachusetts are, so-called, "disproportionally" represented per capita when it comes to crime? Because that is who is Committing the vast majority of petty street crime---- the mugshot books there displayed at least 95% black, of all photos. And that was OVER THIRTY FIVE YEARS AGO!!! So sick of this ($&@.

Tony Nobaloney • 2 years ago

The 80's was right about when The Gimmee My Free Stuffs Crowd was just getting revved up.

gerald Hughes • 2 years ago

Okay, now, have you had enough?
If not what will it take, before you have had enough?
Will they have to allow Obama's homies to assault and rape your wife and daughters before you before you decide to take action?
We can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking trash, we must phyiscally separate ourselves from these scum, it's that or civil war..

John • 2 years ago

The satanic/marxist agenda is rearing its ugly head.

Guest • 2 years ago
John • 2 years ago

You got it.

Junglemechanic • 2 years ago

This is disgusting. .. welcome to obamaland, formerly known as America.

Fred762 • 2 years ago

Yeah..I was helping my wife get ready to "just drive to the grocery" earlier this afternoon. WE live 'out in the county' in the South and here she is, checking her small "purse gun": round in chamber+safety on..and getting her other stuff ready: lipstick, keys, wallet, full-sized 9mm w four loaded spare magazines in a small back pack ready...as a backup piece. It's gotten to be about like the Wild West out there. Yes, we carry legally...we just know the 5-Oh will be late to the action if SHTF