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Peter Cutforth • 3 months ago

Surprised ManyChat hasn't even cracked a mention, it seems to have the most market penetration - any reasons it didn't get a mention. ?

Rahul Sharma • 4 months ago

Mobile Monkey is really great tool. I have used this tool for my own website For https://counsellr.com/ & https://getnews360.com/..

Thanks for suggesting I will checkout other apps & get back to you feedback for that.

Normand Lemieux • 3 months ago

I've been on the receiving end of content pushed through Mobile Monkey. I didn't find the experience all that impressive. But as a marketer, I can see how getting information on who intereacted with what and for how long is a treasure throve.

As a user, I think I prefer receiving push notifications on my desktop. And it make sense from a marketing standpoint if your goal is to remain top of mind.

JEBworks • 3 months ago

How come ManyChat didn't make the list? We're using it successfully. The link at the bottom of the Chatfuel description to a showdown with ManyChat doesn't seem to work properly.

Janine Anderson • 3 months ago

Thanks for flagging that broken link. I've gone in and fixed that. You can find the showdown here.

Jim Caruso • 3 months ago

You use Olark. We use Intercom. These two and others seem missing; do you agree?