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Heather Twiest-Zielinski • 4 months ago

I am confused on where to start

Marilyn Waters Warnock • 1 year ago

Have many of YLEO's. Would love to know what oils to mix to make a wonderfully fragranced perfume.

Cristina Jakubec • 1 year ago

I love diffusing lavendar to help me sleep! Also, I love how relaxing it is!! :)

Juanita Jakubec • 1 year ago

I’m definitely making the face mask with Frankincense (one of my favorites) & honey! Spa night!!

Valerie M • 1 year ago

I love Essential Oils and the many benefits of their use! I put a drop of Frankincense in my hair every morning. I put Lemon, Grapefruit and Peppermint in my water daily. #exuberant4oils

Kira Morfin • 1 year ago

I’m a beginner to Young Living and essential oils and so far I’m loving it all!! My favorites have been StressAway and Lavender! Perfect for a mommy to a toddler and kindergarten teacher! :) I really appreciate everyone at Young Living and all the support they provide including blogs like this! ❤️

Dawn Wetherbee • 1 year ago

YLEO are my life & my passion! I would love to share with you how amazing they are & how they have changed my life! Let's talk about an Oily Life! 💜🌱💜

You can contact me with any questions
@ dawnbee@cox.net

Griffonj • 1 year ago

If anyone would like to get started, please contact me and I will be glad to help you. For more information, please see my website. Https://yldist.com/janegriffon.

Amber • 1 year ago

I can't wait to try frankincense! I'm new to all the essential oils and can't wait to buy my starter kit!! 💜

Griffonj • 1 year ago

Hi Amber. Did you get your stsrter kit yet? I would love to help you if not.

Lizbeth leon • 1 year ago

Great !!! You will love it !
Do you have a sponsor ???

ConnieC • 1 year ago

I love Jasmine and Sacred Sandalwood for a wonderful calming scent disguised as a perfume

Michelle Kilner • 1 year ago

I'm using some Peace and Calm, stres Away, Cedarwood, and lavender oil for my it's and myself and look very the products!
My daughter just adopted a 11month old puppy who as it turns out has SEVERE separation anxiety. The poor boy spinner in circles until his paws bleed. I looked on line to see if there were any natural oils we could use to help him out and found a mixture another company makes. I was wondering if Younge Living has a mixture like this that is safe for pets?
The oils in the blend are: Almond oil, Lavender, Cypress, Geranium, Frankincense, and Chamomile German. They also include lemon but I've read citrus is bad for pets.
Thank-you for your time.

peggybrow • 1 year ago

Michelle Kilner, how is your daughters puppy now? I see you posted five months ago. We have three cats who don't like to travel in the car. I use Lavender and it calms them beautifully! I put it on myself and the aroma goes all over the car. I've also put it on their paw pads and tip of their ear. It relaxes them. Young Living is the best company to get your oils. If you become a member your products are 24% less. I love to sponsor people and introduce them to the wonderful benefits of the oils and the chemical free products and personal care products. Please get in touch, message me, email or call....peggy_brow@yahoo.com , 734-819-3941, my facebook YL page is "Young Living-Peggy Brow" or to join: http://yl.pe/3vkn

Brandi Wheeler • 2 years ago

Aloha, i am interested in buying 3 white angelica oils. Only distributors with auto ship can order these. Can you please help. Thanks Brandi Wheeler 678-521-4004

veronika cheban • 2 years ago

why don't you sign up, you will get lots of benefits from signing up, + when you sign up you get a diffuser and 11 essential oil for just $160 +tax, I can help you, find me on social media facebook, instagram

Gail • 2 years ago

Valor, Eucalyptus Blue, and En-R-Gee!

Mary Gibson • 2 years ago

Love your product! Was with a friend at her chiropractor, while waiting I read a huge reference book with all the Young Living Essential Oils & the used. I then bought Valor. Now, I need some expert tips on what it can be used for! I do want the best advice but maybe trial and error are teachers, too?

Bridget Burton • 2 years ago

Hi Mary. As a long time passionatee researcher and a proud Young Living Oils user, it took me awhile to be convinced :-) When you need natural products, Young Living is the only companty that is totally tranparent and checks all the blocks for product purity, testing, and honor in business & faithful wisdom. If you have no one to "walk with you" during your journey, I would be honored to talk with you. It's all about MORE. Be Empowered! bridgetbiz@yahoo.com

Hello Mary! Here is a post all about Valor essential oil blend. https://www.youngliving.com... Thanks for stopping by!

saracoxlandolt • 2 years ago

I love how easy it is to safely get started. Pick the method that makes the most sense to you and that matches your style and needs.

CindiJ • 2 years ago

Goldenrod, jasmine, clary sage, grapefruit, German chamomile, Ylang Ylang and what the heck - all of them!