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L Garou • 5 years ago

LBJ and Golda Mier, separated at birth, or what!

Captain Rabbit • 5 years ago

Definitely hatched from the same egg batch. The colour looks off though, I can see them more greyish green hued.

Captain Rabbit • 5 years ago

I am always surprised how herpetologists manage to tell which gender these things are, If it were not for the pearls on the female I couldn't tell them apart.

Nom De Plume • 5 years ago


Eileen Kuch • 5 years ago

OMG, L. Garou, you're absolutely right, Golda Meir and LBJ were definitely twin Khazars from Kiev, the photos are proof.

L Garou • 5 years ago

It made me chuckle and that's what matters!

Douteux55 • 5 years ago

Even worse, I'd say Reptilian all the way around. Fascinating that she looked 10x better than her husband who was significantly younger. That was a most curious couple. Wonder which body she'll show up in next.

Frances Morris • 5 years ago

" Wonder which body she'll show up in next." How about a diseased bat???

Captain Rabbit • 5 years ago

Or the disease...

zarcon zarconinni • 5 years ago

There’s nothing beautiful of a mind without love and compassion.

ChiefBloviator • 5 years ago

I always felt 'why should I waste my beautiful mind' was a quintessential example of 'do what thou wilt', hadn't made the Crowley connection though, very thought provoking.

Torchy Blane • 5 years ago

Favorite quote from Babs: "Clinton lied. A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but he never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is." [Gov't report states Moni Lew gave Bill 9 blowies in the ohval office.]

It gets even more fun when you realize these are actors/operatives playing multiple roles in history. Barbara Bush could literally have been the same person as Crowley, as Walt Disney, Adolf Hitler and Kermit Roosevelt were the same actor/operative. A bunch of criminals in drag and other costumes. See wellaware1.com for quite a few accurate hints, but keep in mind nobody is perfect and mistakes are made.

DemocrapSocialistsSuck • 5 years ago

Like Chelsea Clinton and Web Hubbell! Uncanny!

lee mccurry • 5 years ago

She looks more like a bulldog

xyz • 5 years ago

And the demonization of Crowley by all sorts of "smart asses" goes on.... So what if any of u discovers one day that Crowley or Bush or both are among its ancestors? Would he or she kill himself/herself?

Ivan Sanchez • 5 years ago

Crowley was a first order delusional piece... Sex majik, sacrificing babies...

Guest • 5 years ago
mdottwo • 5 years ago

I don't want to, but I can't stop laughing.