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Skintboy • 2 years ago

Meanwhile, on the 20th January, China invades Taiwan.

Skintboy • 2 years ago

It’s the Iraq template.

Skintboy • 2 years ago

Biden - “Are they scared yet?”

Martian • 2 years ago

Ignore, Minimize, Demonize, Divert!
Corporate Power owned MSM in a nutshell!

Philip Monger BA(Hons) • 2 years ago

The Sun and the Mail are tabloid comics for mentally sub-normal people who can't read and write properly so who cares what they print?


Skintboy • 2 years ago

The Sun is banned in the city of Liverpool, along with Boris Johnson.
The Mail is a hate rag.

John Waters • 2 years ago

HAHAHA, the U.S totalitarian regime is laughable! Now i know where all the pseudo "directors" from pedowood went, they are clearly making a whole script with all this bullshit.

Tony • 2 years ago

So call "US "intelligence" dreamers. forsee
1. ‘weapons of mass destruction in Iraq’
2. Trump-Russia collusion’
3 in November, Moscow is preparing to invade Ukraine "any day now".... it was 3 months ago and so fare only western media and millitary
jirking Rassian anyway they can.
Even sending special forces mercenary
to Ukraine to pissoff Russian and provoc war.
Nobody wants war accept those who make money off it, banksters, some corporations and. "people servants".
Just wait couple months.
Conv19 Ingections ( there is Not vicine)
will start working making sick people by the hundreds of thousands,
meanwhile, price of the oil will get closer to $240 per barrel and banksters get what they deserve: all gone fishing.

Linguist • 2 years ago

Russia could “sleepwalk into ‘Vietnam War’ in Ukraine invasion facing kill zones, guerrillas & US special forces,”

There you have it, the US is already there, so the only conclusion is that they WANT a war with Russia but haven't got the balls to declare one!!
So to Russia I say this; when you invade, impose an immediate no-fly zone to prevent any yanks escaping and make sure the borders of Ukraine are closed at the same time.
THEN, after you have captured any yanks, do what Iran did many decades ago, parade them through the streets of Moscow before the Worlds' press. After all, Russia has been accused of fighting a war against Ukraine in Donbass, so surely by the same logic if the yanks are on the ground in Ukraine the US is fighting a war against Russia.........

Bianca • 2 years ago

Weapons of mass distraction anyone?

Linguist • 2 years ago

Can you see them, they are everywhere............

Sam • 2 years ago

Moscow knows that U.S. troops have been injected with graphene hydroxide. The only battle plan they need now is to bombard them with microwave radiation.

Whitestar57 • 2 years ago

lmaol...you got too laugh at zio media...all we need is Bibi hosting and drawing pictures

John Whitehot • 2 years ago

dont forget colin powell swinging around a vial with white powder

Caleb Abell • 2 years ago

Don't underestimate how dangerous that white powder was. As everyone now knows, Talcum powder can give you cancer.

John Whitehot • 2 years ago


JGarbo • 2 years ago

A gaggle of geese, clucking, clueless, trying to lay an explosive egg. But it's a dud... 8-(

Nick Miller • 2 years ago

If Russia takes over Ukraine as a whole, there will be a land bridge to Hungary and Serbia, and this line of control will be pro-Russian, guaranteeing that real Europe will survive against the West. Romania and Bulgaria will be more and more patriotic, conservative, and populist over time, sandwiched between this bloc and Turkey, and the end result will be that Wokeness and colour revolutions will be effectively permanently, completely blocked from Eurasia, while the New Silk Road will secure the survival of this bloc from Western economic sanctions. This is the ultimate move on the Grand Chessboard. It is a checkmate against the West.

Linguist • 2 years ago

Well written Nick; it's a bloody brilliant idea!

JGarbo • 2 years ago

While EU & US ssit back to watch? Wake up, The US would wreck that game at any cost.

Linguist • 2 years ago

What exactly would or could the US do?
Sanctions only made Russia extremely wealthy and war only left the US with a face full of egg; what's left, war?
They have neither the ability or guts to take on Russia and its allies!
Why do you think the US told Ukraine it will not help militarily if Russia invades??


Johnny Rivers • 2 years ago

Actually yes. The American People are tired of endless wars in far away lands and will not support any more overseas aggression while more and more problems mount at home. Any politician supporting war in Ukraine will be voted out of office. The political establishment has a well-deserved credibility rating of zero. Turns out Russia is much less totalitarian than the U.S. these days. Who would a thunk it?

Caleb Abell • 2 years ago

Most Americans do not support their countries imperial wars, but public opinion in the US has zero effect on government policy.

Linguist • 2 years ago

Spot on!

Skintboy • 2 years ago

The wet dreams of inconsequential armchair generals passing of as facts on the ground.
America is dying is the only thing we know. Time to cut them loose.

JGarbo • 2 years ago

Seems it's started. Germany's too busy to talk with Old Joe, didn't allow UK military overflights, refused weapons to Ukraine. One domino stands up...next France?

Lion Lion • 2 years ago

russians should invade and get over

John Waters • 2 years ago

That's what the U.S wants. No, let the U.S go bankrupt.

Linguist • 2 years ago

I have been saying that since Donbass started.

richardkam • 2 years ago

Now the US media are employing David Copperfield the magician to magically come out with maps of so-called Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ha3!

Keir Brown • 2 years ago

Half of ukraine is behind russia on this one. wont be much of a front.. more of a steam roll over.

Boycott-Israhell • 2 years ago

Those stupids really think that Russia is in extreme needs to send ships to the Black Sea? They surely had had no idea of Russian Long Range Missiles.... Poor brits....

disqus_31hdpPUWg9 • 2 years ago

Hopefully this time they'll remember to airbrush out the "World of Tanks" logo from the pictures of "invading tanks".

Zeitgeisttt • 2 years ago

When all else fails, the banksters take you to war .....

TXRanger • 2 years ago

Russians are demons from the steppes, hellbent on invading neighbour countries! They must be stopped! Putin is the darkness and we must push him back to hell!
We must liberate the Russians by invading them and teach them true democracy. Long live NATO! 🤚🏻

swisssk • 2 years ago

On the devil's pay roll.
C S Lewis

Keir Brown • 2 years ago

ok zio troll bot. zighail zio fascists

Truthoutthere • 2 years ago

Haha ..very funny.

Sentenza • 2 years ago

There will not be any insurgency against Russia in the so-called Ukraine. There would be heavy defections of military personnel of the Kiev Junta to join Russian forces. so-called Ukrainian armed forces would surrender within 24 hours from the moment the first bomb falls.

... however unfortunately for the western craptalkers , that will never happen and so-called Ukraine will never join NATO , neither will Georgia or Moldova or any other former Soviet republic .
In conclusion neither NATO nor COVID will save western elites from their demise.

Fblm • 2 years ago

Biden is hated by everyone except the useful idiot CNN / MSNBC viewers so don't be surprised if lots of soldiers don't show up or retire from the military. After biden's unbelievable Afghanistan humiliation lots of soldiers who love America might fulfill their oath of enlistment and justifiably shoot biden if given the chance.

George W Obama • 2 years ago

Biden is a sock puppet. If something happens to him the bankers will go to the dresser drawer and get another sock.

atin • 2 years ago

not only US wants war and the whole fuccking media as well ..circulating false news and intelligence information everywhere...

John Waters • 2 years ago

Well... they recibe money from the government, some not directly from the government but through americans and zionist oligarchs.

Johan Alphons De Kuijper • 2 years ago

Well, that clearly isn't the case.
In my opinion, blowing up NATO/US missiles in Ukraine and far beyond.

but who the hell would want to occupy the land of Chernobyl.
I don't think there is a Russian who wants that. They just don't want NATO/US as a neighbor with their missiles so close to their borders

RTIII • 2 years ago

The story-telling has already begun!

DAMN these fools are itching for war - and here I don't mean the Russians! AND, I don't mean the Ukrainians! (And I don't mean the American PEOPLE, either!)

What fool thinks Ukraine can do anything to harm Russia?! What could possibly justify invasion?

NOTHING so far as I can see.

paul zazulak • 2 years ago

According to Putin Ukraine is harming him ideologically. Putin cannot allow Ukraine's democracy to flourish and grow.

Truthoutthere • 2 years ago

Hah..the Ukraine is a basket case.Who would want that?

HowardBeale • 2 years ago

You know what made ww1 a world war?
Russian mobilization.
How'd that turn out?

Johan Alphons De Kuijper • 2 years ago

Why lost Hitler his worldwar II? Russian mobilization.

HowardBeale • 2 years ago

US sanctioned Japan into attacking the US instead of heeding its Axis allies and attacking Stalin's backside. That saved Stalin's biscuit.