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TnT Rose • 1 month ago

I think my lone wolf’s defective

L-LITTLEBLUE • 4 months ago

i got the INFP (i'm an INFP-T lmao) and its the healer- not only do they sound exactly like me but it fits an OC of mine so well- i love this! thank you!

Phoenix • 4 months ago

Do you guys have The Mediator in the generator yet?

RanGen • 4 months ago

"Yet?" The INFP type has been in there the whole time since I put the 16 Myers-Briggs types in there. 😐 It goes under several names (Mediator, Healer, Idealist, Dreamer, Harmonizer, Seeker...) Here, it's The Healer and yes, it's in the Gen.

AngryGal1 • 5 months ago

Personality Type: Random
What does this mean? Like...quirky?
Or is it a bug?

RanGen • 5 months ago

It means that all of the traits are randomised, rather than it being one of the pre-set types.

Diamond #BlackLivesMatter • 5 months ago

I love this thank you so much!

T n T Rose • 6 months ago

Why do I have a friendly narcissist?

:) • 6 months ago

They definitely exist. I've got some good friends with the disorder. Though I suspect this generator wasn't talking about a mental disorder, rather using the term inaccurately to mean self-centered.

RanGen • 6 months ago

It IS referring to the disorder. The Narcisist appears in here as one of the Personality Types, with a predefined set of options available, adjusted to reflect what can encountered when one has that type. It doesn't focus on the Narcisist part though; it mainly describes other aspects, so it's more subtle.

Self-centeredness is definitely a part of being narcisistic, but is not the only trait and they're not one an.d the same, and friendliness and narcissim are not opposites of one another

Katt pog • 6 months ago

i- I love them

Audrienna Stafford • 10 months ago

Fast-paced, Rebellious, Optimistic and Bright
I got dis, definitely using!

joe • 1 year ago

what is this

Zoey • 1 year ago

A personality generator. It generates a personality for characters.

victorion is awesome • 1 year ago

i used this to make a combiner oc (transformers) and kinda ended up close to victorion who is also a combiner but also my favourite character of all time sooooo......

Lorinissa • 1 year ago

My character's personality is called "The Psycopath"


So how are they hostile and selfless?

RanGen • 1 year ago

It's a trap!

Psychopaths generally have an excellent ability to appear friendly, charming, caring, etc in front of people. So, you might just have there a person who appears formal and selfless in general when in public, but could be controlling in a subtle way. But then, behind closed doors, or with a specific person, the hostility shows itself...

Lorinissa • 1 year ago

I wasn't originally going to use that personality as I was just messing around, but now I might really need it, but of course, I lost many details because those were all...
Still, using it really fits for one of the characters I had to make a name for the plot.

shannon • 1 year ago

good job butt i think we should get to choose if we want it to be or not to be Negative
butt realy good job https://media2.giphy.com/me...

shannon • 1 year ago

i think you should alow us to chose if we want to be negitive or not
but not hatin this is amazing way beter then anithing i could make :D https://media1.giphy.com/me...

MJ29546 • 1 year ago

What is ESTJ.
The explanation wasn't there.

skitleuna • 1 year ago

Extroverted-Sensing-Thinking-Judging, also referred to as the Executive.

They are leaders who value the law and will offer aid to their neighbors so long as the same values are returned to them. They won't hesitate to express their anger to those who don't have the same views on upholding the law and honesty, according to 16personalities.com

MJ29546 • 1 year ago


MJ29546 • 1 year ago

Has a dark sense of humour

Yep,that's me. Definitely me.

Patricia Dragon • 1 year ago

Me too

Ted Hampton • 1 year ago

Thanks for this. I will add it to my bookmarks as "Writing Tools".

Kaytlyn Bannerman • 1 year ago

Personality Type: ENFJ - The Provider
(Extroverted iNtuitive Feeling Judging)
Friendliness: Likeable
Honesty: Straightforward
Assertiveness: Intense
Confidence / Ego: Insecure
Agreeableness: Communicative
Manners: Chivalrous
Discipline: Sensible
Rebelliousness: Non-rebellious
Emotional capacity: Compassionate
Intelligence: Abstract
Positivity: Happy-go-lucky
Activeness / Lifestyle: Enthusiastic
Current emotional state: Hyper

I wish i was this charecter

clivose • 1 year ago

Personality Type: hh
Friendliness: Callous
Honesty: Remorseless
Assertiveness: Solitary
Confidence / Ego: Requires positive feedback
Agreeableness: Superficially charming
Manners: Bad mannered
Discipline: Quick-tempered
Rebelliousness: Non-rebellious
Emotional capacity: Inadvertently hurtful
Intelligence: Inhibited
Positivity: Tense
Activeness / Lifestyle: Idle
Current emotional state: Empty

Personality Type: hh
Friendliness: Resentful
Honesty: Deceitful
Assertiveness: Hesitant
Confidence / Ego: Content
Agreeableness: Argumentative
Manners: Bad mannered
Discipline: Impulsive
Rebelliousness: Non-rebellious
Emotional capacity: Incapable of love
Intelligence: Lacks insight
Positivity: Despondant
Activeness / Lifestyle: Unenthusiastic
Current emotional state: Vulnerable

Well then...

RanGen • 1 year ago

Heh, you managed to get a "Negative" personality type, though it's displaying as "hh" there... I've fixed that little issue so that's all good. All that's left is for you to quietly put that character back where you found them, back away slowly and never use them in your work... Unless you're feeling particularly sadistic towards your other characters...

Cookie • 1 year ago

Or you want a sociopath as a character.