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WrathofChakaKhan • 10 months ago

Have him interview Andrew Tate in a jail cell for 2 hours and maybe I'll buy a ticket

jafinbham • 10 months ago

He's desperate to stay relevant. I can't stand his "comedy." He just sets up elaborate pranks to make other people look stupid.

StinkyEye • 10 months ago

often times I think those people make themselves look stupid and it is hilarious

Teddy • 10 months ago

Borat was genius, this one is not. Just annoying now actually. A fine actor when he wants to be, but this feels like a tired move.

Michael Riley • 10 months ago

This obnoxiously entertaining nitwit was popular back in the early 2000s. Why resurrect him now? It's a bit like trying to bring back the Spice Girls. A desperate and dated move. Makes no sense!

Ed M • 10 months ago

The power dynamics among different ethnic groups + countries have changed so much, it's hard for him to stay as funny or incisive. He was all about culture shock of that initial clash & some unbridged gap.

Derek Dirk • 10 months ago

Had to deal with enough SBC in 2020 with that sh*t movie Trial of the Chicago 7 and Borat (his co-star Maria Bakalova completely upstaged him)

Ichabod Slipp • 10 months ago

The "Jackass" approach of pranking innocent bystanders isn't as funny as it used to be. Everyone in Hollywood is waiting for someone else to come up with the next big thing. Until then it's wash, rinse, repeat...

Richie Rich • 10 months ago

Will he get another young co star to do all the heavy lifting again after Borat 2?

EraserBurger • 10 months ago

Not that interested if its like the first movie with just actors. This character only really works when the interviewee thinks he's for real

Choam Nomsky • 10 months ago

Can't wait for the chuds having a meltdown again.

Partay+animal... • 10 months ago

He stinks...next