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wartsttocs • 2 minutes ago

Wind is cranking up at the observatory

vis0 • 18 minutes ago

weather in my bkyard[20200117]...
and hope Ca. has lots of NtL guards on the ready inside sez this group wants to "take" ports and/or important communication / connection areas that can be managed by a few in each group. TO ME that means ports/energy control sites and servers, look for more inside jobs.

Patrap • 6 minutes ago

Give it a rest.

The security out here is vastly augmented by The NG..n a boatload of Bases with all branches represented.

The mob is mad but a rag tag bunch of call of duty wannabees.

Semper Fi'

Actual U.S. Veteran

NotSpa☈ta (Alex) • 23 minutes ago

Uh oh, I'm stuck in the time warp again

wartsttocs • 18 minutes ago

Today's 12z GFS gives me some snow, but it is far away.

Climate175 • 19 minutes ago

Hey NotSparta! :)

NotSpa☈ta (Alex) • 23 minutes ago

September 11 2020 is the day I got sent back to

Skyepony • 35 minutes ago

Deleted a post about :

PBS lawyer who called for “re-education camps” for Republican children; no longer with network.. Had restricted curse words in it and it quoted the breitbart version that didn't even mention the lawyer had been fired and was presented like the US would be rounding up kids of Trump supporters for reeducation...& PBS was supporting it with your tax dollars. When the idea was never supported by PBS and the lawyer was let go. https://kwwl.com/2021/01/13...

Jody Tishmack • 22 minutes ago

Thanks for doing that Skepony. People need to be careful about the stories they propagate. It helps to dig a bit deeper than the headlines.

wartsttocs • 53 minutes ago


THE HAGUE (Reuters) - Several thousand people held an unauthorised
protest in Amsterdam on Sunday against a national lockdown to slow the
spread of the coronavirus pandemic, before being dispersed by riot

Alpina • 1 hour ago

Thousands of Covid-19 vaccines landing in the garbage

Jody Tishmack • 1 hour ago

One thing that would help to ensure this doesn't happen is for hospitals or health departments keep a 'stand by' list so that if some who are scheduled to receive the vaccine don't show up they can call those on standby who are approved to receive their first or even now a second dose.
Also, it might help if whomever is responsible for giving the vaccines are charged for wasted vaccines. As it is the government is paying for these so it doesn't give hospitals or heathcare entities the incentive not to waste them.

Athena • 1 hour ago

Bureaucracy at its worst.

A hospital Covid-19 vaccination team shows up at the emergency room to inoculate employees who haven’t received their shots.

Finding just a few, the team is about to leave when an ER doctor suggests they give the remaining doses to vulnerable patients or nonhospital employees. The team refuses, saying that would violate hospital policy and state guidelines.

... because of federal and state mandates, hospitals and other health care providers would rather risk a dose going bad than give it to somebody who isn't scheduled to get a shot.

(a great example of when it's better to ask for forgiveness later, than ask for permission now.)

Jody Tishmack • 1 hour ago

The problem is the second dose. If they give the first dose to people not on the approved list, will those same people get their second dose? I agree that bureaucracy is inflexible and there should have been better planning. Like why weren't there more people there scheduled to get the vaccine? But medical experts are reluctant to approve people getting only one of the two vaccines because the emergency approval is based on the procedure that was tested. Deviating from it could result in unknown effects, such as whether people are protected if they don't get the second dose within 28 days.
And then there are the litigation fears if medical personnel don't follow guidelines.

Athena • 1 hour ago

There are only x amount of first doses available. In theory, that should match up with x amount of 2nd doses. More first doses are not available if "extra" people get vaccinated, unscheduled. (but then again, current news makes this entire idea a big can of worms)

Any doses thrown away are totally wasted.

Jody Tishmack • 1 hour ago

I agree.....the "plan" to vaccinate was not well thought out. Warp speed was only conceived to develop, manufacture, and distribute x doses. The Administration assumed that States would take responsibility for getting the vaccine into people's arm. No coordination from the top and now we see the results. Also many State's are passing the buck onto County health departments because State budgets are hard hit. It's been a failure because everyone wants to make someone else responsible.
The storage requirements for the vaccine are important and we don't know if the vaccine would even be effective if left unfrozen too long.
Keep in mind the effects of anti-vaxers over the last few years. If someone had a negative outcome from being vaccinated everyone looks for someone to blame.

luisport • 1 hour ago


Alpina • 1 hour ago

Complete lack of common sense!

Athena • 1 hour ago

YES! Plus short-sighted stupidity.

Emsi Nasklug • 1 hour ago

ELOISE has stopped its intensification because of an altitude constraint (see image below).

Emsi Nasklug • 1 hour ago

interesting that disqus didnt show me the 1st try (now deleted) even after 3x refresh

Jason M weed • 1 hour ago

Lamar Jackson suffers concussion in Ravens' loss to Bills

Jason M weed • 1 hour ago

bad news Injury update: Saints' Hill, Murray unlikely to play vs. Bucs

Alpina • 1 hour ago

General Honore is set to be on msnbc this hour 10 am

Jason M weed • 1 hour ago

wow Bills' in the champonship game next weekend

Jason M weed • 1 hour ago

Trotter: Bills' defensive game plan executed to perfection

Athena • 2 hours ago

China on Saturday finished a five-day construction project on a 1,500-room hospital as clusters of COVID-19 spread in Beijing and the surrounding provinces.

The state of play: The facility is the one of six hospitals with a total of 6,500 rooms in the
works in Nangong, the Xinhua News Agency said Saturday per AP reporting. They are all expected to be completed next week.

More: https://www.axios.com/china...

Athena • 2 hours ago

6,500 new hospital rooms, in that one area? Wow.

Athena • 1 hour ago

More from the article:

By the numbers: China has reached a 10-month high for COVID cases and on Friday reported 168 cases.

Yes, but: The numbers remain far below the infection levels the nation saw last February, when China reached a record high of approximately 15,000 daily cases.

The country has reported more than 97,000 cases and over 4,700 deaths as of Saturday, according to Johns Hopkins university data.

It remains possible that China — the site of the original coronavirus outbreak — has been underreporting its cases.

What they're saying: The Chinese government has blamed the surge on food imports and travelers visiting the country.

The new cases "are all imported from abroad. It was caused by entry personnel or contaminated cold chain imported goods," the National Health Commission said in a statement, per AP.

Jody Tishmack • 1 hour ago

China is seeing an uptick in infections that are community spread. I think they are preparing for the new more infectious variant to hit them.
Fauci is saying the US will see the new variant become the main variant by March. That means we could see infections spiking even higher.

wartsttocs • 2 hours ago

yeah, doesn't sound good

Jody Tishmack • 2 hours ago

Listened to Nancy Mace freshman Representative (R) from South Carolina interviewed on Meet the Press. Very interesting lady. She once supported Trump but after last week she said she can no longer support him. Let's hope that more Republicans in Congress follow her. https://www.thestate.com/ne...

"As she talked about the impact Wednesday’s deadly insurrection had not only on democracy, but on the Republican Party and its members, Mace’s voice began to shake.

“My anger not only stems from the violence last night, where four people died and people were injured, but everything (Trump) accomplished during the last four years of his presidency. That legacy has now been wiped out. It is gone, and we have to start over from scratch,” Mace said, noting that Republicans will be the minority party in both congressional chambers during at least the first two years of Democrat Joe Biden’s presidency.

“We now have lost the Senate. We did that on our own accord. We did it to ourselves, and we reap what we sow. The rhetoric has got to stop,” Mace continued. “That is one of the main reasons that we lost people within our party. We lost independents. We lost moderates. We lost centrist Republicans. We lost Republicans who voted for a Democrat for the first time in their life this cycle.”

jimijr • 1 hour ago

Morning Jody. Why the heck should she support him, he's out of office, nothing left to support. :)

Jody Tishmack • 1 hour ago

She was referring to Trump's future in the party as well as why she voted the way she did to confirm the electoral count but against impeachment. I am looking at the Republicans who can pull the GOP back from Trumpism.

Climate175 • 2 hours ago
luisport • 2 hours ago

Great normal people...

Climate175 • 2 hours ago

I came across this photograph too, 3 days until this man is in the White House!

Alpina • 2 hours ago

He has a rescue dog. A rescue dog will be living in the White House.

Climate175 • 2 hours ago
wartsttocs • 2 hours ago
Tabludama • 2 hours ago

Below normal in the SE and the Gulf of Mexico. A strange weather pattern.

luisport • 2 hours ago
luisport • 2 hours ago
luisport • 2 hours ago
Climate175 • 2 hours ago

Good Sunday morning all! :) Mostly cloudy and 38F currently as of 5 mins to 9AM. Going to get into the mid-40s today. (Central MD) Happy Inauguration Week!

Athena • 2 hours ago


The plight of the wild Atlantic salmon

How climate change, ocean warming and fish farms are affecting the life cycle of this dangerously threatened species.

Athena • 2 hours ago

The majestic, wild Atlantic salmon is a powerful symbol of the health of our rivers and ocean, and of our relationship with the natural environment that sustains all human activity ... When all is well with the salmon, all is well with the world!

Charles, Prince of Wales, Speech to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Atlantic Salmon Trust in 2017
(quoted in the article, above)

Jody Tishmack • 2 hours ago

Here is a very interesting story about the removal of two dams in Washington State and how it helped the recovery of Pacific Salmon. We need to remove dams that are no longer needed and help our river ecosystems heal.


Athena • 3 hours ago

This is interesting... anyone read more about it? https://www.aljazeera.com/n...

The FBI is investigating whether foreign governments, organisations or individuals provided financial support to people who helped plan and execute the January 6 attack on the Capitol, a news report said on Sunday.

As part of the investigation, the FBI is examining payments of $500,000 in bitcoin, apparently by a French national, to key figures and groups in the far right before the riot...

...The examination of possible foreign influence related to the Capitol riot, which involves the FBI’s counterintelligence division, comes after years of what current and former FBI officials say is mounting evidence that Russia and other foreign adversaries have sought to secretly
support “political extremists” on the far right and far left.

Tabludama • 2 hours ago

Wonder if the FBI will investigate the corporations that donated tens of millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter despite BLM being deeply imbedded in mobs that looted and burned doing over a billion worth of damage in the USA last year?