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Jason M weed • 2 minutes ago
StormJunkie • 3 minutes ago

SpaceX proceeding towards Starship 150m hop this morning. May happen
around 11am est. Here's a link to the
LabPadre youtube stream.
Road is closed in Boca Chica,
vehicle is pressurized, and they are cooling the propellant for loading.

DBW (DeLand) • 4 minutes ago
Andre Brooks • 3 minutes ago

Well it's been showing up for 3 runs now. The MJO will be in place. Let's monitor that. What are the ensembles looking like.

WXManWannabe • 7 minutes ago
WXManWannabe • 5 minutes ago

He is fully embedded in the trof flow but the COC is vigorous, convection to the North of the COC is still firing, and banding coming in from the Atlantic; still tropical at the moment; remarkable

Jody Tishmack • 0 minutes ago

Is it just me or does the dry air to the south look like a hydraulic cylinder pushing the storm to the north? I wonder how this is affecting the duration of strong winds we are seeing?

SunriseMama • 2 minutes ago

Don’t you dare leave your tail blob behind Isaias.

WXManWannabe • 4 minutes ago
Andre Brooks • 10 minutes ago
ChiThom... • 3 minutes ago

Good job, Andre.

Andre Brooks • 3 minutes ago


earthisanocean • 12 minutes ago

500 m off the ground

could be tornadic


WXManWannabe • 14 minutes ago
GatorWX • 5 minutes ago

Those cells coming ashore in NJ and pushing into PA are pretty suspect looking

Jason M weed • 12 minutes ago

here we go

WXManWannabe • 11 minutes ago

You take pictures (if you must), from inside the house, once the winds and rain get going Bro..............

WXManWannabe • 13 minutes ago

Those warm waters in Chesepeake Bay probably helped the core maintain that deep convection

Jody Tishmack • 7 minutes ago

air temps in the Chesapeake Bay drainage basin have been rising significantly for over a decade. Probably contributes to rising water temperatures in the Bay.

Jason M weed • 15 minutes ago
Susan Anderson • 13 minutes ago

Does seem to be heading north by northwest.

Jason M weed • 17 minutes ago


no rain yet iin east haven

art • 18 minutes ago
WXManWannabe • 20 minutes ago

Wind part of the NHC Disco:......Wow

WIND: Widespread tropical-storm conditions are expected in the
tropical storm warning area in the mid-Atlantic states, including
portions of the Chesapeake Bay region today, with wind gusts to
hurricane force possible. These winds could cause significant tree
damage and power outages.

Tropical storm conditions are expected to reach southern New
England this afternoon and northern New England tonight.

Gale-force winds are expected to spread into southeastern Quebec
tonight and Wednesday. See products issued by Environment
Canada for more information.

Susan Anderson • 20 minutes ago

OT, but the stupid. Wear a dam' mask! Not all idiots are in the US; we have imitators.


Brendan McCormack • 19 minutes ago

That is one hell of a way to respond to someone asking you to wear a mask.

Susan Anderson • 15 minutes ago

The thread is interesting. Seems to be a lot of sympathy for the stupid. Shameful. I've reported the one threatening to use a gun. I'm kind of glad Twitter didn't display though, because this is storm time. I will miss being able to address issues like this at YCC, where it seems to be more unwelcoming to non-weather posts and less friendly than here.

carmot • 9 minutes ago

I suppose we'll see when commenting platform gets up to speed. But I donlt know if it's just that or lack of interest? For example, I tried starting discussions on two different new YCC articles... nada. Overall, it's about weather and severe weather, was/am hoping the climate crisis topics will be relevant and good discussions can be had on diverse topics (like here, at times when no major storm threatens the Atlantic, Gulf states or Caribbean regions).

Dave Ranning • 16 minutes ago

Darwin will sort this out.
A few less fit will be eliminated.

Bret • 22 minutes ago

11:00 AM EDT Tue Aug 4
Location: 39.1°N 76.1°W
Moving: NNE at 35 mph
Min pressure: 993 mb
Max sustained: 70 mph

Jason M weed • 25 minutes ago
Jason M weed • 28 minutes ago

tornados pop up now

DHOrlando • 30 minutes ago

Unfortunately at least one fatality now reported due to tornados in NC, despite the fact these are mostly mobile/manufactured homes seems this may have been a rare hurricane-spawned EF-3 tornado.


Blackmane • 26 minutes ago

I've been seeing reports from there from the ground, that looks like a damn war zone from the air. Got a feeling the death toll is going to rise from that one.

earthisanocean • 30 minutes ago
WXManWannabe • 31 minutes ago

This "zero" windspeed reading might be as the coc passed over this bouy;..............the next bouy is just N of the first one:

Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System (CBIBS)
Location: 38.556N 76.415W
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 14:12:00 UTC
Winds: 0.0 kt gusting to 0.0 kt
Air Temperature: 71.4 F
Water Temperature: 82.4 F

Location: 38.899N 76.436W
Date: Tue, 4 Aug 2020 14:00:00 UTC
Winds: NW (310°) at 32.1 kt gusting to 38.1 kt
Atmospheric Pressure: 29.56 in and falling rapidly

Air Temperature: 70.2 F
Dew Point: 70.2 F
Water Temperature: 81.9 F

WXManWannabe • 24 minutes ago

Will check back later to see if winds have increased there (or the annemometer is broken)

wxgeek723 • 31 minutes ago

There was a TVS near my house in N.J. and I was slightly nervous I was about to get sucked out of my sunroof for a little bit there. Never warned

Susan Anderson • 24 minutes ago

NJ isn't really set up for tornadoes. They're unusual there. How's Toto?

vortMax • 34 minutes ago

According to Wikipedia, Fay caused $400 million in damage. Based on the destruction (Oak Island, mobile hoe damage from tornadoes, and damage in Virginia, like the collapse of the church wall), I feel Isaias will be several billions in damage. Surprising given that we are still not in the peak season yet.

Jody Tishmack • 29 minutes ago

I agree. I think the cost of the damage will be high. The storm is hitting a lot of high population density with high priced housing.

Megan • 34 minutes ago

Cape Carteret, NC here and I just have to say how surprised I was last night, by the winds... I'm not sure what made this one feel so different, but it felt stronger than Matthew and definitely stronger than when Dorian brushed our area. Luckily it was quick moving or else I would have regretted not boarding up the windows. Hoping everyone still in Isaias' path stays safe!

LookC • 35 minutes ago

In the southwestern edge of the DC Metro area, the clouds are lightening up, very light rain, very low winds, and I think the sun is about to come out. We're clear of the rain shield on radar. Looks like it is past us...

caribweather • 37 minutes ago

Good morning
I hope that everyone in the path of Isaias remain

Also remember that we have not yet reach the high point of the season.

earthisanocean • 44 minutes ago
PR-SOS • 2 minutes ago

Cantore, wouldn't missed it, crazy, dude...

Westindian • 20 minutes ago

I guess Jim picked up all the debris and dangerous missiles before going out to face the wind. How was he so sure that nothing was going to come and knock him out cold?!

BarbaraGermany • 34 minutes ago

And here Morgerman's resumee:


Susan Anderson • 38 minutes ago

He does look wet and battered.

Jody Tishmack • 35 minutes ago

Did you watch the whole thing and see how the time stamp changed? That was interesting even if I tend to dislike how some weather reporters try to hype the wind.