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Zalamander • 1 year ago

What is needed is a carbon tax on corporations not fuel taxes on the working class!

liz_imp • 1 year ago

I like the fact though that the movement's already been successful: in that the fuel tax hikes are reportedly NOT going ahead! 😁👍

Shows that French politicians feel they must take heed of a restive (and revolt-ing) populace..

Imagine if that happened in England! The Conservatives would just stick their noses as high in the air as possible: and claim that the protestors were "violent and anti-democratic".

OL • 1 year ago

one days they said the postponed it for 6 months, then the next day it's canceled for the whole 2019 (ie, we'll get it in 2020)... I don't even understand how they can think this could be enough to defuse the movement.

lee le brigand • 1 year ago

mélenchon is such a low-life ! he is much hated here ! bon vent ! oui, bon vent, jean-luc bougeois !

blackout07maroon • 1 year ago

you're projecting.

Comrade Oroko • 1 year ago

Melenchon is just Bernie Sanders but French. That he says these things exposes the fact that he is truly not left, not that we needed a reminder or anything.

pierre • 1 year ago

Mélenchon is a populist fraud who says he supports the yellow vest demands to defend the purchasing power of workers, but actually defends spending billions on the army; the two are not compatible. He is also an arch defender of all the trade union betrayals, always calling for "convergence" with them in order to get himself elected. He also attacks foreign workers for stealing French jobs. In short, he's a nationalist and no friend of the working class.

Jason Fitzgerald • 1 year ago

Melenchon is a political clown and bombast, who is serving as a Praetorian "left" Guard for the Macron Presidency and the capitalists.

He personifies the bankruptcy of the Stalinists and pseudo-lefts - in reality these types are nothing other than "left" Liberals - who are rotten to the core.

What we have in France is an emerging revolutionary situation. Yet again the working class, the youth, and poor have shown their heroism and willingness to fight - and, if necessary, die - to overthrow the system.

The only thing missing to transform mass protests into social Revolution is a mass party of the working class, dedicated to the overthrow of the capitalist system and the creation of a Socialist regime, that would immediately issue an appeal to the workers of the world to follow their trailblazing example.

Such an appeal would receive a tsunami of support all over the world.

Forward to the French and World Socialist Revolution!!!

lee le brigand • 1 year ago

yes ! the party of revolution ? the PES !

gooddoctor • 1 year ago

In the Russian Revolution, Melenchon would have worried about the mental health of Cossacks having to do nasty stuff to the masses.

Kalen • 1 year ago

Melenchon is politically finished, as this time he will not be likely able to earn his paycheck as traitor of working class as all other phony leftists from various fronts of Orwellian French socialist no communist parties who effectively deny fact of class struggle role in historical process and are kept in oligarchic golden cages and fed in this bourgois liberal political zoo, to be unleashed in times of crisis to divert working class movements away from from Marxist revolutionary path.

In contrast to, for example Peasants' Reformation Revolts in Germany, from American Revolution and definitely from French Revolution on these were contemporary progressives, even radicals of, what amounted at that time to political left, who were taking over mass people's movements and then diverted them eventually into revolutionary dead end of war, elitism and usurpation of people's will.

Back then as today they were using quite expedient idea that only annoited by history individual, a true revolutionary leader can make sense of revolutionary chaos and lead people to life of equality, brotherhood and egalitarianism.

But that is utter nonsense and logical contradiction of Hegelian Idealistic Historiosophy that Marx himself repudiated while writing about Historical Materialism, class theory, class struggle and revolutionary process of emancipation of working class even from those who supposedly know what people want and need as it is sole perogative of self governed working class communities.

The phony leftist parties and their leaders play such a Hegelian anointed leaders who will deliver whatever workers' (or whoever wants to be lead) need and desire, namely to a promise land of doing nothing but enjoining themselves. When ? Just one day after they are dead , since other urgent priorities like catering to oligarchy are to be fulfilled first.

Real leftist parties make no promises of taking care of problems, but tell people instead that self emancipation and self governance, preserving complete agency and power over their communities is the revolutionary prerogative, not being lead by any even illustrious leader, but to take all the collective responsibility for entire local community, what means hard work, sacrifice for community and agonizing about critical decisions obtained by consent of all equals ruling collectively egalitarian society.

The political left must show people via historical examples of class struggle, that socialist revolution provides the only permanent solution to ending capitalist system of greed for dominance and exploitation of one human being by another human being otherwise it will return in some reincarnated form bringing back pain, suffering to working class and will induce endless class struggle, only to reach the same end, collapse of civilization or socialist revolution.

As Luxemburg posited working class is facing two choices socialism or barbarism which is true today in France and elswhere.

Melenchon, if he is not completely bluffing, wants to imprison Yellow Vest movement into dead end bourgois liberal democratic political framework designed especially to strangle such popular revolutions.