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yahoo • 1 year ago

"There again, media immediately blamed the attacks on obvious targets of
US-UK war threats—the Iraqi regime’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD) program and its alleged ties to Al Qaeda. These all proved to be lies, serving Washington’s foreign policy interests as it sought to go to war
in Iraq."
But one important difference between Russia and Third-World countries like Irak and Afghanistan, is that Russia can respond in kind if the USA or its British satellite were foolish enough to make the slightest hostile move under whatever pretext, while those two Third-World countries could not!

Sara Drake • 1 year ago

Actually it is Vil Mirzayanov who states that only Russia could have carried out the attack with Novichok on Skripal. The UK has vast information on the 14 individuals killed in the UK. Their mistake was letting local police officials, with no background in these chemicals or the Russian intel services, run the investigations. Since these officials were not authorized to access the government's secret files, they did not receive the pertinent info that would have allowed to run better investigations. Result: call in the counterintel squad now, which does have access.

Christopher Williams • 1 year ago

Why cry for spies?

DmanSter • 1 year ago

I cannot believe how quickly supposed intelligent people are ready to convict without trial... as though launching war as a penalty will suit anyone in the long term. Ridiculous species...

Saint Howard • 1 year ago

The West learned a lot about Novichok when Vil Mirzayanov defected to the US. He has published widely about the Foliant Program, and it's likely he provided (perhaps unwittingly) enough information to allow his US hosts and their UK partners to produce such substances themselves. DO NOT assume just because it's Novichok that Russia committed these crimes. The US and the UK had the means, motive, and opportunity to do it all by themselves. DO NOT allow them to lie us into war again. There is FAR too much at stake.

Terry Lawrence • 1 year ago

More to the point, do not assume that just because the British government claims the Skripals were poisoned with "Novichok" that it even exists. It was a late Soviet project to develop new safer binary chemical weapons, and the USSR disintegrated before it was actually developed. There is no evidence that Russia ever pursued the project, particularly since they signed on to the Chemical Weapons Convention when it came into effect and destroyed all their chemical weapons and production facilities under international OPCW inspection and verification. That included US, British, French, and German inspectors.

HOWEVER, although Britain, France, and the US are also signatories, they continue to product and stockpile many types of chemical weapons, and this odd "incident' just happened to occur next door to Britain's Porton Down chemical weapon production facility, the largest in Western Europe, which specializes in producing nerve gas! Curious, eh?

Eddy • 1 year ago

Vil Mirrrzayanov actually wrote a book on this subject and also gave the recipes to manfacture this alleged product. Thus any competent Western laboratory could manufacture it, IF there even is such a thing. It appears in 2016 a leading chemist at Porton Down had doubts that such chemicals exist.
Further, As recently as 2016 Dr Robin Black, Head of the Detection Laboratory at the UK’s only chemical weapons facility at Porton Down, a former colleague of Dr David Kelly, published in an extremely prestigious scientific journal that the evidence for the existence of Novichoks was scant and their composition unknown.
The Scientific Advisory Board of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has not recognized Novichoks as chemical weapons because it found scant evidence that they exist at all. The U.S. and the UK are both part of the organization and both agreed with this evaluation:
To now turn around and claim someone was attempted to be assassinated using this product that the British Government themselves, believes did not exist, is a bit rich. No wonder we wont be seeing the alleged evidence to sustain their allegation.

Carolyn Zaremba • 1 year ago

Dr. Black had better watch his back.

bugzzz • 1 year ago

Russia is simply not credible when it comes to denying their poisonings of former Russian citizens and agents abroad. Time after time it's Russian ex-patriots who are murdered, and always with nerve gas variants. It's way too easy to draw the line straight back to the Kremlin based on methodology and who the victims are. Only the North Koreans operate similarly, and never in Europe.

philip toal • 1 year ago

This isn`t the case at all. Nato, MSM do not need to provide evidence or knowledge, (Iraq WMD, Libya, Iran 1953 etc.etc.) when it comes to updating the "liberal" program for the masses. All convenient and expedient, no?

Pajser • 1 year ago

They are not credible to me either. It looks like standard "murder with signature", widely practiced by Mob and similar criminal organizations; its purpose is to show what will happen to traitors and to discourage others from taking that path. In the same time, the crime is deniable - it cannot be proven beyond reasonable doubt that Russians did it. Even those who want to believe to British government cannot claim it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that Russians did it.

"False flag" wouldn't be done that way. It would not target Putin's traitors; because effect is the same - it discourages such betrayals. Target would include some completely apolitical, innocent Brits; there would be planted evidence which allow those *who want to believe* to British gov. that they have proof beyond reasonable doubt.

So, yes, it is probable that Russians did it - although of course, I cannot claim it beyond reasonable doubt.

rtb61 • 1 year ago

Simply screwing with Russian elections, not trying to win those election with corporate stooges but tainting the outcomes with screams of authoritarianism and faked elections. More to come and it will get worse.
Likely best choice for Russia, block all trade with the UK for one year, all trade including economic trade.
It needs to be something of real consequence else they will not listen.

PV Nevin • 1 year ago

The Imperialists have a deep and bitter hatred of the revolutionary working class. The Russian revolution hasn't gone away as far as Imperialism is concerned. The Stalinist counter-revolution may have eventually opened the door in the Soviet Union for the re-introduction of capitalism; but the turn of history is bringing the whole world back to where the 1917 Russian revolution left off. Confusion is caused because the capitalist system in Russia cannot call out the Imperialists for what they are. They cannot rally the world's workers to bring down capitalism forever.
Just as workers must break from unions and build rank-and-file committees if they are to defend themselves against the capitalist employer and state, so they must also break from notions that there are any political alternatives to the Imperialists and their drive for war. The only option for the working class is to seize the ground by building the revolutionary socialist party - there are no ready-made options provided by world capitalism. It is all bankrupt.

Leon • 1 year ago

The list of US/UK/NATO sponsored false flag attacks is long (WMD, sarin gas, etc etc). This is just another paper thin plot to smear an enemy state so that more aggressive measures can be justified. Of course it's obvious from the timing, the UK gov/media response and the total the lack of a Russian government motive, that this was a UK government sanctioned job. Undoubtedly the UK/UK war machine will have to move on Russia for the elimination of their chemical weapons stockpile, i.e., for "humanitarian" reasons. No need to mention that the US/UK produced most of the world's chemical weapons including nerve agents and stole the Japanese bio weapons and in vivo human experimentation results while pardoning the Japanese WW2 war criminals.

michaelroloff • 1 year ago

This article indicates profound ignorance of spy craft and its consequences for traitors. The fact that Skripal was exchanged for some captured Russian spies in no way means that he will not be eliminated for any number of reasons , by whoever has the contract, and as a warning to future traitors. Regarded from that point of view the fact that the assassination attempt is not regarded within that spy life routine but made into a casus belli indicates that the U.K. at least is still on an anti-Russian kick whereas Trumpi in this as so many other instances is unwilling to convict without real evidence.

Kalen • 1 year ago

No it is your comment that reveals your ignorance.
Ask yourself where is the proof. There is none. While Brits refused to provide sample since it would indicate who did manufacture it and hundreds of lab in the world including in UK have capability to produce them.

The poison May claimed coming from a book of Russian defector and his claims and suppose chemical formulas he published and have been rejected by British and UN authorities in 2010 as unsubstantiated and not describing chemical WMDs.


michaelroloff • 1 year ago

Neither you nor I are poison experts, and even if we were the matter is irrelevant to the fact that Skrypal was a walking dead man who now no longer walks., not for a while since he seems to have survived. The suggestion that the Brits murdered him to manufacture a Soviet British crisis is preposterous in light of all the NATO tuff going on. What is occurring now with the expulsion of Russian diplomats is the usual public theater. Lantier's piece also suffers from what i call "knee jerking over-imputation" of motives, unfortunately characteristic of quite a bit of work by my Marxist friends.

Ger • 1 year ago

Seems the case was closed before a crime was committed. The Brits: A dead empire hanging on to a dying empire. Both desperate. That is the danger to the world. At this point, it is a false flag to sucker the European NATO players into a suicide pact. Merkel will fall in line now that she has gotten by her election .... ?

philip toal • 1 year ago

True indeed. Thank you.

George • 1 year ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Putin gets blamed for Stephen Hawking's death too.

Strabilla • 1 year ago

What about Kennedy's assassination? Oh, I forgot, Corbyn did that.

Michael Fay • 1 year ago

Not forgetting Ken Dodd. May's rozzers with their doddymen suits, putting up tents and chasing them in the wind. Britain is pathetic. Since all satire and comedy has been banned. All we have left to laugh at are Trumpy Pumpy, and yet another breakthrough for feminism with a female torturer,running the secret police.
Wonder why Scaramucchi was sacked as Trumpy's Public Relations man? He was kinda cute!Had a way with words!!
Russia and China can rest sweetly with the Circus Canaille running the Honky, Capie states. Terrifying Tory Theresa I think not! Macron on 5% public support. Angela Merkel flying through the air amazing one and all as a trapeze artist.
Spain's Democracy in Catalonia a model for the world!

Greg • 1 year ago

"what is the basis of the allegations that it was Moscow that poisoned Skripal and his daughter, who are now very ill?"

Ruling class mob justice.

Michael Fay • 1 year ago

Why are the get well cards and worried looking Doctors and Theresa and her big bunch of flowers not on the Telly? With National day's of prayers from Westminster Abbey. And the threat that Bwitish Woyalty might not go to Wussia to watch the footie!
Serious stuff to make Wussia quake!

JoeDokes999 • 1 year ago

If it is a fake attack, it was effective. You won't find anyone on the Left or in Democratic circles who wouldn't take this as further evidence of Russia perfidy. They are so desperate to deny that Clinton lost in 2016 because she betrayed working class Americans that they cling to the fantasy of Trump as a Russian spy. I can't recall a time when the mainstream media was so consistently and transparently biased. Or maybe we just have better alternative sources now. I find I can only watch a few minutes of CNN or other propaganda organs before switching channels (or going back to WSWS for an objective analysis).

Carolyn Zaremba • 1 year ago

Five minutes or less of CNN at work and I can feel my brain starting to disintegrate. Dangerous.

Michael Fay • 1 year ago

Rest sweetly good lady. I'm retired and watch
the World News with my Netbox. Over a year I have watched,Al Jazeera, Japan News, Deutsche Welle,French News,drop into Spam idiocy. Even RT running a Program on Judo for African Grannies facing sex abuse?!
Mind you overage ladies makes a change from underage ladies and filmstars. Feminists will love it!! Plenty Sport though,good place to put men's brains and avoid base desires and politics!
Capitalist Realism perhaps!

CH • 1 year ago

One minute of CNN works better for me than two tablespoons of Oil of Ipecac.

Abigail Stevens • 1 year ago

Looking at the media reaction and that of the politicians it seems no one is interested in the truth and giving it to me. One thing about a conflicted world and a society of the winner takes all where you stand and fall in the marketplace is that the search for truth becomes nearly impossible. Even in areas with robust peer reviewing mechanism the truths often gets lost because of some nefarious interests. In the media war, which is a propaganda war the truth is next to impossible for ordinary folk to get at. We rely on liars and propagandists on all sides. The depressing thing is people still lap up everything they are told by the media and the political class despite the endless lies they have been told in the past.

The left should be precious about the truth, even when that truth is something we don’t like to hear.

Now I don’t think the truth is an absolute concept but is more a system of intent, is the process honestly trying to evaluate the facts to arrive at a reasonable conclusion.

So to the issue at hand:

Sky News was interviewing a Tory minister who was asked what the proof that Russia carried out this attack is. He responded as follows:

1) Skripal had been a traitor to Russia

2) Russia has a history of carrying out assassinations

3) They invaded Crimea

4) They shot down a plane over Ukraine

5) The nerve agent was produced by the Soviets

1 and 2 are circumstantial. Number 2 can be applied to a score of nations, including Britain. Theresa May herself demanded the right to assassinate/ kill without trial members of ISIS. Other nations loyal to the US Empire regularly take out their rivals (anyone keeping count of the number of Hamas leaders assassinated over the years?)

3 and 4 are not even circumstantial, they are irrelevant. But if they can be included then the US and Britain have been instrumental in invasions and murder in recent decades at least. So based on the Tory ministers list of evidence the list of potential suspects goes way beyond Russia.

5 doesn’t mean anything because given their scientific resources any of the advanced nations could produce the agent or get hold of it. Can I do the journalists job for them and ask why Britain has refused Russia’s perfectly reasonable request for samples of the nerve agent?

So we are really left with 1 that can in any way point the finger at Russia. All the other so called evidence is just to pad out this single piece of evidence.

It should be noted that the Sky ‘journalist’ did not in any way attempt to examine this laughable evidence and in no way challenged it, They just simply nodded and followed up with a question as if the minister had provided concrete proof!

At the moment they don’t know where the poisoning took place and strangely don’t have any suspect or people they are interested in questioning at this stage. Even so and without this key evidence they tell us they know exactly who did it.

The fact that Britain is so quick to judge this without any credible evidence whatsoever must surely cast suspicion on Britain itself and is at a minimum proof that the UK is exploiting this for political ends.

Ron Ruggieri • 1 year ago

"Were the Skripal attack to be a Le Carré spy novel, the accusations so far would likely take up the first 10 pages of the book, after which the real story would unfold over the next 400 pages. "
The whole truth will be told by some some " Spy Who Came in From the Cold ". But I was taught what they called " critical thinking skills " way back in public schools post Sputnik panic.. I guess such skills have been as discredited as old fashioned English phonics . ( English taught LOOK & SAY - like Chinese - was more politically correct ? ) Of course, basic literacy is a premise of " critical thinking " . TV was better, (thought the ruling class ) than dreadful BOOKS for working class kids.
If nobody READS anymore ,even the best socialist propaganda will gather dust. In such a dark and dismal library floor I located " The Revolution Betrayed ", by one Leon Trotsky. The social parties and the computers- ( monitored by security guards for " porn " ) are on the first floor of the once respectable and dignified Providence Public Library.
A message to Winston Smith in George Orwell's " 1984 " : " We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness " . Once that might have been the public library.
I 'll bet " The Revolution Betrayed " will soon be on sale downstairs for one dollar - 50 cents paperback .

w_westbrook • 1 year ago

I have watched the library down the street from me sell their academic journals (after unsubscribing, of course- too expensive!) and utterly purge itself of all writings not explicitly supportive of American imperiali- I mean, democracy- or even just sci-fi novels critical of capitalism and materialistic personal ideals (there's a lot more than 1984, check it out guys, I promise you won't be disappointed, Phillip K Dick is a great place to start) in what will assuredly be the quiet death of one of the last bastions of free thinking in the US: the public library system.

Ron Ruggieri • 1 year ago

It is always pleasing to have personal observations confirmed and validated. I have a big book of the collected essays of Gore Vidal - which won a National Book Award . It was in good condition. FOR SALE at the Providence Public Library for ONE DOLLAR. Did the professional librarians there decide that nobody would want to read this brilliant " on the left " author anymore ? Years ago I noticed that Vidal - a gay man- always spoke with cynicism about our " ruling class ". When he was rationally critical of Israel he was smeared as " anti-Semitic " . ALL Gore Vidal's essays are relevant to American politics today.

Vish • 1 year ago

The fundamental issue that the so-called Free Press in general refuses to consider is that the Skripal poisoning was yet another False Flag attack staged and organized by Anglo-American spook agencies or their proxies.

To even raise this issue is to commit a Thought Crime and have you branded as a Conspiracy Theorist.

But there is precedence for this type of covert black ops in the form of NATO's infamous Operation Gladio during the Cold War.

Operation Gladio - Full 1992 documentary BBC

Or better yet, there is evidence to suggest that the curious "terror attacks" that have occurred in the War on Terrorism beginning with Sept. 11th and including the 7/7 London tube bombings were false flag attacks staged by the United States, Britain, or their allies.


Carolyn Zaremba • 1 year ago

"Evidence"? "Motive"? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Just as with the MeToo movement, the security services know no obligation to produce evidence or to secure a motive. They never have.

Jim Bergren • 1 year ago

Well, they may have to "fake" some evidence after the fact, especially if Putin is reelected. MI6 is very good at that sort of "mischief".

Carolyn Zaremba • 1 year ago

So was Colin Powell, for a while.

Kalen • 1 year ago

What it really is a blatant desperate attempt to interfere in just coming Russian elections on March 18' refusing to face reality of Putin landslide victory and utter failure of clandestine and open attacks and financing of the opposition like Sobchak who just few weeks ago was begging and prostituting herself for scraps on DC neocon table.

It is also attempt to boycott World Cup in Russia coming those summer.

But above all it is warmongering directed at western population to supress all legitimate call to account for destruction of western economies and theft of national treasures by oligarchy before another concocted deadly economic crisis puts people on the edge again.

The skyrocketing prices of nat gas in UK and artificial shortages are elements of propaganda of deed to support psychotic fear that is to paralyze public and to turn them into self destruction facing coming economic calamity of oligarchic doing that cannot be rationally explained anymore so will be explained by fear.

If there is any war it is ongoing war against ordinary working people while global oligarchy feels safe and in control more than ever summoning all the powers of Orwellian propaganda to bear.

And it works so far.

John Gilberts • 1 year ago

For those interested there is an excellent updating archive of information on the Skripal poisoning at Off Guardian:

Terry Lawrence • 1 year ago

Thanks for the link, John.

Ausy • 1 year ago

The agenda to overthrow Assad in Syria was up ended by Russia who were invited to assist Syria with the US backed terrorists invading their country. We all know about the zero tolerance of the NATO organisations to socialism or communism and because of that War has to be raged at all levels against Russia and North Korea. The elite cannot allow socialism or communism to be successful as they know it will be the end of them, this is why the war drums are sounding. The other benefit for them is their secondary campaign to silence internet media news, it is a means for the masses to spread real news and waken the masses. They are terrified of a global uprising. Russia gate is the excuse to adopt massive censorship and shut down real news. I am hoping the resistance has now grown to critical mass, to big to stop.

Sebouh80 • 1 year ago

First of all, allow me to say that I have absolutely no preference to the ruling elite in Moscow, but it appears to me that both UK and US at this point are deliberately creating any excuse for pushing their war agenda against Russia.

philip toal • 1 year ago

Fact. The response of Eddy is irrelevant, as "belief or doubt even" is purely a detail when placed to the decision of workers worldwide when it comes the scripted agenda of capitalism.
Fact is, in disbelieving warmongers endorses a socialist viewpoint.

Eddy • 1 year ago

IF what you say is true, what exactly are YOU then prepared to do to resolve the issues facing us today, if your not prepared to believe anyone or anything ??? Your World must be a bleak and lonely place.

FireintheHead • 1 year ago

Its pretty clear in my mind what is going on here .

The more one looks at this forensically, and unpicks the logic to this then the spotlight falls on those with a wider anti Russia agenda, regardless of whether it is within the Russian state or elsewhere .

For starters Putin or pro Russian interests would not elect to assassinate ''anyone'' amidst the anti Russian hysteria that is being pumped out by the West, and they would be even less likely to do it with a chemical agent that can be traced back to ''being a Russian invention.''

So called ''crafty Putin'' now making the biggest gaff of his political life by a pointless assassination is simply not a reality .

As the above article makes clear, we have to look at objective reality to see whose interest is served here. Only then can we arrive at a meaningful generalisation to which all specifics have to be understood within.

The US is an Imperial Empire on the wane, that has lost its crown, both as a producer and increasingly as an arbiter of World affairs . It stands teetering on the cusp of a financial meltdown, that more and more bourgeois economists let alone ourselves see as potentially imminent in 2018 .

Under such conditions and with its back against the wall it has 'no choice' but to invoke all its forces of controlling the perception of the masses both at home and abroad, for to wage a war it must carry ''the people with it .''

The US has a long history of sculduggery , and to pick just one example we can go all the way back to the murder of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro and the involvement of Gladio, a US inspired and funded network of provocateurs throughout Europe. http://www.truthmove.org/co...

Once framed within the context of ''whose interest and agenda is served'' then the smoke clears. Teressa May the hapless nodding dog for US Imperialism can come out with nothing else. Her script is as predictable as the Sun coming up in the morning for it coincides with her own desperate position and that of British imperialism in its scrap with Europe.

The only significant truth the working class needs to focus on here, regardless of any and all specifics is that the world remains divided , and all the warnings of Lenin and Trotsky are coming home to roost .

That if the working class Internationally does not take responsibility for unifying world economy in 'its International interest'', the latter will smash itself to smithereens for a ''third time'' on the rocks of nation state rivalries that cannot be resolved by peaceful means .

Terry Lawrence • 1 year ago

Well thought out comment, FireintheHead.

John Layton • 1 year ago

Bad enough fighting in the mud of Flanders, how much worse to be dying in the mud of the Volga for Theresa May of all people.

Christopher Williams • 1 year ago

007 James Bond, licensed to kill on HM Service.

animalogic • 1 year ago

This article is a valuable corrective to the usual Western rush to convict its political enemies (Russia)not only in the absence of facts or due process, but consistently seeking to create fear & hysteria.
The whole Skripal affair is ... open to question.
As the article alludes, why kill Skipnal now, during a Russian Federal election ? (The West, in an effort to further tarnish Putin's domestic reputation ?)
After Skipnal was convicted (I believe ?) he was pardoned, & then put on the List for exchangable spies.
Please also note: Skipnal is as much a British/Western spy as a Russian one.
What is the real connection between Skipnal and Steele (of the "Trump Dossier" fame)
Was Skipnal visiting the Russian Embassy on a monthly basis ? (Was he a "double agent" ? )
Why the UK's rush to identify the poisonous agent in the absence of facts ? (ie "fentanol)
Skipnal himself obviously had no idea that his life was in danger: he lived openly under his real name.
His daughter (again, I believe ?) still lives in the Russian Federation.

Terry Lawrence • 1 year ago

Good questions, Chris. Yes, if "The Russians" or Putin had it in for Skripal, why didn't they just pull his daughter's passport on National Security grounds to punish him/her? Or just bump her off in Moscow where she lives? A "car accident" is easy to arrange.

Terry Lawrence • 1 year ago

Also unmentioned in the Western Media coverage of whatever actually occurred in Salisbury is the fact that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW),the UN body in charge of investigating reports of chemical weapons use, as well as inspecting chemical stockpiles of countries signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention , and verifying their compliance with the treaty, apparently makes no mention of "Novichok" in it's listing of all known nerve agents.

Russia is a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention and undertook to destroy all its chemical weapons under international inspection and verification. This was completed in September 17th, 2017, and reported by RT and the Russian media at the time, but unmentioned in the Western Media.

From RT: "What about the chemical watchdog confirming Russia destroyed its stockpiles?

"In autumn last year, the OPCW confirmed that Moscow – a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention – had completely destroyed its stockpiles. The organization’s inspection teams verified the destruction at seven chemical weapons destruction facilities in Russia, and, on September 27, 2017, the last of these facilities officially ceased its operations. The six other facilities were closed between 2005 and 2015."

"The completion of the verified destruction of Russia's chemical weapons program is a major milestone in the achievement of the goals of the Chemical Weapons Convention,” the organization’s Head Ambassador Ahmet Uzumcu said at the time. He praised countries that assisted Russia with its destruction program, as well as OPCW staff who verified the destruction."

"Russian officials say the timing of the allegations is particularly notable. “Presidential elections are looming in Russia, and the country is accused of committing every mortal sin,” Sergey Stepashin, former FSB director, told Interfax. “Tell me, which idiot in Russia could carry out such an attack? Where is the logic in that?”

So, both Russia and Syria have already destroyed their entire chemical weapons stockpiles and production facilities in compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention under the inspection and verification of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, an international body created to verify compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Meanwhile Britain and the United States haven't even started destroying their chemical weapon stockpile and production facilities as required by the treaty. The US has now pushed its compliance date back another five years to 2023. And as the article notes, the incident in Salisbury is right adjacent to Britains main nerve gas production, research, and testing facility at Porton Down. Coincidence? Who is the real suspect here?