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angelo topacio • 9 years ago

What if the chocolate hills in the Philippines is also a pyramids.

poppyontop • 9 years ago

Great job folks. Please, keep up the good work. What you are into I have been too for some time. I call this scheme "Pyramid Theory", and it incorporates much more than a slanted wall structure. (No one has looked at the huge sacred mounds in Sweden? There are 3 of them, and they are replicating those in Egypt, under pyramid theory). No one has associated the American "Teepee" with this either? Please, I am at writing.com, under "Theoryman", wherein I have written text on "Mountains in Mythology"; "Twins in Mythology"; and "Pyramid Theory and Distortion".

Nigel Grace • 9 years ago

has anyone heard of armutlu pyramid in Turkey?

momo • 8 years ago

I have a theory of a pyramid in the Pacific Islands. Though it covered with vegetation, the shape is uncanny. Not sure....should i share or not? i will be making a trip there again and might do some actual excavation.

C4URSELF • 8 years ago

And dont forget the pyramids of Mauritius which are constructed and look the same way as those from tenerife, whilst seperated by a continent (afrika)!! Ps.. Great site.. Fascinating subject... Keep up the good work. Greetings from the Netherlands

mac • 9 years ago

I was just reading an article about the pyramids under the bermuda triangle, you guys got any information on that?

(also howcome no mayan pyramids?)

Vinayak Mahajan • 9 years ago

Sir i watched your episode, it was great. I came to know that the pyramids could help in inter-dimensional movement when they are rotated, due to the energy field created around them.
Can this be possible that the very reason for constructing the pyramids throughout the globe was to travel across dimensions?
We know that Earth also rotates, obviously not as fast as the pyramid's model in your show was rotated but still it rotates.

gonzalo zapata • 10 years ago

Fantastico!, me parece una iniciativa muy aterrizada y objetiva, espero poder colaborar, y aprender mucho como participo?

dyrons • 10 years ago

what the pyramids in the islands in the Caribbean

worldpyramids • 10 years ago

Do you mean an underwater pyramid? Please tell more.