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Anmol • 1 year ago

Come on, it's 2018. If you still believe in fairy tails then there is no hope for you

Michael Johns • 1 year ago

Agreed! Fortunately more and more people are using their heads now and not just accepting fables as truth. If anyone has ever read the Bible from from to back, that is the biggest way to become an Atheist!

NIGELTEAPOT • 10 months ago

If you are a reprobate and therefore afraid of Justice against sin. That is your problem alone then.

Joe Hinman • 1 year ago

New atheism is dying, The reason rally failed,book sales are down, no one takes it serious. At lot o atheists and Christians and others are working together to defeat the new fascism (Trump and co in the Republicans). That is where it;s at,the blue wave not the children;s crusade against Daddy.

Connor Prewitt • 9 months ago

Do any real research from non-religious sites and you'll see that Gen Z is quite literally the most atheistic generation to have existed in hundreds of years, and the global amount of atheists is growing rapidly - especially in places like Europe and the Scandinavian Countries (also the Asian countries)

Bermuda Man • 10 months ago

Too bad a monster like Trump had to seize the White House first before Christians and atheists realized there was suddenly a much, much bigger opponent to tackle than God (or lack thereof).

imabeast7 • 1 month ago

clearly you haven't

Michael Johns • 4 weeks ago

I have more than once! You are the one that believes in 900 yr. old people, talking snakes and donkeys to name a few! Like I said "FABLES!" The Bible has been proven to plagiarize other religions/cultures (Noah's Ark and the birth of Jesus and the list will go on and on).

Dally Jons • 2 weeks ago

You clearly know nothing about the bible and it's history, and it seems you get your information from anti-Christian sites that present information not true at all or not proposed by scholars.

imabeast7 • 3 weeks ago

again you show you know nothing. the bible has been shown to be thee most historically accurate book in all of history. its has NEVER been proven. just another dummy talking out his ass in which you know zero about. its hilarious how ppl like you will get 101 basics wrong. you do intelligent atheists an injustice. smh.

Ben Chahla Amir • 1 year ago

What about 2018? So because atheism has become popular it means its the truth? Its funny how you cannot prove anything with your statement. Its merely a kids insult to a relgion or a belief. And what hope are you talking about? atheism is gonna save my life? This is not a page talking about ancient fables or stories. Its merely a way to prove that God existence is perfeclty philosiphcal.I found it amuzing each time i stumble upon a atheist that they cannot explain or tell an argument of why God is no existent. Its almost ironical how there is a hundred reasons and arguments of why a God needs to exist yet there isnt one simple argument of why God existence doesnt make sence.

Guest • 1 year ago
Hooley Munster • 11 months ago

Dear Tawni.
I have read your arguement, and I pray that this is the answer you have been looking for.

You may be interested to know that God IS powerless, in a way. Why? Well this is the situatution. The devil you have described was once the most majestic created being in heaven, the commander of all the legions of angels(he was created by God). But as we saw with Hitler in WW2, the power that he had made him become prideful, and ultimately jealous that he wasn’t on the same level as God Himself. So the devil, (called lucifer at the time), accuses God in front of all the other angels that he is a tyrannical, self centred leader. Now God has this argument against Him. If God had destroyed Lucifer then and there, it would have proved that God is tyrannical, self centred and unfair. So God has to LET Satan try to prove his point. Then that’s where this earth comes in. Now we see the suffering and pain and we could accuse God of being unfair and tyrannical, like satan did, or we can understand what the circumstances are for God. You mentioned that you are a parent. If your child was diagnosed with leukaemia, and there was nothing you could do circumstantially, what would you do? Because you love your child sooo much, you would want them to know that you’ll be there with them every step of the journey, be a shoulder to cry on, a safe haven of love when they need it. Cause that’s what you do when someone you love is suffering. It’s the same for God. He loves you and I soo much, and He can’t fix our problems right away, but he promises us, “Come to me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” “I will be with YOU always.” Just take a minute and consider this with an open heart. And spoiler alert, this world is just about finished. He’s gonna finish sin and suffering very very shortly. He loves you. Just believe it.

Tawni Holloway • 10 months ago

Thank you for your reply. I will take it into consideration. 😊

NIGELTEAPOT • 9 months ago

Please don't.

Aditya Tejas • 9 months ago

what a sense of warped reality is this? Do you think God is only part of Christianity? and that the devil and God are the driving forces of the world? that's bullshit because there are almost a handful of religions other than Christianity which takes up the name of God in different ways. Take Hinduism for example, there is a god for each path and virtue in life and unlike Christianity doesn't give a single being absolute power. God is simply the manifestation of the rules and morals you should follow as a human being in order for you to be rightfully placed in this world. Without god, you can stray from a path of rightfulness and morality. I personally don't believe in god as a superior being to us that we have to worship to be in its good faith. Notice that I am using 'It' here as God is simply a being which is neither female nor a male. You need to be mindful of the things that you do because when your mom says God is watching you, it is your own integrity and truthfulness looking at you, not some dude in a toga with a beard. So for all those ATHEISTS out there YOU ARE RIGHT AND WRONG. GOD AS A SUPERIOR BEING FOR SURE DOESN'T EXIST BUT RATHER AS A MANIFESTATION OF MORALS AND RULES AND VALUES THAT A PERSON SHOULD FOLLOW. remember that only the human race involves in the thought of a superior being and that. scientifically, is because of the race's developed minds and brains. a squirrel doesn't pray at a shrine because it is not developed so much where it can do more than its own survival. Humans are past that and have much to do and the advancement to do, and because of the endless bad possibilities they made god, a 'being' you are supposed to be afraid of and follow his rules to be in its good graces and thus lead a good life.

Jerry Paul Southard • 3 months ago

I really like your ideas. they are closer to a 'universal truths of human existence' than I have contemplated in a long time. I do believe there are some crumbs of original thought mixed into your statement. good job and thank you for your work in advancing human knowledge for the betterment of all mankind.

Honestly • 9 months ago

Most correct view, in my opinion.

Michael Dowd • 2 weeks ago

God is. Anything else said about God cannot be tested by experimentation.

Nelson Hernandez • 1 month ago

You Christians sould try reading the Torah once in awhile. Satan or Ha-Shatan is an angel of god and adversary to man. it's job is to accuse men infront of god of being unloyal. Satan the devil is a greek addition.

Lol, you've all be duped!

Connor Prewitt • 9 months ago

Your reply boils down to "just believe me, bro. It sounds cool". As if comparing God to a parent child relationship makes belief in him any more valid. Please look at your beliefs under a critical light. That's how we advance and become better

NIGELTEAPOT • 10 months ago

Saying things without the proper foundation means you are incorrect about everything.

Reminds me of something Hillaire Belloc said, that weak people go insane from fear of evil to the point they begin to worship evil. This message of yours of you presenting the devil as if he is important is a good example of that.

Honestly • 9 months ago

Kay kay enough counter argument, how bout some evidence of your own?

NIGELTEAPOT • 9 months ago

Evidence of what? And what counts as evidence?

Honestly • 9 months ago

Evidence that proves that you are right, which can be anything. Like that one guy here who said 60,000 people saw an event(I don't remember) which had something to do with a magical act in the bible.

NIGELTEAPOT • 9 months ago

So you ask for evidence but cannot define what evidence is?

steven walls • 1 year ago

Maybe there is a god that created this, but he has definitely stepped away from the wheel. Maybe he is creating another universe.

NIGELTEAPOT • 10 months ago

God creates all and has created all by commanding things into existence.

God creates things for the Good of the created thing without regard to Himself.

That is par excellence power and par excellence Love, so you refute yourself. Not that you seem capable of intellectual honesty.

alex • 9 months ago

actually, we weren't created by god we evolved into humans from other life forms.
oh and there is no physical evidence of god, and when i say that to religious people they always respond with "but there's spiritual evidence and blah blah blah" which is complete bs. There is no such thing as spiritual connections. grow up

Joel O'Brien • 9 months ago

*I dont wanna be like that one enraged Christian that gets triggered when somebody says "evolution" * Alex, take a look around you. God made it. There is evidence literally EVERYWHERE you look. Obviously, not directly, but He made and allowed people to have the knowledge to make and do these things. I'm not here to talk about "the spiritual evidence" either. Frankly, I'm only 16 years old. I've been saved for nine years. I still don't fully understand everything involving the spiritual evidence either. I know exactly what you mean when you say spiritual evidence too. It's hard to see the spiritual evidence if you don't know that Spirit. But, that is what faith is. It's believing and trusting the unknown. This is what I have rooted by life into.
If you believe that evolution is true, you believe that evolution is a change from one kind to another. That's what evolution is. Right? Name ONE kind CHANGE into another kind. There is none. The species might change, but it has only changed because they are shaped due to their environment and what they are surrounded by. Alex, if you had a man that sits on a couch and does nothing but eat and a man that goes to the gym and works out everyday, those people aren't "the missing link" between humanity. They are simply different forms of the same kind. They aren't really bridging anything together. They are of the same kind. The only evidence that scientists can find is from mere drawings in science textbooks. I'm gonna admit, some of the animals look kinda cool :) I wish they were real. What many evolutionists are trying to convince you of is that there is no need for a Creator since, as they say, evolution can substitute as the mechanism for creating and changing life. They teach that life came from absolutely nothing and evolved from simpler creatures to more complex life forms. I hope you understand where I am coming from. I do understand where you are coming from. And no. It's not bs. It's truth. And it seems to me that you're the one that needs to grow up. Don't @ me unless ur Alex :)

Jerry Paul Southard • 8 months ago

well you sound like a rather sweet young lady who hopes she knows what the truths are. But hold on, how can you know the real truths about out existence, evolution aside, when those people who actually go out and do the back breaking work of following the scientific method, the millions of Data Points that agree no matter who does the experiments, and the billions of tera bites of information that collate all of these points of data into a framework that simple, non-educated people such as yourself, can understand, then if you know more than all that, I really want to meet your teacher because he, or she, must be a God in and of themselves. nobody who actually understands the science behind these discoveries believes in the classical versions of God. there are just too many overwhelming proofs that so contradict these religions to show anything other than that religious people do not KNOW, I mean, actually KNOW what they preach TO BE TRUTH, , they only know what they are told to believe. Don't be a follower, go out and do the science, do the experiments, do the research and come to your own conclusions, not the conclusions of some people who haven't done one days worth of actual fact finding science. be free from the fears of an all loving god who would chose to place most of his so called loved children, into a pit of torment to suffer on into eternity for nothing more than just believing what our 5 senses tell us about this universe. If there were a God, don't you think he would do a better job than what you see before you in this world. If there really is a god the way you believe then I got to say, He sure is either very evil, very stupid, very harsh to his loved ones, and not real smart by letting us humans try to figure this universe out for our selves. and why would the word of a God be so confusing and hard to decipher that millions of people would have to fight and die because of a small disagreement about scriptural interpretation? too many unanswered questions for me but you keep on loving others and remember the golden rule, Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Sarah something :p • 1 month ago

Sorry to be weird but can we talk like on twitter dms, I'm personally confused on religion and everything and kinda need guidance.

Issac Maldonado • 1 week ago

Yes of course, you can dm on instagram @issac_maldonado1611
And I can tell you about a man who loved you enough to die for you.

Studentenviro • 9 months ago

Everything you have talked about is your opinion and cannot be substaniated in anyway.
Furthermore, you ideas about evolution are really primitive. Before you start berating a subject and denying it you should actually study it. Not one single thing you said about evolution is correct.

David Howard • 1 month ago

In Science it's not about proving something is real it's about disproving something, in your case evolution which has been disproved a thousand times over, I bet you can't even tell me the evolution of the trilobite LOL. Did you know that 96% of Science is all Hypothesis with no actual evidence? But did you also know that 68% of the bible has already been proven accurate? But you know facts are something that most of this generation refuse to actually use. So, why don't you come join an adult conversation when you grow up...

Nelson Hernandez • 1 month ago

lmmfao. Really? David you have no clue what science is. Science is the explination of reality according to the facts that we observe. Science doesn't look for aboslute truth. They work on percentages. Talk about joing adult conversations. Perhaps you should be an adult first.

David Howard • 1 month ago

Hypothesis = no percentages, theory = proven on paper, fact = fully proven. I don't need you to try and school me, I went to MIT for Astrophysics. You say Science is the explanation of reality (cute answer btw) but Science itself can't even explain reality (They can't even explain why we dream...). Science DOES look for absolute truth otherwise mathematical proofing would not be needed (that would be a mess). Perhaps you should actually stop being a google warrior, my degree is higher than your google search degree and I know what I'm talking about.

Andrew C Morgan • 2 weeks ago

Theory in science means something has been tested multiple times with the same results I.e proven to be correct

Issac Maldonado • 1 week ago

Jesus loves you!

Totally_Bodacious • 2 months ago

Technically there's no physical evidence that the Universe exists outside of us existing within it.

Ian Sherwood • 4 weeks ago

By this, surely, you mean, rather, there is no evidence that anything relating to a material universe outside of our awareness, or consciousness. This is the great leap of faith that science takes, when it assumes that our experience of things, objects, that appear external and separate from us, are really as they appear, when there is no evidence whatsoever to back up that assumption.

NIGELTEAPOT • 9 months ago

The delusion of creative evolution as you describe it was a way to rebrand the gnostic belief in self-creation. you did not create yourself.

That you use a philosophical claim to assert that nothing outside of the material is valid means you refute yourself.

Michael Dowd • 2 weeks ago

God is, God is all powerful, he did nothing to earn it. Where is the glory in that.
Mans glory and existence is dependent on solving problems in Nature. This is evolution. This is incredible. God in incapable of glory.

NIGELTEAPOT • 2 weeks ago

this message will not show up, but I suppose I should try answering.

God is Glory Himself.

LoluMad • 10 months ago

I am going to go write a book now. So in 2000 years its going to be a best seller.

NIGELTEAPOT • 10 months ago

Clearly not.

LoluMad • 10 months ago

Clearly, you will be dead. Shouldn't talk about what you don't know. Just sayin

NIGELTEAPOT • 9 months ago

Digging graves for others leads only to you falling in, reprobate.

The Rational Soul is Immortal outside of hell.

LoluMad • 9 months ago

literally spraking, I do hope you dig graves for others, reprobate.

Are you in hell right now? Seems like you are not rational at all! lelel

NIGELTEAPOT • 9 months ago

A reprobate is someone who has gone mad due to God removing His Grace from them.