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🗿🗿🗿🗿 • 4 years ago

Come on, it's 2018. If you still believe in fairy tails then there is no hope for you

Michael Johns • 4 years ago

Agreed! Fortunately more and more people are using their heads now and not just accepting fables as truth. If anyone has ever read the Bible from from to back, that is the biggest way to become an Atheist!

Loretta Taylor • 2 years ago

We tend to look for evidence that God exists without using the Bible. Why not look for evidence that God doesn’t exist using the Bible?

nin • 2 years ago

Because they believe everything a perverted priest says. the catholic church never had them open a bible they might find the truth and I remember the mass in latin so that we would stay stupid and believe every word of the church leader, and most are dirty greedy fucks. they even changed their own first commandment and the pedophile priest, Christianity should be banned all religions should be banned especially the Christians who's foundation is racism, greed and violence..How dare they put any other religion down as slave masters as they were and still wish they could have a slave or two and would if they could. Look who they want for president a racist pig and they love him.

Erik Lundeen • 2 years ago

just a question... you are using all of these insults (perverted, racist, greedy) but what are you basing off of that tells you these things are bad?God tells us what things are good and bad/right and wrong, but if you don't believe in God, then how are any of these thing considered to be "bad" or "wrong" in your eyes? Also, I would like to add that calling Christians racist or perverted from the wrong doings (in a Christian point of view) of others is extremely prejudiced. This is the same thing as the relevant topic of calling all muslims or imagrants terorists. Although some of them may be, that in no way makes all of them dangerous. lastly, during the formation of the earth, is it at all logical that nothing came from nothing? and when i say nothing, i dont just mean empty space, i mean NOTHING. no dark empty room, no inmeasurably small atom or molecule. the only explenation is that there was a supernatual being and to belive that a simple human mind could possibly out smart God is very very conceited and vain

DrPhil11 • 2 years ago

Well where tf did God come from then? You see, your argument makes no sense dude. Also, there is an idea called morality, an idea we have developed through something we smart people call 'evolution', that helps us decide what is good and what is bad. It doesn't come from some mystical guy in the sky, we as humans developed morality. From day 1, aspects of your religion have been disproved, and there is no evidence to support your false god, even Jesus was Jewish.

Erik Lundeen • 2 years ago

great job you figured out the whole basis of christianity!! Before Jesus was born, if you believed in our God, you were Jewish. there are many differences and to complicated to explain, but in Jewish theology Jesus was not a personal savior (thats why they dont celebrate christmas, lent, palm sunday, easter). Jesus was the founder of christianity, the very first christian. He was the messiah who could forgive, save, etc.

Ice braeker 05 • 2 years ago

What’s bad and what’s
wrong is just a opinion in our minds so you perverted greedy heathens need to lay off and find something better to do on a Sunday rather then getting on this site and poison us with your racist opinions

Sambolo • 7 months ago

Chill. Why are you so worked up? He has a right to voice his opinion as much as you. You don't need to insult him as a Christian. Where are your Christian values? Your venting your anger like a "perverted greedy heathen". Does not look nice for a Christian.

Loretta Taylor • 2 years ago

I’m not saying to look for evidence from a priest, but the Bible, the Word of God. To know the Word, we just read the Word and see for ourselves. There are so many stereotypes nowadays and I understand how it got to that point. At the same time, stereotype is the image or idea put on someone. I believe that everyone is equal and should be treated equally no matter the gender or race, because we’re ALL loved unconditionally by God. We’re all sinners so why judge another sinner? It’s honestly very disappointing to see that so many spiritual leaders and influencers have put this image Christians. I don’t know what they are building their lives upon or what is their foundation but one thing’s for sure, Jesus is my foundation.

Thank you for your reply. Hope you have a wonderful week! :)

D sluff • 2 years ago

The bible was written by man.

Mari-Elena • 2 years ago

Written by Man, but carrying the Word of God.

jgmitzen • 9 months ago

Well, then God doesn't know the Earth isn't flat. You might want to let him know about that. If you read the Bible you don't read anything that indicates beyond a human intellect and Bronze Age knowledge. Heck, Jesus says in the Gospels that "no one knows where the wind comes from"!

Ethan Schlandt • 2 years ago

Written by man. God isn’t real Idiot

Wanda Jimenez • 2 years ago

Prove it

Mari-Elena • 2 years ago

Oh, so everyone who knows something about the Bible has to be an idiot? So because I am a Christian I have to be an idiot? So because you think so God isn't real? And you call ME an idiot... What a hypocrite...

Alan Poku • 2 years ago

Praise God!!

Timothy • 2 years ago

You’re the idiot here

Studentenviro • 2 years ago

Not a very nice remark for a so called 12 year old christian.

Timothy • 1 year ago

I just remembered that this page existed, and I cringe at almost every last comment I made. Yet somehow I never managed to lose the debate. Interesting.

WW Wolverine • 2 years ago

written by name, gods word, you have it wrong, and always have had... God is real

Jorge Lindo • 2 years ago

Can you prove He’s not real? And without name calling...

L Y D I A • 2 years ago

you can't prove he's not real cause he is

Studentenviro • 2 years ago

Hey HONEY there is zero evidence (you do know what zero is don't you HONEY) that your superman exists HONEY.

L Y D I A • 2 years ago

zero evidence? hm ok....

Studentenviro • 2 years ago

So prove I am wrong HONEY. Produce your evidence HONEY.
Ohh!! HONEY does not have any, what a surprise.

WW Wolverine • 2 years ago

but its the word of God, and you cant disprove that

D sluff • 2 years ago

The word of God comes from a book written by humans that is translated from a language that biblical scholars have admitted that there is no proper translation these day's to tell exactly what they are translating. The translations of the ancient are nothing more than a guess.

SlimeGod • 2 years ago

Disproved the beginning. You can say red is purple and believe it is purple but if one person proves a tiny thing wrong...

Alan Poku • 2 years ago

Man said. SlimeGod🤣🤣

David Navarro • 2 years ago

Actually.. it's MY word, and you can't disprove it.

Jorge Lindo • 2 years ago

No. By men. The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit. It’s also backed by apocrypha. That’s how we know what’s said in it is true. Don’t get confused. The Bible has something called genres. There’s poetry, song, acclamation, lamentations, parables, metaphors. So it is IMPOSSIBLE to take it literally.

SlimeGod • 2 years ago

This is what I like. A friendly argument. One that I am to lazy to put up. ( atheist )

Dale Marcum • 2 years ago

nasty little demon residing in your mind isnt he

David Denman • 2 years ago

LorettaTaylor... your an idiot, the conversation is not about a president. You can't prove he is racist, but those who are ignorant are and that's you.

Jennifer LePard • 2 years ago



Loretta Taylor • 2 years ago

I’m sorry?

NIGELTEAPOT • 3 years ago

If you are a reprobate and therefore afraid of Justice against sin. That is your problem alone then.

just guy • 2 years ago

That's the biggest load of hog wash I've ever read in my life, and I watched the impeachment trial if that gives you any reference, fact is you have free will to think what you want and if you dive deep enough and not just read the words you would understand it.

Jennifer LePard • 2 years ago

Yes, and there is more and more crime, violence, rape, abuse, natural disasters, nastier humans than ever, war, 65 degrees in Michigan on December 25th, terrorism, etc. There’s your proof. Written in the Bible. All of what’s happening has already been predicted.

Stormtrooper • 1 year ago

So your proof for your god is bad things happening? Moreso than ever before apparently. That's the stupidest load of nonsense I've ever heard! You realize people have been saying that for centuries right? Your silly "argument" is nothing new under the sun

nin • 2 years ago

The bible is not written in a way to read from front to back..That's how you know who knows how to read that book and you haven't..It's one thing not believing what it says but to say you read it front to back shows you didn't either read it correctly or not at all..

Joe Hinman • 3 years ago

New atheism is dying, The reason rally failed,book sales are down, no one takes it serious. At lot o atheists and Christians and others are working together to defeat the new fascism (Trump and co in the Republicans). That is where it;s at,the blue wave not the children;s crusade against Daddy.

Bermuda Man • 3 years ago

Too bad a monster like Trump had to seize the White House first before Christians and atheists realized there was suddenly a much, much bigger opponent to tackle than God (or lack thereof).

nin • 2 years ago

The white race who brought this god from Europe for control didn't even believe in him they just wanted control and for everyone to be and think like them almost like the muslims thinking, This is when the U.S.A. met racism from the white Europeans who fled Europe before they starved full of head and body lice and how did they pay us back for letting them in? by enslaving a human race, creating the kkk and every racist hate group in the U.S., rape lynchings genocides and the most henious crimes, not the Mexicans not the Muslims but white american by our own U.S.A. Statistics white males are the majority of sociopath, pedophiles, child rapist and murder, parent killers, even their religion leaders are perverted. and neither do they believe now, they pretend they do. They kicked him out of their schools and all federal buildings but when they get sworn into politics and marriage they trip over their big feet looking for a bible to lay their lying hand on it..What hypocracy. We knew nothing about this god who they commited genecide under his name and all types of lynchings, murders of slave children, raped them as young as nine years old, before they came why? because they owned that human race. Too bad the natives did not build a wall to keep the white Europeans out. Before they brought their jesus from Europe and people either converted or were killed along with their children just like they did to the slaves and all were considered good christians like the kkk.

Daryl Lynch • 2 years ago

Your sweeping condemnation of all white Christians is as inaccurate as your belief that the Indians were dealt a bad hand by their loss to the USA, they lost their l;and because they could not hold it and it would have been taken from them by much less generous French or Spanish armies , that which was taken, much was bought and the tribes were killing each other long before they saw a white man, I speak as a half Cherokee American who knows the loss of my blood kin was the gain of billions around the world of freedom and higher standards of living

shutupmortals • 2 years ago

no gain in the death and loss of any culture, only loss, I highly doubt your ancestry dot com result of you being 1/whatever is even real.

Mari-Elena • 2 years ago

Too true... Way too many people condemn religion for its interpretation by humans, as if that has to be the way the religion was meant to be understood and as if that was the religion' s fault.

Yaima • 2 years ago

The fact that you refer to Native Americans as Indians really says a lot. I as a native american, don't deny that we were introduced to new technology, but the cost was great and it resulted in our kind being murdered, raped, and our villages being pillaged by settlers, and a loss in culture and language. Saying that natives benefited off of the settlers is a long-shot

Timothy • 2 years ago

I am partially Native American, partly Polish, partly Russian, and partly Swedish, yet I don't claim that my kind was being kidnapped, raped, and murdered. Nor do I deny that this happened. However, I did not have to suffer from this and want no sympathy. Rather, my ancestors did. I have ancestors on both sides, so I cannot say that I am biased.

Also, Native Americans moved from India in ancient times, so they are technically rom India, but in no means are they "Indians." I also have a theory that the so-called Indians did not die from diseases brought by Europeans, but rather fled to East Asia because of the fear that the settlers caused.