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Granny Sprinkles • 1 year ago

To my fellow nice white people; Stop being so goddam fragile please. If you can't cut it in a just world, that's exactly not a black person's problem. If being confronted with the fact that you were enriched by an unjust system makes you uncomfortable, good, sit in that for a nice long while. Don't expect absolution from POC, it's not their responsibility and it's not your right.

Signed, yr fellow nice white lady who struggles with this shit too, but is trying to sit down, shut up, and listen.

Also too, PAY THEM

Hesavebread! • 1 year ago

Preach Granny!

Granny Sprinkles • 1 year ago

Meh. Granny's mad about a thing and has had it with nice white ladies (and Joe Biden) saying the actively racist people aren't so bad because they're always nice to them.

Hesavebread! • 1 year ago

But Mr Hitler didn't call ME a yid.
Neville Chamberlain, probably.

Arya'sHitList • 1 year ago

I am an unique entity churned out by the universe in a specific ripple of spacetime.

I do not owe, nor am I owed. I just am.

Snopes Shop • 1 year ago


Jeffery Campbell • 1 year ago

I'm guessing you weren't churned out black by the universe. And you can say "I do not owe,..." but if you are white, you have benefited significantly just from that alone. In a just world, you do owe. The system has been, and still is, rigged in your (our) favor.

Snopes Shop • 1 year ago


Jeffery Campbell • 1 year ago

If so, not very effective.

JustPixelz: IV%'er • 1 year ago

Southern asshats like to fly the Treason Flag™ and stare at Sedition Statues and name streets, schools, children, strip clubs, and so forth after various Loser McLosingtons under the guise of pride in their heritage. Yet when anyone talks about reparations suddenly that period of our history is too long ago, those people are no longer alive, we've moved on. Typical Reptards.

Edgar Allen Shmoe • 1 year ago

It's not just the southerners, though...I see shitbags driving around in jacked up diesel burning pickups in Ohio waving it around too. They don't get it. Or, as someone said in response to an earlier post of mine, they're just bored creeps who think they're being edgy.

HermitSongs • 1 year ago

I’ve seen it more in MN than I did in my entire childhood in Tennessee.

Also about that whole "What about all the whites who died during the Civil War" response: how many Africans died during the Middle Passage coming to N. America? How many more died prematurely because of brutal living and working conditions?

So, yeah, don't get all actuarial on me.

Guest • 1 year ago

"What about all the whites who died during the Civil War"

Um that was their penance for living in a country that was founded on the tenant of slavery and free labor?

Howlin Wolfe • 1 year ago

Plenty of black people died in the Civil War, too, so that's not a good argument anyway. But your point is well taken!

Hesavebread! • 1 year ago

If you want to get actuarial about the Middle Passage: when you can jettison cargo and still be insured.

Yeah, I'd forgotten about that...

(((fka_donnie_d))), SOB • 1 year ago

You didn't have to fight a war to try to make people work for free, or try to overthrow your democratically elected government. That was your call.

Arya'sHitList • 1 year ago

On some level, it's a distinction without a difference. Whether enslaved or enlisted, you lived and died per the whims of those with power over you. Sure, one was (kind of) a choice and one was not, but the end result was the same: You were owned, abused, used, and then dead as fuck.

The real issue is not whether you are personally responsible for slavery and Jim Crow--the real issue is the extent to which you've benefitted from it.

Dr. Rrrrrobotnik • 1 year ago

Positively as well as negatively. You may well have not materially benefited once, but you also haven't gotten the shit beat out of you by cops for being in the wrong neighborhood.

DemInTex • 1 year ago

Every single person in America benefited from it....full stop. A vast amount of labor and goods were produced without having to pay any kind of wage. The entire economy of the US was truly formed around slavery, the act of using humans as laboring beasts. Therefore every person in America benefited from it.

Katamount • 1 year ago

Precisely. I only learned that the land Toronto, the city I was born in and have lived for 33 of my 34 years of life on earth, was built on was stolen from the Mississaugas of the Credit River maybe three or four years back. The Toronto Purchase was only settled in 2010 to the tune of $10 million Canadian (about $53.25 American or $100 Canadian Tire Money), but that was just for the land comprising the Old City. The other five boroughs are still being adjudicated.

nightmoth • 1 year ago

Good debate here in a favorite movie:

Arya'sHitList • 1 year ago

It's amazing how many people don't know that a scallop is a shellfish

MamaBrown • 1 year ago

SER and Ta-Nehisi Coates are national treasures. Great post.

Arya'sHitList • 1 year ago

I believe that the 4th of July celebrations should include ceremonial treason flag burnings.

Since we're already lighting shit on fire.

Sloth • 1 year ago

Get that FUCKING Cop flag in there too.

That is the new confederate flag, isn't it?

Edgar Allen Shmoe • 1 year ago

I HATE the cop flag. I cringe every time I see it.

Cliff Hendroval • 1 year ago

It's damn near universal around here in Cop Land. I'd say that one out of three cars I see every day (and I have a 94-mile r/t commute on extremely crowded highways, so I see a lot) has some version on it.

OutOfOrbit • 1 year ago

I'm thinking that if anything can get ugly, is will be the 4th in DC.

Snopes Shop • 1 year ago

A couple of July 4's ago I drove many many miles to purchase one of these traitor flags to burn as they rightly don't sell them anywhere in the LA area. The fucking thing was made of suck crap polyester something or other that it sputtered and emitted noxious fumes. The fucking thing wouldn't die.

chemical • 1 year ago

Too dignified for the traitor stars and bars, IMO.

Marceline • 1 year ago

The beauty of Coates' takedown is that he cited events that the press could ask McConnell about. Ask him if he remembers George Stinney or Isaac Woodard. Make this shit personal and present.

I can't believe I'm actually almost sorta defending that turtleshit bastard, but in McConnell's defense, he was 2 when Stinney was executed, and 4 when Woodard was attacked. And I have to admit that I've never heard of them before today...my Black History knowledge is sorely lacking (and something I plan on fixing).

nightmoth • 1 year ago

Don't feel bad. Every American's black history knowledge is lacking unless you educate yourself, because our schools sure don't do it. So much is suppressed. I organized putting up a historic marker at the site of an infamous KKK murder which resulted in a seminal civil rights ruling. No young people in my county, black or white, had ever heard of the murder. And the old people did NOT want to talk about it.

Snopes Shop • 1 year ago

I wasn't born but I sure read all about it.

House0fTheBlueLights • 1 year ago

The best thing my mother ever taught me was that despite the fact that no member of our families were on US soil before 1901, slavery was still our history because we were Americans now, and we didn't get to pick and choose just the parts of US history that we liked.

Bill D. Burger • 1 year ago

Just thought of this. You know those Confederate states seemed, at the time, to know well and acknowledge the source of their wealth. They put it right there at the top of the currency.


Lance Thrustwell • 1 year ago

Huh! Sure enough. Good eye.

lucidamente • 1 year ago

I’m old enough to remember when William FBuckley said that America wasn’t racist because The Cosby Show was number one in the ratings.

sweeper • 1 year ago

I have to mention the actual literature happening here. Coats is a genius and your article is brilliant and beautiful. Just a joy to read. Also true and we should pay up.

No shit. Coates is a genious with language, and Stephen is a graceful and persuasive writer.

Just A Lark • 1 year ago

I am a comic book artist by trade. About a year ago I got an email from Marvel Comics, asking me to draw at least some issues of Coates'sCaptain America. I even got an email about it from Coates himself. Unfortunately, I was already committed to another project and had to decline. I suspect I will regret that decision for the rest of my life....

phoenix00 • 1 year ago

I think he's one of the best authors in America. And I barely read anything!

Dr. Rrrrrobotnik • 1 year ago

My favorite part of people trying to refute the idea of reparations is they invoke the 300,000 Union soldiers who died in the war as a blood debt settlement.

Why yes, the people who claim this *are* usually southern, or from border states whose contribution to the Union war effort was basically 5 guys and a wagon. Cough Kentucky cough.

It was a really nice wagon... /s

Capt. Renault • 1 year ago

Well said, Stephen. More of this, please.