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Guest • 1 year ago
xbolt • 1 year ago

It's in the proposed Arms Amendment Legislation and is aimed fair & square at Licenced Firearms Owners. People think this only about guns but it is a massive power grab by Police ably assisted by Nash, Ardern. They get it in this Legislation it will spread like leprosy in epidemic proportions to other legislation.

12. The most disturbing and draconian part of the Legislation is S24 B (1) is the loss of the "Right to Silence". The right to silence is a fundamental right of all New Zealanders and is a common law right. The New Zealand Bill of Rights indicates that a person, if arrested or detained, has the right to silence. However the Courts have acknowledged that even before a person is detained there may be circumstances where a Bill of Rights warning should be given, especially if questions being asked may be directly self-incriminatory, or can be mistaken as being self-incriminatory, leading to wrongful prosecution and in some instances wrongful conviction.

And then there is this little gem which was rammed through in the 1st Amendments.
The new bill contains not one, not two, but a total of five Henry VIII Clauses, as follows:

74A Order in Council relating to definitions of prohibited firearm, prohibited magazine, and prohibited ammunition

The Governor-General may, by Order in Council made on the recommendation of the Minister,—

(a) amend or replace the description in section 2A of a semi-automatic firearm (except a pistol) or pump action shotgun that is a prohibited firearm:

(b) amend or replace the description in section 2B of a magazine that is a prohibited magazine:

(c) declare any semi-automatic firearm (except a pistol) or pump-action shotgun of a stated name or description to be a prohibited firearm for the purposes of this Act:

(d) declare any magazine of a stated name or description to be a prohibited magazine for the purposes of this Act:

(e) declare any ammunition to be prohibited ammunition for the purposes of this Act.
Even pistols are not actually exempt, because there are no retrains on the types of ammunition that can be banned.

The Governor-General acts as instructed to by the Prime Minister's office and cabinet.
Once this bill is passed,(It is Passed) Jacinda Ardern will have unilateral power to ban every piece of ammunition and any magazine (detachable or fixed) therefore giving her the executive power to ban every single firearm in the country.

Kristy • 1 year ago

None of that wording, including losing the right to stay silent is accidental or because of stupidity. I would say it is very deliberate in the hope that no one notices. And that is why this issue is so important for every NZer, not just gun owners. Pure dictatorship and communism and not even by stealth. Once those rights are gone, they are very unlikely to ever return. Been said before but Ardern and her support crew are dangerous to this country and to democracy.

From Encylopedia Britannica - sound familiar? (my bolding)

Dictatorship in the technologically advanced, totalitarian regimes of modern communism was distinctively different from the authoritarian regimes of either Latin America or the postcolonial states of Africa and Asia. Nazi Germany under Hitler and the Soviet Union under Stalin are the leading examples of modern totalitarian dictatorships. The crucial elements of both were the identification of the state with the single mass party and of the party with its charismatic leader, the use of an official ideology to legitimize and maintain the regime, the employment of a terroristic police force and a controlled press, and the application of all the means of modern science and technology to control the economy and individual behaviour.
xbolt • 1 year ago

For LFO's there is also the bonus of Warrantless (No Search Warrant Required) visits from Police in there as well. Something they can't/won't do to the gangs or Criminals in general but Gun Owners are fair game. This is the thin edge of the wedge, Make no mistake. Very Dangerous Times.

Ben Waimata • 1 year ago

Theoretically it is only to look at our firearms, as Hera Cook likes to point out. But all the police have to say is "I believe there are hidden firearms here" and then they can do what they want. No way that could ever be abused....

xbolt • 1 year ago

That would be the same Hera Cook from GunControl NZ who posted this wee gem on their Website/FB page I take it.
Yesterday at 10:03 AM ·
Kia ora to our Māori Gun Control NZ members and other Māori who may see this. The only Māori putting her oar into the public gun debates is Nicole McKee of the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners (Winston's mouth is closed on this). She is working for an organization dominated by rich Pākehā men. These men don’t give a damn about the impact of more and more, easily available firearms on boys and young men living in deprived urban communities. Instead they go on and on about stronger penalties for gangs members. Putting more and more Māori in prison. Every gang member is somebody’s son, every gang member was somebody’s baby boy. There are kids out there now being pressured and tempted. We should be aiming for prevention, for stopping the flow of guns from the source - so-called law-abiding licensed firearms owners - into deprived communities. Māori (and anyone) can put in whanau or individual submissions to the Select Committee as well as signing the Gun Control NZ submission. Please tell them that Māori support gun control, tell them your stories. Like and share this post. Let it be the gun lobby not the young men – pierced by the demon’s gun I werohia pea te kōpere tupua

pak • 1 year ago

Many thanks for that summary. To be honest, not a gun-owner, and never likely to be, so haven't been following the debate too carefully. This has made me sit up and pay attention...

xbolt • 1 year ago

And with all the hype on the Register etc the most dangerous part of the proposed 2nd round of Amendments is the Licencing of Clubs & Ranges. They are proposing to use JSP 403 which is the UK Defence Forces Range Regulations. (NZDF adopted them in 2000 as they were too stupid to write their own). For Ranges to comply will cost hundreds of thousands of $$Dollars which will be impossible for them. So Shooting Sports killed by stealth. The Legislation will also make it Illegal to shoot on private land without the express permission of the Commissioner of Police.
"It is written in such a way that makes an ad hoc sighting-in or target practice in the back of a farmer’s field unlawful without a certificate issued from the Commissioner of Police."

#Wokeness2000 • 1 year ago

Mr Peters is a top bloke and is not in anyway an opportunist, he would never go back on his word and can be trusted 100% this time.
People just need to get over their Winston derangement syndrome

xbolt • 1 year ago

Yes but where this Gun stuff is concerned, this time he has to walk the talk as it comes Before the Election this time. It is not an accident that Ron Mark & Clayton Mitchell have been all over Facebook recently with posts showing them shooting guns/hunting etc with their families etc notwithstanding Jones' grandstanding. Sorry if I'm full on with this article but it cuts deep to the bone being a dedicated sport shooter.

Flattanker • 1 year ago

Keep doing your good work sir. Honest discussion and facts being raised without tin foil hat conspiracy theories are what is needed in this debate. Plus, I think the left are waiting for people to over react so they can justify their own position and paint people as right wing extremists etc. I refuse to play their game, we are decent people and will remain so.

Editor of The BFD • 1 year ago

This is not a case of making promises though is it? This is a case of stopping the law dead in its tracks just like NZ First stopped the Capital Gains Tax BEFORE the election.

KGB • 1 year ago

Gun owners in NZ need to play Winston’s game. Promise to vote for him if he stops this 2nd Bill, then shaft him by voting ACT who supported them from day one.

bilgewater • 1 year ago

We could coin that as "doing a winston"

wilson the third • 1 year ago

I really does amaze me how deluded some are, after years of Peter's going back on his words, saying different things to different crowds. I wouldn't vote for Peters if he promised my gun back with a bazooka goodwill bonus

Spiker • 1 year ago

Oh my poor head trying follow this. So the party instrumental in bring us to this point is the only party with the ability to save us from the situation it created. Masterful work.

Spotswoode • 1 year ago

Is this a different NZF to the one that backed the first tranche of law changes? So they, like National, have since seen which way the wind is blowing and are trying to play catch-up. Too late, LFOs say, the damage done by their earlier knee-jerk is irreparable.

XCIA • 1 year ago

Lets all trust the handbrake to do the right thing, after all has he not at great expense to himself and his Party sacrificed his personal ethos to bring us stability, prosperity and a future that other country's can only dream about. Well, that's the line his card carrying members are keen to promulgate, but for me I say what comes out of his mouth today can be denied tomorrow. All this nonsense of the Jones idiot and others posting photo's of themselves with weapons means nothing. It reeks of another ploy to suck people in, then later to be dismissed as 'I didn't promise anything' as has happened with regularity in the past. Vote for the mongrel and his smoke and mirrors if you believe. I don't and I won't. Currently, I will be voting for my National MP with my party vote going to ACT.

Pam • 1 year ago

When you add to this action to disarm New Zealanders, whether or not they have a licence, to the Oil and Gas decision, the signing of the Immigration Conpact, the Ihumatau (sp?) mess, the selling off of farmland for forestry etc etc I am surprised and upset that there are not enough members of the current Government, with eyes open to what is being done to our country, and who care about it, to join together and say enough is enough and pull the rug so that we can have an election.
Do they all wish NZ to be a Communist country, or a dictatorship? There is no hope that Winston Peters will do anything for the good of New Zealand imo.

Smoke & Mirrors • 1 year ago

It has been demonstrated absolutely clearly that whatever Winston says before an election and also during the campaign is up for negotiation to whatever party will give him the most power. He even said words to that effect after he selected Cindy and allowed the CoL to be formed. To be fair, this is a fundamental problem with MMP - voters vote based on a party's policies and end up with a fraction of what was promised due to 'negotiations'.. This is the same of all parties attempting to form a coalition; some pre-election policies are in, some are out. Most (46%?) voted on National's policy platform. 7% voted for Winston's and 35%ish voted for Cindy's. That's around 42%; less than National's core vote.
If, as he says, Winston killed the CGT, why was the hugely expensive working group allowed to proceed knowing that CGT was a likely outcome?
What matters most to Winston is Winston. He overpromises and underdelivers. If kicking the gun lobby to touch will ensure his staying in power for another three years, that's exactly what he will do.

xbolt • 1 year ago

This is what the driving force behind this Gun Legislation is. Chch was a travesty for sure but it was also a convenience for the Govt/Police to ram through their agenda. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

rantykiwi • 1 year ago

If Winston wants real credibility he will drive parliament to withdraw our support of the "non-binding" Agenda 21.

Craig • 1 year ago

Sorry but after lying over the removal of the maori seats before the last election I will not be burned twice. ACT are the only party that stood up for firearm license owners during the first trance of new laws and they were the laws that screwed me over the most. Even if Winston and his clowns somehow affect the new laws they will not get my vote.