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Walter Biden • 3 years ago

Those who have the most to fear practice censorship.

MeezaThinkin • 3 years ago

God will not be mocked or ignored. The Word is The Word.

michael greene • 3 years ago

This is much too respectful an article for an evil entity that has no interest in establishing a consistent policy, but merely seeks to wield its monopolistic power to promote its radical, PC policies. Why is Bezos getting divorced? Maybe he is GAY, himself! Amazon has already banned authors perceived as anti-Islam. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Amazon should be broken up based on antitrust laws.

John • 3 years ago

Amazon will do whatever they please, because they are all about the bottom line.

Stealth Fighter • 3 years ago

I don't use Amazon..... AND, I have plenty of Bibles!!!!!.....

bohica66 • 3 years ago

For the mystery of iniquity does already work, only He who letteth will let, until He be taken out of the way, 2nd Thessalonians 2:7. When only those who have been called and chosen believe the Word of God and the rest of humanity have rejected the truth the antichrist will be allowed to come forth and decieve the world. That time seems to be approaching rapidly Those who endure until the end will be saved. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

TruthHurts2012 • 3 years ago

This is a silly argument. Nobody is looking to ban the Bible or Christians. Conversion therapy is proven to cause severe psychological injury. Nicolosi's books weren't banned because he was a Christian (there are after all millions of gay Christians), but because he was promoting a practice that has created trauma and severe psychological injury. Amazon is a private platform and they have the right to ban anything they wish. Nicolosi's books are available elsewhere for purchase.

Ultra conservatives need to understand that not everything like this is done to oppose a religion, but is instead an attempt to confront and counter dangerous interpretations. Many Christians from the southern US continued to believe into the early 1970s that the Bible banned inter-racial marriage, and many believed into the early decades of the 20th century that the enslavement of the black man was entirely Biblical. Society has to continue to grow and progress, as does religious faith.

True Christians don't condone slavery, or the oppression of women, don't stone children, don't stone people who eat at Red Lobster, don't condemn gay people or their decision to marry, and we don't condone dangerous things like conversion therapy. Christ is about love, self-sacrifice, and service. Anything else is personal opinion and personal opinion should never be enforced on other people.

libsrtheh8ters • 3 years ago

Homosexuality is a MENTAL ILLNESS & homosexuals have multiple psychiatric problems. Many were molested as children & go on to molest children themselves. Also homosexuality is an extremely HIGH RISK LIFESTYLE CHOICE & YES, it absolutely IS a CHOICE. There is no genetic propensity for homosexuality. Homosexuals have an EXPONENTIALLY HIGHER rate of drug & alcohol abuse, depression, domestic violence, child molestation, STDS, sexual injuries, Hepatitis B & C & HIV. Not exactly something that should be promoted & encouraged & those seeking to escape from it should have every opportunity to do so.

Personal opinion should not be enforced on other people, EXACTLY. YOU/mentally ill LGBTQ activists & the leftist communist globalist billionaires USING them to wipe Christianity out of society do not have the right to FORCE Christians, muslims & Jews to violate their faith & endorse your lifestyle CHOICE.

John • 3 years ago

Since Christ and His Father, God, condemned homosexuality and since God only created them male and female, I fear you are under a satanic deception in declaring that "there are millions of gay Christians."
I would suggest you read and study the Bible before trying to pontificate on its teachings.

Mt Native • 3 years ago

So just how long do you think Amazon would stay in business if the only business they got came from the lgbtqwxyz crowd that comprises only about 2% of the US population and who know what percent world wide. I would venture a guess that it wouldn't survive.

Gunster • 3 years ago

Everyone pause and consider what happened in 1930s Germany when the Nazis came to power. Both Jews and Christians were persecuted and sent to Hitler's ovens. Additionally, there were mass book burnings on the streets of Germany and Austria. Any Jewish book and other books not aligning with the Nazi mindset were classified as traitorous material to the government and were burned....that included Jewish Torahs and Christian Bibles. Here in the USA for many years public schools have become increasingly more toxic to the Christian Bible - to the point of not even allowing Gideons on their grounds for the purpose of giving out Bibles. Yet, Muslims are permitted on those grounds advocating Islam - a religion which advocates killing anyone who does not align with their belief. See the parallel of which evil is insidiously rising in the USA? It is becoming less vogue to have Christian principles and more to align with any concept against it...and even with a belief which embraces murdering their fellow citizen. Sooooooo, yes, the Christian Bible will one day be banned...and Amazon just may be the catalyst!

Enigma • 3 years ago

Friend, you took the image that formed in my mind as I read the article and put it into words -- that newsreel footage of German students enthusiastically throwing books into a large bonfire, to "purify" Germany of cultural contaminants.

abinico • 3 years ago

Yes, amazon will ban the Bible.

Guest • 3 years ago
Enigma • 3 years ago

Hitler was not a Christian, he was an occultist. He made the German churches remove the cross from their steeples, replace it with the swastika, and standardized a Nazified liturgy.

dr_gunther_von_hagens • 3 years ago

Let's be real here, if the Bible were written today it would be banned in schools as violent and pornographic material. I've read most of it, and it really is a nasty piece of work.

dr_gunther_von_hagens • 3 years ago

Michael Brown is one paranoid kook.

Rick • 3 years ago

Better add the Koran.It lauds murder!

talltreetrader • 3 years ago

Folks: just some more of 1984 (Thought Police)

John • 3 years ago

Certainly, it's just a matter of time. The "liberal" "inclusive" Left hates The God of the Bible after all.

TruthHurts2012 • 3 years ago

No, the inclusive left hates how the Bible has been twisted to support dangerous and harmful interpretations. The issue isn't Christianity, the issue is how certain Christians interpret the faith and the way they behave as a result. Roman Catholics for centuries slaughtered Protestants because they believed the Bible told them to. We must grow and progress past such ideas.

Enigma • 3 years ago

With respect "'92," the issue is the sanctimonious, self-righteous left which feels entitled to control other people's speech, thoughts, and access to ideas. The Thirty Years' War was aways back. I think we can afford to be a little less concerned with Catholics slaughtering Protestants, and perhaps a little more chagrined with the Islamic Republic of Iran's "crusade" to acquire nuclear weapons with which to wipe out the "Little Satan" of Israel, and the "Great Satan" of America. The Islamic world seems to be growing and progressing towards a realization of a 7th century religious fantasy of global purity. What the Western world is not growing and making progress towards is global totalitarianism.

dr_gunther_von_hagens • 3 years ago

The liberal Left Christian's God is the God of MLK Jr, not the God of Trump/Pence.

John • 3 years ago

MLK wasn't a Leftist, you fool. Try your idiotic lies elsewhere, they won't work with me. I know all there is to know about you "liberal" Leftists. Lying and scheming always. Stuck in evil. What a waste of a life.

dr_gunther_von_hagens • 3 years ago

Go read about MLK Jr. He was a left wing social justice warrior who spoke out against the racist war in SE Asia. The racists today would call him a Communist, just as they did back then.

Patti Patterson • 3 years ago

He was Republican. According to history, and his family

dr_gunther_von_hagens • 3 years ago

I've read a lot of history about MLK Jr. and I've never read that he was a Republican or a Democrat. Who is his family claims this?

Patti Patterson • 3 years ago

What political party was Martin Luther King Jr.?

It should come as no surprise that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican. In that era, almost all black Americans were Republicans. Why? From its founding in 1854 as the anti-slavery party until today, the Republican Party has championed freedom and civil rights for blacks. Bing can be your friend. Try it sometime when you want to find actual

tpl • 3 years ago

If amazon bans the bible, I for one would stop buying there.

patrick wagner • 3 years ago

"the forces of "tolerance" and "diversity" are determined to usher in a world of intolerance and ruthless conformity."[Mark Steyn]"

stevecrisp • 3 years ago

"It’s one thing if a book encouraged illegal, life-threatening behavior, as in a terrorist’s manual for making a bomb."

I disagree with that statement completely. The printed word can never be the direct incitement for imminent violence. The reading of such may eventually result in violence, but not as an immediate action. And that is the test of the First Amendment when it comes to "fighting words."

Allow the publication of anything, then allow the further publication of rebuttals. Because once you block the publication or sale of ANY written text, you open yourself up to others being able to block what you write.

gene4791 • 3 years ago


Ngorgh • 3 years ago

Yes they will and they will claim it is hate speech... Oh and you can quote me on that.
In California they already tell the churches to not preach on anything that offends anyone. Well that takes away most of the Word of GOD.

For when the Word of GOD is preached there is either a revival or hatred... GOD'S Word never returns void.

John 9:4
I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh when no man can work.

Curt Cummings • 3 years ago

Undoubtedly. God's enemies will stop at nothing to sweep His truth under the rug, but I have news for them even if they deny him and oppose him, and stand against his word, they are still subject to it and will be judged by it in the near future. So sad that they are passing up free salvation through Jesus Christ who shed his blood on the cross of Calvary so that they could be saved and have life eternal. Repent and make the right choice and ask Jesus into your heart today. You will be glad that you did for all eternity. !!!

LP • 3 years ago


dr_gunther_von_hagens • 3 years ago

No, Amazon will not ban the Bible next.

44nhj45HF • 3 years ago

May I quote you on that?

pstreet • 3 years ago

UNHUH; OH i believe you, really i do; i mean you are the all knowing piledhigher and deeper.

rolloverandplaydead • 3 years ago

Before they ban the KJV or any half-decent versions, they will promote a 'gay friendly' bible perversion that will be endorsed by a myriad of unbelievers.

Enigma • 3 years ago

I believe you are correct. As I endeavored to inform "Iwuzbornin1992" above, who wrote "Hitler read the Bible," the Nazi's removed the crosses from the church steeples and created their own Nazi-fied version of the Bible with matching, occultist liturgy. It would not surprise me at all if at least California brought out a new, LSMFT-version. Regards!

patrick wagner • 3 years ago

"There is a thought that stops thought. That is the only thought that ought to be stopped. That is the ultimate evil against which all religious authority was aimed. It only appears at the end of decadent ages like our own:” [G K Chesterton]