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bbb • 1 month ago

Audit the Fed. As usual, Elon Musk is 100% right.
There was NO 'Fed' until roughly 100 years ago when skilled scam artist like the Rothschilds, Moody and certain presidents saw a way to sift money into their own pockets by controlling Federal currency.
God forbid those thieves convince anyone to go with electronic ergs pretending it is as good as currency people can touch, can carry on their persons without fear that the electricity will go out, and can store up for expensive purchases or investing.
The lights will go out. The FBI, the Pentagon, the Secretary of State and others in the Biden administration have been warning us of "attacks on the power grids". I think since they are the ones planning to do it, we should believe them.

Its comedy gold when the Banksters declare their wars; because that gives them permission to get their officers/tax-cops to go to your homes and ask for the gold you own to be a donation to the war effort; as happened in WW1 and WW2, and you get paper that says you are a nice person, and then your city gets levelled after they leave.

Porphyry • 1 month ago

Too bad I don't own gold. Got some lead I could donate to such poor state flunkies, though. That could be comical too.

Yeah; every lead purchas is traced; so they can come for that with robot dogs later.

Hugh Kite • 1 month ago

That's what lead is for !

Trip them up with fishing line traps.

Porphyry • 1 month ago

Or that's probably what some statist told you. Consumers seldom buy pure lead anyway, & governments have a poor record of keeping track of everything they're supposed to! Robot dogs offer an interesting choice of killing methods; jamming radio control might be simplest.

MikeW • 1 month ago

Maybe all this is on purpose to set the stage for Americans welcoming the Fed-controlled CBDC, giving the international banks who own the Fed full digital control of how and where Americans spend their money.

Sultan of Sanford • 1 month ago

Central Banks are collapsing their fiat Federal Reserve money being replaced with gold backed US Notes and the Quantum Financial System. The Federal Reserve and US Inc. are bankrupt.

UselessJoe • 1 month ago

Central banking dates to 1694, when the Bank of England was founded for the purpose of creating the hidden tax of inflation to provide cheap money to government—above all, for Britain’s many foreign wars. In exchange, the central bankers were paid well with interest.

Its not Cheap money to them. Its Free monopoly money to them, while being paid interest to those borrowing it from them

2ndOrion • 1 month ago

Interesting. To keep getting money, Loans have to be renewed by the Banks to the media. The Media tells the people what they need to hear to keep them happy. The Fed Keeps the Money Coming to keep all Economists with a Tenure job at the Schools of Higher Learning, and keep them happy. Let's leave the Rest to Jim Rickards. He has written the books for everyone on it.

Just like a Sunspot System stronger than the Current one could take all record out of your Computer Stored Money, keep Hard Printed Copy of the accounts you have like the smartest Banks Do somewhere. Chase Most likely has all this taught in good Accounting Schools, somewhere.

If they don't teach this hardcopy thing at your School, you have wasted your money on fooling with the School.

Takes a bit of work to put Hardcopy back into a computing system after an EMP or Strong Sunspot has erased it, but it can be done. This just happened Sunspot has turned out to be a powder puff.

UselessJoe • 1 month ago

Its not higher learning, its dumb down learning.

As we know, whatever the media reports, we know it comes right from the government straight to media
in the form of FAKE NEWS with a meaning opposite of the truth, and reporting.

2ndOrion • 1 month ago

Called Backup. Gold and Silver is good ultimate money, backup. Can't Erase it easily. It stays the same. More printed, printed, per given Mass or weight, but it stays the same, even if taken other places by whoever gets it, or even melted, or recovered by producers.

Captain Obviously • 1 month ago

As I see it, this is where it all started❗️

By that I mean the decline of our nation❗️

Their tentacles are so deep, frankly, it’s as deep as the prescribed ignorance of our people❗️

Not to sound too negative but…I see no way out❗️
I think they got us good❗️
At least not in my lifetime anyways❗️
Sad…..life could have been so much better without these disgusting bloodsuckers on our backs‼️

Castle • 1 month ago

Once their banking system goes bankrupt, which will occur soon, that will open a window for an opportunity for Trump to switch out the central banking debt system with a gold system.

The DS knows it. Why do you think they're trying so hard to keep him out of office?
Bye bye endless free money printing when he comes back.
Take heart, all is not lost.
All is lost for our enemies.

Captain Obviously • 4 weeks ago

Great insight…..thanks for the uplifting thoughts👍