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Kirtane • 1 year ago

Does anyone know why they didn't mention setting up a free ProtonMail account for email and using DuckDuckGo Onion for search within Tor? Seems like pretty basic add-ons to the process already described, but maybe I'm missing something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

EJ • 1 year ago
Kirtane • 1 year ago

Wow that article was really insightful. Thank you.

fstaheli • 1 year ago

Is it only a problem with PGP that the email subject is part of the metadata? Or is that with any encryption?

EJ • 1 year ago

E-mail subject and other metadata is sent in the clear regardless of what client is used to compose/send/encrypt the e-mail. The Internet e-mail protocol SMTP requires in-the-clear metadata to work.

Arrby • 1 year ago

I had the complicated TOR browser and used it only a few times. I guess if I was a professional investigative journalist, I would master it and use it all the time. But that's not me. In any case, I've come across a few disturbing (planted?) bits of info about TOR. And I wonder about Jacob Appelbaum (who is probably the good guy he would have us believe or he wouldn't be so... erased from society.) The one, easy, thing I do is vpn. And that's problematic, since anti-privacy companies (like Rogers here in Canada) can just block your vpn, forcing you to ditch it. And it just isn't realistic to expect big companies to align their policies to reflect the needs and wishes of their customers rather than governments who they partner with, partly out of choice and partly out of fear.

himagain • 1 year ago

The whole security thing is too much for most of us - and even the super-cautious like me will get machines subverted by family and friends in emails!
This is ignoring the fact that very big (supposedly secure) organisations are attacked daily.
I've just been reading about stuxnet - and that is really terrifying. Kiddies can use it and Utilities are basically open doors. How come it hasn't happened except to THAT country...

SO Here is my latest plan:
1. Use VPN everywhere unless forced to stop by a Site. Scarily, it hasn't happened yet.......
2. Use a sacrificial laptop for all Net searching and interaction.
3. Use my smart Cellphone for phone calls....... only phone calls
4. Currently using Opera and its VPN (based on my amateur research) on my isolated Net machine.
5. Naturally, I run Kaspersky and nothing leaves either machine without going through it.

How am I doin'?

wuuk • 1 year ago

Yea, I'm not sure about #4 since it's been acquired by the Chinese. The built in VPN on Opera is questionable. It goes through their servers and they don't claim to not log you. You're much better off rolling your own VPN account. As they say, "if you're not paying for it, you're the product."

WiTopia • 1 year ago

The easiest way to add true PGP security and end-to-end encryption to *any* email address (Gmail, Yahoo, your work email, etc.) is our new SecureMyEmail service. https://www.securemyemail.com. We wished we would have launched earlier to make cut on such articles, but it took two years to do it right. As article states, it's also a nice trick to use a VPN, TOR, etc. to mask the IP address the email originates from as that doesn't occur even with PGP. SecureMyEmail will not only ensure emails and attachments are PGP-secured end-to-end but also prevent mail providers from scanning all your email for keywords and selling this information to advertisers as all you email will be encrypted on their servers also.

Guest • 1 year ago
-7/4 • 1 year ago

Actually you are close to best intelligence practice there. AlQaeda gave up on cellphones, notebooks or the internet for any communication with bin Laden and their top brass. They did not employ pigeons but used trusted messengers instead, sometimes just memorizing the message. That gave bin Laden a few extra years of life.

DoktorThomas • 12 months ago

Been there done that. Their idea of home and yours are not identical; and they do not fly as the crows do. Next!!! ©2017

ScaryMary • 1 year ago

All I can say is Good luck! Google, GMAIL along with Twitter and various others HATE TOR. You will grow ever so frustrated in the continuing battle to prove yourself using these conglomerates services with anonymity software such as TOR. Yes they may work but they are buggy as hell. Be prepared to verify street signs, house numbers, etc. And thee ole "Sorry, Something Went Wrong" on twitter will be forever relevant. That being said I truly believe TOR is broken and has been for a while. The raids on select Dark Web Site Operators as well as other known specific sites has been ever increasing. Don't get me wrong, they were doing illegal things but it still goes to show what extent the LEA's have gone to unmask their true identity. Especially when they're doing everything written in this article. Truth of the matter is You don't really know if you're invisible or not using these services. You want a good Email service? ty Protonmail. Otherwise you're screwed. And by god I don't even know if that one will ever last as a secured service. Good Luck.

Maggiemay • 1 year ago

Now all I need is someone to give a damn what I do online. Or anywhere.

-7/4 • 1 year ago

Well as long as you "behave" I guess it's ok. Until you don't.

jake3_14 • 1 year ago

Here's my email address: trustedservant@mailinator.com Please email me the passwords to all of your email
accounts, not just the nice, respectable work one in your name, but all
of them, because I want to be able to just have a look at what it is
you're doing online, read what I want to read and publish whatever I
find interesting. After all, if you're not a bad person, if you're doing
nothing wrong, you should have nothing to hide.


Jack Mabry • 1 year ago

You need to accept the fact that privacy is dead in our modern world, and act accordingly. Sad, but oh so true. Don't put anything on the net that you would not want the world to see. Be very judicious when you hit that enter key. The world is literally watching.

Kermit! • 1 year ago

Guys, it's called using COMMON SENSE. I don't need to post every detail of my life online. I have ZERO pictures of me circulating online. I maintain my own domains and host my own secure email server. People say that they want to be invisible, but few are actually willing to put forth the effort to do anything about it. Do you use Gmail? Yahoo? MSN? FAIL.

Alex • 1 year ago

F^ck this new world. What a nightmare.

Brooke Clarke • 1 year ago

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Alex • 1 year ago


Maercu • 1 year ago

How secure are the endpoints? That's what I worry about the most, with my Android phone and windows and OSX desktops. The network concepts are more or less familiar but I never got around to analyzing a enture 20GB operating system and all its outgoing network connections.

Half of the time I laugh about my own paranoia, the other half I wish there wouldn't be any doubts about it.

munden • 1 year ago

You can use an email client like Thunderbird instead of a web browser. Download or delete every message you read. Pick a server outside US jurisdiction that allows connection through TOR. There is one at https://novo-ordo.com. Use GPG (enigma) to encrypt your messages. That is about as safe as you are going to get on the internet.

I just wish they would start Eavesdropping as a Service (EaaS) to remind me of the stuff my wife tells me to do on the phone and email but I forget. There's a value add service.

Kazibwe Stephen • 1 year ago

ts too strange

etre • 1 year ago

This is rubbish tbh. And the suggestion to use Tor tops it all. I logged on one online service through Tor. At one point, just to test. One day later someone was trying to access my account. Using Tor is like giving your data away to total strangers instead of Google.

-7/4 • 1 year ago

Good advice from an Old Master. Cheers.

Blupp • 1 year ago

It's really sad that this is needed. Thank you very much for all the advice! I hope it gets a lot of shares.
I would like to add ghostery, a free plugin that blocks tracking technologies. I really love startpage.com as a privacy-friendly alternative for google. They've got a better image search than google now.

jake3_14 • 1 year ago

I'm a former Ghostery user, because it broke the vast majority of websites that I used most often. I now use o other plugins, such as ublock origin, https everywhere, Blur, and FB Purity to protect my privacy.

mclepus • 1 year ago

Thanks, Kevin.

madskills • 1 year ago

Interesting stuff. I would say the picture taking at Wal Mart is probably erased after 30 days, the collection of license plates is probably more big city then rural. Buying the phone with cash wearing a baseball cap, parking your car in the lot across the street , with your car in backwards would do the trick( at least in Florida). Buying a cheap chromebook with cash would be a nice way to get a single way to send and search without people knowing who you are. The stuff about NSA is a little over blown. NSA has 50,000 workers, not all of them looking at our stuff,. Collecting data is one thing, analyzing it is another thing all together. You need a start and end point, huuuuuuuuuge amounts of data. Worked in the military as an analyst connected with NSA in the late 60s, early 70s. Solid organization, but never the bogey man portrayed by TV.

jake3_14 • 1 year ago

FTFA:"Using Tor over an open wireless network after you’ve changed your MAC address should be the minimum safeguards." The article didn't even define what a MAC address was, let alone how to change it. Brilliant bit of editing.

-7/4 • 1 year ago

Oh come on, google it, check Wiki. It is defined everywhere.

jake3_14 • 1 year ago

It's a disservice to readers to use terms that the majority don't know. That's a well-established convention. The very least that the author should have done is hyperlinked the term to is definition.

Ticobird • 12 months ago

10 second google search

mclarksn9 • 1 year ago

Or just go off the grid like OBL

Antrotskin • 1 year ago

A small note: IP means Internet Protocol, not internal Protocol.
Metadata may reveal even imore than it is said, as time and route, origin and destination of messages are included in it.
It is becoming harder and harder to skip undesired watching as time goes by.

Antrotskin • 1 year ago

There is an (un)expected result of all this mess.
There is a lot of undesired mail and posts in our networks due to the crossing and crunching data of providers, presenting us a selection (by them) of topics which not necessarily is ours own or even close to our real one, leaving almost no attention room in the mind for the real info sought.

-7/4 • 1 year ago

You go, Kevin!

Artitu • 1 year ago

Interesting, so now we have Snowdon's co-conspirators in a nice list. Since the information was Top Secret, it looks like the FBI could indict all of those people and have a field day at trial. After all, the evidence is available. Thank you Kevin. Makes the work of law enforcement that much easier.

Boston Braves FC • 1 year ago

All well with the article and yes we have no place to hide.... Did anyone and mostly the author of this article thought that all the advice he is giving can be used by ass...les who may not have had good training in Syria, Iraq, Iran or Libya of how to do and stay hidden?

-7/4 • 1 year ago

Old Masters were classy.
Kevin earned his place in history.

Eeseekeal Flamthrower • 12 months ago

Interesting stuff. The world is a crazy place. I don't have the energy to do all that. Nobody gives a crap about my comings and goings anyway.

BS Detector • 12 months ago

You can still be tracked down while using TOR !

Eeseekeal Flamthrower • 12 months ago

Got to use a VPN as well.

DoktorThomas • 12 months ago

Your email is stored on every server it passed through and by default every piece of electronic communication (since 1940) is stored at least twice by the felons at NSA who share it without pause with the FBI and probably the CIA. Lesson: don't use email for anything. Even better, throw all your computers away including the car and your appliances.
He left out the part about expatriation being the only sane option. ©2017