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Guest • 2 years ago
Hairball • 1 year ago

Teresa, you and queen_ee should go and have coffee sometime. If you can find a coffee shop. Which I doubt. Good luck in all your future endeavors.

Guest • 1 year ago
Hairball • 1 year ago

I have the higher IQ so I don't think I will! Toodles!

incaroads • 1 year ago

"Powell's just might be the only bookstore in the world that doubles as a tourist destination."

This claim may leave some readers feeling Stranded.

Tacy E. • 1 year ago

Unfortunately, this isn't legitimate. WW required these businesses to pay to be on the list for each category. A legitimate list of the best of Portland would have been open to ALL businesses, regardless of their ability to pay for the nomination or not. Not to downplay the businesses listed, but this was just one more way for WW to generate revenue.

Misanthrope • 1 year ago

Well that explains why the abomination, voodoo donuts, is on the list.

Kristin Ochs • 1 year ago

We didn't pay anything to be nominated or win. We were invited to purchase additional advertising and a booth at the party, which we declined, but we still won without shelling out a penny.

Kurt Westergaard • 1 year ago

Very embarrassing for WW. This needs to be exposed. Feels dirty.

Clare Bean • 1 year ago

I think http://rhinodigital.com is the best printer in Portland!

Christopher Rex • 1 year ago

Best strain... blue dream!? Wtf?

Bhahahaba. Funniest thing I read all day.

bebe • 1 year ago

What happened to best stripper?

Elle Stanger • 1 year ago

Elle Stanger, who works at Lucky Devil Lounge and can be found on www.stripperwriter.com

- She

queen_ee • 2 years ago

at the end there isn't a "submit" button...kinda anticlimactic... is that it? do I just hit vote on a buncha things then logout? HOW DO I KNOW IF IT EVEN WENT THROUGHHHHHH I need confirmation and validation, people!

Hairball • 1 year ago

Oh dear. That's embarrassing.