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Basic Income : Is a right, not a privilege, so as all the population share in the / from the Wealth of the Nation, and without having to tax the population to "strangulation levels".
The Wealth of the Nation is sufficient to "fund such a program" - for each nation globally - and the "trials by nations presently have proven the point.
No further taxation is required - in fact - the less taxation the better - and it encourages spending...!!!
The Wealth of the Nation, is, deliberately hidden by the sub-human bureaucrats, and this conspiracy is aided by the MSM - the Mass Media Fake News Deception Organizations globally..... [ Do you think that, more than 6000 TV Stations, 10000 Newspapers and magazines, and more than 8000 radio stations in the Great Republic of the USA are owned / controlled by 6 Holding Companies, all of which are headed by Zionist Ashkenazim Khazar Babylonian Satanic Talmudic sub humans..?? [ what a co-incidence ] think again ].
Muamar Qaddafi, proved it in Libya - but the Elits were "supposedly threatened" - so they had to send him on a "holiday".
But. The scam is up. The World Population has awakened. The Enlightenment and the GNOSSIS obtained each and every day by all of the world population has destroyed the sub human satanic plans of the sub-humans, vis a vis the global population and its GNOSSIS of the World Facts.
"The Fulcrum Has Moved".
Besides. Lets take a step forward and, for a moment say, suggest, state, that such "Basic Income" is implemented throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, the World.
What the heck will the people do with their "extra money - they will spend it "back into the economy", via the purchase of basic goods, and perhaps even some luxury goods.
Naturally, the local economy, and regional, and national, will boom with such spending availability.
Imagine the entire population being able to afford affordable life insurance, that could be paid, 'from their extra income", such that they are able to leave a respectable sum to their loved ones when they pass on.
Imagine the entire population being able to afford an "investment general insurance policy" covering all assets, homes, cars, etc., and the individual policy holder, who has not made a claim for xx years, ie., 15-20-25 years, to be receiving most of the paid in funds back, "into their investment account which, covers all education costs of the children, and all "old age extra needs that we have / may have".
The key reason why such "Guaranteed Basic Income" works, is that, in a country with "millions & tens of millions of population, "the Law of Averages" is in full force and effect.
The problem is : the global MSM organizations - ie., "Fake News Organizations" - and all other pundits, so called NWO, Elits, Bilderbergs, Black Nobility, Population Exterminationists, call them what you like, who are against such basic human right, dignity & honour, would rather have most all of the entire global population killed / annihilated, however, thankfully for the Awaking & Enlightenment of World Population, that scam has blown off in their faces.
To be more precise, always remember what happened to King Kroisos, in Ancient Lydia, after The Great Philosopher Solon visited him, and King Kroisos tried to impress him with his mythical "real wealth of incredible gold, silver, platinum, diamond, rubies, and every other "real wealth" that anyone can think and imagine..!!!
Lets implement this Guaranteed Basic Income & implement it Globally, and the sooner, the better.

jpmrwb • 3 years ago

So Basic Income is a right? How did you come to that conclusion? It's a right at whose expense?
Looks like he lists 10 sources for the income to perform this trick. So if these sources go away we still have this right to just take from them anyway? What a stupid article that doesn't realize the disincentive it would cause in the creation of wealth. Good luck on your utopia dreams.

BohemianBaby • 4 years ago

ARISTOTELIS ELLINAS I love everything you said! It's all true! And this would solve so many problems in the USA. I'm all for guaranteed basic income. I'de like to see it around the $2,500 for each adult and half that for each child.