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Gareth Skipp • 4 years ago

Dude, you knock my socks off. Those images are incredible!

Josh Bozarth • 5 years ago

Wow!!! Just looking at these pictures make my stomach churn, not from the quality but from looking over the edge

Robin Parker • 7 years ago

Awesome work, incredible

Rocky Natiag Abapo • 7 years ago

Totally awesome! Good job Von!

senya verdiane • 7 years ago

love it !

Naing Thu Soe • 7 years ago

Wow ... Creative art!

Ellen Rose • 7 years ago

Its a great work. One from the best works. I wish you a great inspiration.

David Arty • 7 years ago

This is really EPIC! You're Crazy, man!
Brazil hugs! :)

Knightmare6 • 7 years ago

Having gone down the side of a skyscraper last year, I can relate to the fear, LOL! Much love to everyone who helped bring these photos to life!

Terence Flynn • 7 years ago

As much as I love this, I do have to say that they look a little too over edited. They look like digital paintings. If they were a little more realistic in nature I think they'd look better. Still great images though.

Calvin Wong • 7 years ago

Wow!!!! this is really Epic

ME • 7 years ago

Your F*ing Crazy.. I love it....

Brian Victor Ciupka • 7 years ago

here's how acrophobia works , I look at just a photo like these and my leg muscles cramp up and a terrifying dizzying sensation takes over my hole body as though I were actually there hanging on the edge ,, thanks , now I'm going to medicate myself

Mika Suvanto • 7 years ago

Just Brilliant... Awesome shoot's Ben...

lujaw • 7 years ago

this is too awesome..

Pavel | www.cestycinou.sk • 7 years ago

this is probably the best I have seen from u :)

Kylie Knight • 7 years ago

Ben this is epic!

Benjamin Von Wong • 7 years ago


cmacaskill • 7 years ago

I was the client and we printed these big (120 inches) for both the walls and floors. You can't imagine how awesome they look up close and personal at that size.

Benjamin Von Wong • 7 years ago

I need to see it in person <3 !

Jen Brook • 7 years ago

Brilliant stuff as always. I was on the edge of my seat watching the video!

Van Ambruce Ligutom • 7 years ago

I super love it.. WOW!!!

James P. Garcia • 7 years ago

Watching this video made my knees weak lol! So dope!

sftitan • 7 years ago

Week or weak?

James P. Garcia • 7 years ago

*weak, thanks

Cihat Altunbas • 7 years ago

Awesome Benjamin :)

Angela nathanya • 7 years ago

this is awesome!! always love your work ❤️

Benjamin Von Wong • 7 years ago

Thanks angela!