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Jessica Davenport • 5 years ago

This has helped me tremendously. My children are the first sibling set in the USA with a rare and fatal form of dwarfism called Schimke Immuno Osseous Dysplasia (SIOD). We have to raise 3 million dollars to fund the ready to go research to save Kruz and Paizlee. Life expectancy is 9 to 11 years, they are 3 and 20 months, we have a small window of time to make a dramatic difference. We have started a non-profit organization- Kruzn For A Kure Foundation. In 121 days we have raised right at $200,000 just by general fundraising alone in our small Alabama community. We will never stop or give up. This post was right on, you will have days that completely feel hopeless. Keep going. I actually emailed Von Wong and soon realized I can't imagine how many people he gets asking these same questions.

Pavel | www.cestycinou.sk • 7 years ago

Thank you. This blogpost is one of the best blogposts you have written so far. at least for me. Amazing insights ad inspiration. I foirst saw the video and it seemed little bit harsh, but after reading this post I absolutely support you

Gen Vagula • 7 years ago

I was reading your post at FB and yeah, you´re at the bad spot. Just can´t imagine what you goin´ through reading all these letters and listening these phonecalls. it just struck to me that usually the common thinking is that the strongest are the ones that just ignore their own and others feelings and just work towards success. But these guys will never get such letters and pleas. But it got me thinking that in a sense the people who express the emotions, sympathy and are ready to do something to fellow man, must just be much more stronger to keep their focus and control the mind. Just can´t say anything comforting but stay strong and don´t lose minds. And you are still inspirational to so many and whatever you do, just don´t lock down. That´s the easiest path to take. You´re stronger than this. Sorry for long and maybe confusing post.

Colene Draper Anderson • 7 years ago

awesome! thank you for the tips! I just put up a fundraiser on gofundme to help someone I know who is terminal and her husband recently left her and took everything they had. Hopefully i can apply what you said to help spread the word and raise her some money

Mark P. • 7 years ago

Wow, so powerful. And thanks for your tips. They will be helpful to many.

Stefan • 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing some really good informations and things to keep in mind!
And of course - thanks for taking your place in this story - it makes me believe in the good in man!

Christine L. • 7 years ago

Thank you for being who you are Ben! Your kind and generous heart will bring you far in life. Keep up your amazing work and stay who you are. :)