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Anne-Marie Bickerton • 4 years ago

You are an amazing artist with exactly the right amount of energy to create true works of art. Thank you. Anne-Marie.

Jessica • 6 years ago

Watched the video and was blown away by your skill shooting in low-lighting environments! So epic, and highly enjoy your "visual engineer" title.


Tim Gilbreath • 6 years ago

Beautiful results!! And shows how much work, planning, and coordination goes into producing shots as breathtaking as these.

steven spaulding • 6 years ago

while i am an avid von wong admirer and look to your shoots for inspiration to fuel my own creations. this is the portion the stuck out most to me about this particular shoot.

Preliminary emails and calls out to similar locations were consistently met with flat out rejections or exorbitant shooting rates

the images turned out amazing and you can tell that it was an amazing team that helped create them.

Benjamin Von Wong • 6 years ago

:) Thanks mate. People usually only see the success without all the failures that paved the way.

steven spaulding • 6 years ago

i think that's an important part of the industry is the failures that everyone went through to reach where they are now.

those looking to get into the industry only see the results but don't realize the years of rejection, learning, trying new things and finding people you trust and admire to build a team with that helped them get to where they are now.

i look forward to seeing your next creation and maybe if you're ever in alberta, a chance to grab a drink and share war stories.


Elle ETrois • 2 years ago

We would welcome you to our libraries, however, they do not look that amazing.

If you are ever in Northern California, or at the Capitol in Sacramento, visit the California State Library. The original building is quite amazing. It went through a thorough rehab, with care taken not to damage floors statues, murals, chandeliers, etc. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

Jonathan Thompson • 6 years ago

Awesome shoot, you have quite the talent & your lighting looks perfect. What an adventure. I'm off to read Jen's blog now, see how she experienced it. Thanks for the inspiration :)

Markus • 6 years ago

Each time you're releasing a new BTS reveals another "wow" :-). Outstanding work Ben! Keep up the good work.

Side remark: The link to the Siros giveaway is missing :-).

Benjamin Von Wong • 6 years ago

Sorry mate it's been fixed! http://www.viewbug.com/8EF9

Milan Cherian • 6 years ago

Brilliant one yet again.Its always a pleasure reading through your blog entries.

Benjamin Von Wong • 6 years ago

Wouhou thanks mate!

Abe Robinson • 6 years ago

As a avid pre 1920s Book collector those library shots make my heart jump. those shots are absolutely breathtaking!

Benjamin Von Wong • 6 years ago

I don't even like books but these were breathtaking!