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Jens Winkler • 6 years ago

Thank you for your inspiration. Did this project in "my" gym - the bodybuilding people were by far the most critical models I ever had, the fitness people and the 40+ people where more relaxed. I love that I managed to invite people up to 80+ years old - but am too polite to tell you who it is:-)

Greetings from Switzerland

JF • 7 years ago

I don't want to learn how to do this. I want to pay someone to take pictures of me like this. Surely you are getting tons of inquiries. Are you doing more of this? Can people have this done????

Vestias • 7 years ago

interesting thank you

DafEO • 7 years ago

Would be interested to see a video on your post production for something like this - if even just short main points.
Have you done any post production vids (had a quick scan can't see any specifically on post) ?

catpea33 • 7 years ago

Wow! I'm so glad I came across your blog! I really love your photos and I love how you've given some details about how you got the shots.

Shun Fukuzawa • 7 years ago

Hi Von,

I translated your article on Medium into Japanese https://medium.com/@yukichi....
That's a great article. I hope your coolest challenge spread around world!
This translation is not approved by Medium yet, but anyone can read it.

MStull • 7 years ago

Awesome photos! Creative juices were definitely flowing!

tranquility • 7 years ago

or just have an assistant stand on a ladder with a hose with a garden watering attachment on it (kind of like an old fashioned shower head). No assistant? Zip tie it to a pole/branch/ladder/etc.
If the water is too cold, use a big kiddy pool and run through a recirculation pond pump. Use a bird bath winter heating element to warm up the water. Just, don’t put it in contact with the plastic tub.

Benjamin Von Wong • 7 years ago

Exactly! Get creative :D

haha your idea reminds me of the SAIL music video : https://www.youtube.com/wat...

floridacrackerphotography • 7 years ago

This is why I love Photography. You can create Moments in time. And for an added bonus, The subjects have a photo of a lifetime.