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Jamie Harris • 7 years ago

Benjamin, since you had a constant flow of water, did you use or have the need to use any product on the skin for the water to bead?

DafEO • 8 years ago

Intriguing to hear Mamiya would make someone a brand ambassador who's only used medium format sparingly. Marketing department in full gear ;)

Benjamin Von Wong • 8 years ago

Correction: Before I became an ambassador I wasn't using medium format. :)
Takes time to actually produce shoots once you've received the gear. Stay tuned, there will be more soon and some of it is pretty awesome.

Miles Hennis • 8 years ago

Medium format is definitely awesome.

@RobHPhotos • 8 years ago

Sorry! Amazing as always! :)

@RobHPhotos • 8 years ago

Somtimes you need more than $10K to light up things.... ;(

Benjamin Von Wong • 8 years ago

and sometimes you find a way regardless of the challenges