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marvellous • 1 year ago

Thanks sharing such
wonderful information with us. I so much enjoyed reading this kind of article and I also want to help direct people to this very site because your review was so nice and informative. And to those who will be visiting your site after I do, will also testify what I have just said here.
Once again thanks.

Kevin Vyse • 7 years ago

I want one of those bracelets! your work is outstanding... I have a hair shoot coming up and needed to see this

Benjamin Von Wong • 7 years ago
Allen Ang • 9 years ago

Hey awesome! Thanks, Ben! :D
Haha.. That's quite a surprise! Can't wait for it!

Jas • 9 years ago

Nice work! Thanks for sharing. Also, the ones with the hands were really creepy. :P

ee • 9 years ago

Well executed!
Hoping for a vonWong workshop in Switzerland :)

Renaud • 9 years ago

Great work as always! And nice bracelets too! ;)

Anders • 9 years ago

I'm so impressed with all of your work!

This concept and these images, especially the ones with the hands, are awesome. The catchlights are really cool too.

Jonas • 9 years ago

Nice bracelets!

I'm here to win one of them... Lol

Violeta • 9 years ago

I love those shots! Very futuristic and mysterious, the long lights make them even more curious and draw you to look closer. Great execution of everything and good luck to the competition!

Tyler Grace • 9 years ago

That was a really cool way to light the scene!
You are my inspiration for my photography. You are so incredibly creative, much more creative than I think I will ever be! I hope to some day be as good as you!
Keep up the good work! :)

Val • 9 years ago

Amazing shots, thanks for the info on the shoot

Holly Brown • 9 years ago

Your work is always refreshing, thanks for sharing!